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Merry Christmas, you dirty rascals!

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I don’t know if you guys have snow, but I know we don’t. It hasn’t felt like the holiday season without, but I will make this a joyful time still. Santa will still come and give me the best presents, and I will share with you as much as I can, even if I don’t want to. Santa will still crawl down my chimney, even if I don’t have one, he will make one and will come down it. He will for some reason not rob me and will leave me some awesome presents, which I will open and enjoy for the whole month that it’s still new.

Tomorrow is actually Christmas, but I don’t want to be on the computer during Christmas, as that would be rude… This is why WordPress allows you to schedule posts, so you don’t miss a beat in your life, while also sharing every memory with those you may never meet in real life. My Randoms, this feature is for you. You get to read this awesome post, all while you open presents and share heart filling memories with your own loved ones. I am making this post to wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

I pray that you take this season to reconnect with those you may only see once a year. I pray that you get what you need and enjoy everything people get you. I pray for safe travels, if you are driving to see family. I pray that you get receipts from Aunt Mary, because who truly needs three blenders, like seriously, Mary, get it together! I clearly sent you my wish list on Amazon. I pray for healing in broken families and restoration with all relationships that can be saved.

If this is your first Christmas since the passing of a loved one, I pray for the peace of the Lord to come and blanket you. I am truly sorry for your loss! I don’t know what it feels like, but I know it isn’t easy. I hope that you still have a good time with those whom love you, also know that that love one is looking from heaven as you open that present. They are happy that you are making it through the pain, so keep kicking pains Arse. It has to be hard, but God gives people to us to help us through things, so if you are in this situation, look for those who can help you, cling to them and never let go.

If you are in a broken family, full of drama and strife, I pray for restoration. I pray restoration flows into those walls and God brings back together those relationships that aren’t toxic, and begins to change those who are toxic. God wants us to be united, so do what you can to bring peace into your family this Christmas. If you have tried and it doesn’t work, forgive them and move in your own destiny. Don’t give power to these people. Every time you get mad at them, you give them power over you, so stop and forgive them. You don’t have to talk to them, you don’t have to do anything with them, but at least forgive them so you can live your best life.

You guys are so strong. You are awesome and are truly presents to me. I am glad to have you guys and I pray that 2019 brings newness to this blog and it brings us all closer. 2019 is going to be a busy year, as I keep telling Ariel, so get on the train and take one hell of a ride. With God in the center, I can only imagine what all we can do!

I hope that you have a great Christmas. I hope you get what you want and more, but also that you find happiness in giving. I challenge you to do one great thing, then come here and tell us what you did. This can range from paying for someone’s coffee, or maybe you talk to a family member that you don’t like to talk to. Anything that shows love, do and tell!!!! I love you, guys!



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Hello, my name is Santa. I have been watching you for the whole year and I am not impressed. I am not impressed one bit on how you have been acting. Those naughty pictures that I have seen you send, those shots I saw you down, the 50th person that you have laid with. I am not happy with your actions and I will not be sending you anything in the mail. You have crossed my path one too many times and I am done with you. I am a jolly man, but I will not tolerate you being ungrateful of all that I have done. I work year round to make sure you have nice things, and you can’t even give me one day of pureness? That’s sad. I want you to known that you were getting everything that you wanted, and I was going to throw in extra because I felt you deserved it, yet you disgraced my name.

The elves first told me about what you were doing. I gasped because that isn’t you. You would never do those things, but then they showed me proof and I was shocked. I will be sending three things to you that I wish you will cherish and use daily. These three things will bless you if you allow it to, but will not if you ignore their purpose. The three things are:

1. Promise ring I am sending you this to not make a promise with someone else, but instead, so you can make a promise to yourself. You have made yourself and your family look so bad, and I tihnk it is time that you change. Make the promise that you will allow your flower to bloom instead of making the mistake of giving everyone the smell. Stop allowing random gardeners to reap off the hard work that you put into making that flower special. Everyone does that, be different and be special. Promise yourself to a good person, not just the guy that helps you water the flower. When you meet the right gardener you will be blessed with the best seasons ever, but don’t try to force these seasons, for that will lead to an unfulfilling reap.

2. A dictionary You allow trash to come from your mouth, because you only allow trash to come into your body and spirit. A dictionary is just what you need. It will give you the knowledge and wisdom to not only say smart things but to also know when to shut up and walk away. Remember you don’t have to win every fight, some are not worth your time and make you look silly in the process. Every time you over react it makes you look stupid, so read! A book wont hurt you, so pick one up and learn from it. Also, stop using dumb slang words! You are a smart individual, so start acting like one! You don’t have a baby daddy, you have a father to your child, you aren’t lit, you aren’t plug, so shut up and read! It will help you!

3. The bible! Yes, I am Santa and I am putting God down as one of the things that I am sending you. This is because I know how important the faith is. The Bible will help you make good life decisions, it will help you be a better person and will hold you to a high standard. I personally read the bible daily and pray anytime I have a chance. I wasn’t always a jolly ole man, but when I saw the light, I knew that I had to run to it. I went from simply giving kids socks and shoes to giving the love of Christmas! You really need this and I hope you actually take time to check it out.

I love you guys so much. I have watched you all grow into strong young peeps, and I hope to see you grow more as you have kids yourself. Always hold your kids to a high standard and never let them waiver. Remember, you are always in control, it doesn’t matter if they wont stop screaming, you are in control. I pray that you love your gifts, even though you have been very naughty, and I will see you guys again, next time around.

What would be a great gift to get me? I want everyone to know that I am not a picky guy, but I do want you to buy me something nice. I can always spot a dollar tree gift over a nice expensive Wal-Mart gift. I have an eye for this kind of thing, so don’t screw around! But seriously I don’t want much for Christmas, I just want everyone to be happy and love their family. With this being said; I know some of you are dying to get me a gift, which means I cant leave you out of the circle on what I want. Here is a very short/long Christmas list of things you can buy me. Know you can buy me whatever you want, but I wont like it as much…so why not just buy what’s on the list? Don’t be cheap.


10. A Donald Trump hairpiece! They range from $3 to $29. Now, you could go cheap and get me the low end wig, but we all know what that brings. The stitches are cheap and probably will make my head itch. But I will let you decide. (Seriously, go with an expensive one….)

9. A tiger– You can go to and find nothing, because they suck….But will have what you’re looking for. Now, do know that Tigers usually go for $50,000. This is more than most of you will make in three lifetimes. Don’t fool yourself, you cant afford that….Hell you couldn’t even afford a dead one (they are $5,000,) so just continue down the line……
BTW a Tiger Penis cost $1,300.

8. Tim Tebow Jersey (signed)– has this listed for $926.99. I think everyone deserves to be treated like a king, so go ahead and treat yourself to buying me this piece of history, you deserve it!

7. Taylor Swift hoodie– a “Real men love Taylor Swift” shirt would go great with any other gift you get me. You can afford $20, I know you can! Please, I will love you forever!!!!

6. A Tiger Penis– The more I think about it, I think I want the penis of a Tiger; you know…for science of course. Just buy me a Tiger penis for the love of God.

5. God, himself! So I don’t think I can find this on the internet. You might need to get to a black market, but this would be an awesome gift for me. Could you imagine having God in your pocket?

4. All 7!!!! Dragon Balls– Daddy has a car payment, and I need the authentic dragon balls so I can wish for my car to be paid off. Or you can pay my car off…..which ever one works.

3. Friends– I think this item goes for $15 on Ebay but don’t feel pressured, you can buy the cheapo at the bottom of the list. Also, don’t express ship, I’m use to not having friends, I wont know what to do with them when I get them.

2. Bart’s wife– I think Bart is getting lonely. He is about the right age to get some Reindeer tail and I am tired of him humping his brothers leg, so please buy him a wife…It must be a girl reindeer. He likes them to have a white tail but black dots…booom, not racist!!!

1. A Browns/Bears win– You must buy both. I have faith that the Browns will win the Superbowl 51, but lately they have slipped back. I need this to change. They must win all the remaining games to be in the Superbowl, so can you buy me those wins? They might cost a lot, but you know how much that would mean to me? More than a Tiger penis! Okay, maybe not but it would come close!!!! Also a Bears win or a new Qb…..Mainly a new QB!

There you go, I gave you my list. I need all these items (especially #6!!!) by the end of the Christmas period. If you fail to do so, I will send Bart to hump your dirty leg!! He has a strong grip, so you better hurry!!! My address is 1010 E. Tiger Penis St. Bartville, Illinois. 69069. Thanks!.
Love you guys,
Impromtdude, Bart, Ginger, Francis, and Tiger (the tiger penis).

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True love
Today is perfect for this post for two reasons; I just got home from a wedding and its my three year (and seventh month) anniversary. I also have a two year anniversary (Marriage) coming up in ten days. With all these anniversaries around this time, also with September being like national marriage month, this post is perfect for day 2 of the #Hopingtogoviral challenge. This post will go deep into what love is, and what you can do to get to that point.
Love is very serious. Not only can it make someone’s life a million times better, it can also destroy that person in seconds. Love is one of the strongest verbs in the dictionary and it shouldn’t be played with. Playing with love has shown to have negative effects on the player, at times leaving them love sick, hopeless, devastated and regretful. It is very important to know what love is, before you take upon yourself to fall into it. If you fall into love too soon, your premature mind might get wrecked, ultimately causing you to ruin the relationship, leaving you hurt in the end. Today, we will go over the simply traits of love (found in 2 Corinthians 13) and we will see if you are the true definition of love.
I am not one to bring the bible into my posts, but today is an exception. The reason I will be talking about the bible is because of it’s definition of Love. Paul was very precise and detailed when he talked about love. The bible breaks down love into a list of what is & what love isn’t. This is usually said during any wedding, so I am sure you have heard them! They are: Love is Patient, Love is kind, it doesn’t envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves, love never fails!

Now we have a good image of love, how do we measure up? During the wedding, the preacher told everyone to put their name in the spots where it says love. Then you are to say it again, this time with your names, and see how well it sounds. While you say this, you are to think, “Am I this?” This will help you get better at your short comings, as a couple. After you notice what you need to get better at, you will then have a mission, as a couple, that being; help each other get to where they need to be. Love is about growing together, so take this as a challenge. Get together with your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or a future interest and see where you sit. This will help you learn what love is, and could show you if it will work or not. I know this will change your relationship and your life. Don’t take this likely, there is more on the line than we know!
I will be doing this with my wife, so that we can find where we can change. I see this helping us more than we know, as its hard to see when you think your doing fine. I don’t think we are the full meaning of love, we fail a lot in certain parts of our love, but we could obtain full love with this activity. We are willing to take on this obstacle, hoping that one day we can be the perfect definition of true love! One day, we could be looked up to when learning about love, now how sweet would that be?


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One dumb move, one stupid comment and one big fail….
Tomorrow is going to be a stressful day, one that I wish was a month away. Sadly, we can’t ask for a rewind but, which mean this day is starting in less than 12 hours. This is the day that we have been working towards, for the last few months, and I can say we are ready, but I am still freaking the heck out. I am going to keep this very short, so I can get to bed, but I wanted to ask you for something.
Would you mind sending your prayers our way? I have no doubt that we will pass, but this isnt like any test, this is the biggest test for this store, ever! Corporate will be in our store for about six-hours to test how well we run the store. They aren’t going to go easy, either. They are looking to see perfection, something that is very hard to give. Usually, we only have to worry about surfaces, but they will be removing canvases and searching for things to take points for! Think of a health inspection, this is 100% more serious…. I have to say that I am nervous.
It is nerve racking to have someone grade you, its even more scary to have all your big bosses sitting over your shoulder, the whole day. This is why I need you guys to join together and say a little prayer. I don’t want to screw up and cost my store, and I know I wont with you guys by my side! Please come together and pray for me!
Love you guys!


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When I started this segment, I wanted to bash the church. I wanted to rip apart every believer, I was out for blood. This wasn’t going to stop until every church was on its knees, begging me to stop what I was doing, but something was changing throughout each post, the anger was weakening and I began to forget what I was so mad about. I still remember what led me out of the church, but now I shake my head at them, instead of dwelling on it. The reason being, I am better than they will ever be. I am living a good life. I have a great job, A beautiful wife, a decent head on my shoulder and this amazing blog! They might have tore me down and spit on me, but they don’t answer to me, they will answer to the same “God” as everyone else. I can’t worry about what they did, I have to get back up and find my own faith, or my own beliefs. This may take a while, and it may be a crazy idea, but its something I need to do. With this being said, I want to painfully announce….This will be one of the last post on Letters to the chapel, it had a great run, but all good things need to come to an end.

I wrote a personal worship song once, it was named “Road to Damascus.” If you have read the new testament, you should know what this story involves, but if you haven’t, allow me to explain it horribly. Saul (later Paul) was breathing threats onto Gods Disciples. He went onto the high priest and asked for the letters to the synagogues, of Damascus, so that if he did find any believers, he could take them prisoners to Jerusalem. Saul was traveling on his way to Damascus. God came to him in a light from heaven. He asked “Saul, yo Saul, why do you persecute meith?” Saul asked “Who you be, Lord?” The thunder of heaven echoed “I am Jesus, whom youi  are persecuting, now goeth into the city, and then I will let you know my plan.” All of Saul’s friends were speechless, as they heard the words. Saul, which was on the ground, got up but he couldn’t see. His friends played “Follow the leader, Saul.” And led him into the city. His blindness was only temporary, though, and he received it back in three days. In those three days,  he didn’t eat or drink anything. So, the Lord had other plans, he called upon this man, Ananias, telling him to go lay hands on the guy that harmed many saints. Ananias told him that he was coming to arrest anyone that was calling upon Gods’ name. But Jesus didn’t care, he told this stubborn man to go and do what he was told, that he had amazing plans for this man. He was a chosen instrument to go onto the gentiles and kings of Israel.

Ananias enters into the house Saul was staying, and told him “Yo you Saul? Yeah you the man, anyways I was suppose to fill you with the holy spirit.” When this happened, Saul was giving his sight back, as scales fell off his eyes. He got up and was baptized, after the baptism, he filled his body with food and regained his strength. After several days with his disciples in Damascus, he was found preaching in the synagogues that Jesus is the son of God.

I wrote the song “Road to Damascus” that was telling God to change me, while I was losing my way, and to bring me back to him. This was during a rough time in my life, where I was questioning everything about Christ. I lost my way, and I knew the only way back to Christ was to get back on the road that started it all.

The beginning of my walk was powerful. Before my walk, I didn’t want anything to do with Christ, I was wanting to cause all the Christians to stumble by making fun of them for believing. I would call them names, poke fun at their religion, I would do anything to get them to stop believing. But then I was transformed by Gods grace, during the hours of my persecuting. God wanted to use me to get into the schools, and for me to touch the young peoples lives. This was the plan, but as I talked to them about Jesus, they began to push me away, the same way the Jews pushed them away and threatened to kill him. This is when I decided to try and join with the fellow Christians, but they still thought that I was trying to make fun of them. It took awhile for them to get use to the new me, but as they got use to me, I began to use our friendship to make a difference.

     After the Church asked me to leave, I found that I was back to making fun of the church, and causing problems, hoping they would say something to show that they were fake. I didn’t get anywhere though, so I thought of writing a series called “Letters to the Chapel,” that would be my public bash fest of the church. This was the original plan, until I started to change, again. The more I wrote for this segment, the more I saw that my heart was softening. I didn’t know it, but I was back on the road of Damascus, this time the transformation was a bit slower, but it was still doing something inside. I felt bad for my previous actions, so I ended up apologizing to all the people I attacked. This doesn’t mean that I will ever go back to church, but for now it’s the best start I have. Who knows what life will bring, or what the future holds, with my religious beliefs, I just know I’m on the road to Damascus, and I don’t plan on getting off. 


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Let me take you back in time, before everything at the church changed. Let me take the clock back to the days that I was happy. The days were before the college days, long before the days of being forced to do something I was content doing freely. These were the days of my high school years. I was happy with where I was as a Christian. I was content with serving the Lord and following the rules of the road. I was excited about the advancement of the kingdom, and was willing to do anything to help. It was easier to follow back then, before college. Let me take you to my Senior Year, the year that I wanted to take all my “holy” knowledge and pass it on to others. This was the year that I would stick my head out and change my friends lives. I had the plan in my head, a plan that was rock solid. All I had to do was move, and the plan was most guaranteed to work by its self. The plan was to start a bible study and invite all my friends to it. But knowing that no one would come to it outside of school threw me through some hoops, which led me to a walk with my friend, Seth, a fellow Christian at VHS (Virginia High School.)
I was in church, one night, when my youth pastor began to talk about evangelism. I still hadn’t made a career decision (at this point), but I was open for anything ( as long as it had something to do with ministry, that is). When my youth pastor began to speak about this topic, I grew overly excited about the possibilities of  God using me. By the end of the long sermon, I was almost set that this was the job for me, that is when the planning began. I was planning to set a new found revival to VHS, one that would leave a permanent dent on the hallways, forever. But I didn’t want to do it alone, I needed one more person to go in with me. That is where Seth comes in; he was a Christian, and he wanted the same thing as me, so who would be better than him? I would train him and give him the group, after I was long gone from that school. He would then be in charge and the revival could continue, since he did still have four-years. So, after the sermon, that night, I called Seth and told him that we needed to talk. He told me that he was busy, but we could meet up, the next day, and take a walk. That night I was unable to sleep, I was too busy thinking of all the details, worrying that if I missed one thing it would all be screwed up. I wrote down every detail of this project; from when the meeting will start, where, and why. Every stone had been turned, it was now time to sell the idea to Seth and begin the project.
During the walk, Seth was intrigued about the idea, but we both had a worry “Where would we have the meeting?” As I said before, I had the where, that wasn’t the problem, the real problem was trying to convince the people to allow us to have it there. I thought that the school would be a perfect place to have it. It would be perfect, people would come for the meeting and then go to class. That way we could invite our friends to it, and they would be more likely to come, since they had to come to school anyway. Seth apposed the problem being the School. The school system is strict about Church and School being separate, solely to avoid any discrimination. This was something that I understood and was willing to face, with or without Seth. Sadly, the meeting was without Seth. I went in, that next Monday, and set a meeting with our super attendant. She liked me so this was a piece of cake, or so I thought. She called me in immediately.
     My heart was pounding as she sat across from me holding her hands together, wanting me to do most of the talking. I told her my idea, which sounded crazy when it came out to her, but she bought it. She was very strict on the rules of the group. She had a idea of her own, one that was going to stick if I wanted the group. She ideally gave me a time, she told me that it had to be before school, in a class room. I wasn’t happy with the fact of getting up before school, since I had a rough time sleeping, but this was my chance to expand the kingdom, so I took it. I told her that I was willing to do whatever, little did I know what that meant.
After the meeting, I got a note from the super attendant. She listed a few things that had to be done to get the group started, along with a list of rules that had to followed. I had to write out a 2-page description of the group, what it would cover, and why it would help anyone. That was the easy part. The hard part to follow were the rules. She had everything down to the last “T” being crossed.

1. You can’t invite anyone to the meeting during school hours.
2. You aren’t allowed to work on any lessons during school hours.

     These were just a couple of the rules. I was stressing on how well this group would do if I couldn’t talk about the group, during school hours. How else was I suppose to invite people? With the worse part behind me, I set out to make this idea a reality. I invited a few people, outside of school, and told them to invite some people, also. I set the first day of the meetings, now it was time to make the sermon. With me being a pastor trainee, the sermon was the least of my worries. I was ready to engage the crowd and get the best results. The only problem was no one showed up, other than Seth and I. I waited until 15 minutes ‘til after realizing no one was coming, I simply asked Seth to pray. We spent the first few meetings praying for one person to show up.
     There was never a huge crowd, but there was a couple people that came. This was after weeks of praying. Finally, after weeks of drilling the Lord, he gave us a group of three. That was the best result of the group. This was the best outcome of the group, but it was also the most touching message. I prepared a sermon solely for this day. I was ready for the crowd, I was ready to touch some hearts. If this was going to be the only chance I would get, I wasn’t going to waste it. That day I remember the laughs, the responses, and the heart filled stories that came from the groups mouth. They understood the message. I had a warm feeling in my body as we closed with a prayer. Though we had a great turnout, the group decreased over the weeks. It was too much from people to get out of bed, especially to come to school, and to learn about something they didn’t have interest in. The group, even with the strength of the Lord, came to an end. School was becoming too much, that I finally stopped the group meetings. With all the test, classes, and holidays I ran out of gas.
I think about how I quit, and at first I was upset, but now I know I did the right thing. I was starting to fail my classes (because I was more worried about the outcomes) which was one of the rules “You will be asked to stop the group, if you fail to maintain a ? gpa.” I am sad that it came to an end, but at the same time, I am still glad that I started it. I stepped out in faith and didn’t worry about what others thought. Finally, I did something for me. I wish the group would have grew, but what’s important is that I grew through it! 


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Letters to the Chapel: My first sermon.
It was a Wednesday night. The time was about six P.M. I was getting ready for the best night of the week. I was going to a bible study down at a good ole friends of mine, but instead of being a part of the bible study, that night I was a “guest”. I was the one that was giving the message at the end of the study. It was a first for me. I had never spoke about Christ in front of people, well not in sermon form that is. I was nervous but excited, all at the same time. I had been working on this sermon for almost a month, and was ready to get it over with.

I had a list of twenty scriptures to talk about, but only had thirty-minutes to present my case. I had spoken this sermon into the mirror in my bathroom, a thousand times, and each time I felt that the sermon got better. I was happy with it, and chose to lay it down in front of God. He told me that it was good, well I think, so I asked the group if I could share. Well they said yes, so here I am, one hour away from giving the message.

I got to the house, walked in, grabbed something to eat and sat down at the table. This night was a little slim on the members since there was a dance. This was perfect for me, since I use to get nervous in front of people. I counted it as a win, and moved on with my night. The food was amazing, it was cornbread and beans. I loved eating at this group, they always had the best homemade food. This was one of the only reasons I came in the past.

Now I spent most of my time at this group, there is so much information I wanted to know out of the bible, this group helped me understand the importance of “useless scriptures.” Soon I came to know that there isnt a useless scripture, but everything is in the bible for a purpose, its up to you to find out why. The group was about to start. The way this group worked was, one person read a little bit of a proverb then we would read a few Psalms. This was perfect, since there are enough proverbs for each day of the month, so whatever the date was, that was the proverb we read. Then after reading, we would all discuss the importance of each line, then at the end we would spend 45-minutes praying. This night was different, with me being a guest speaker they cancelled the bible lesson. I thought that I would be going last, after the prayer, but instead I went first.

My hands were sweaty and shaking, I felt a frog in my throat. But as I began to speak, the words came out so smoothly. I was teaching on the importance of communion and why we need to take it daily. I talked about the body of Christ, and how the church is failing because they fail to see the true meaning of communion. They fast pace through communion, yet will spend hours on tithing. I want that flipped, and this night; I shared that. The spirit of God fell in that place like never before. I saw that each person was convicted. I knew that this was the message that needed to be shared on this night. I told a few jokes throughout, and at the end, we all prayed. I was ecstatic that I got to share the word, but what made me more happy was that it was the message that needed to be shared. I read the word and God pulled it out for me, I am glad that I listened and spoke the word of God.

After the sermon; the leader of the group called my pastor, which was his also. He told the pastor that I had a message that needed to shared with the whole church. The pastor was excited to hear what I had to say, and had me do the communion the next Sunday. That Sunday was amazing. The communion service turned out great. I saw that the congregation was being moved by God, so I pulled out all the stops; I listened to the spirit of God and began to go deeper into what it means to get communion. I remember that day, the communion lasted almost thirty-minutes, the congregation was being transformed, so the pastor was happy. I finished with giving the communion out. Then I prayed and we took it together.

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    There I sat in front of the computer, an hour before I needed to depart from my house. I had my church clothes on, I had the mindset for the night, my heart was soft for the message, I was ready. I was listening to battle music, I was ready to do this. I studied the bible an hour before; I was completely unstoppable. I heard the lyrics that I needed to hear, I looked up in the sky and shouted for the heavens to fall. I felt electricity shoot through my heart, I fell to the ground. The tears of joy wouldn’t stop flowing down my cheeks onto my shirt. I was in the heavenly place, a place most never get to see. I read that to be in this place, you had to be a man after Gods heart. I was happy to say that I reached that title. Pride never took over, though. I knew how small I was to the man upstairs, but even in my most vulnerable state, I still had a bit arrogance to settle.
    I thought I was ready for the real battle after my heart began to burn. I jumped up to my feet, and walked over to the mirror. This is where I felt I needed to go, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn’t see a man who has been crying, but I saw a man that needed more work done. I still felt like there was something attached to me, something evil. As a Christian; I thought I was able to cast it out if there was anything to cast out, that is. This is when I told the devil to attack me. I shouted the words over and over, and nothing happened. I figured that my heart was so strong, with God, that the devil couldn’t touch me. If only I knew what the devil could do in the future I would have kept humble that day. With my head high, in victory, I went to church that night. I told no one what I did; I knew they wouldn’t be impressed. I kept it to myself.
     The next week is when the attack began. The devil was about to use every weakness to his advantage; taking his shots in a sequence that would weaken me, eventually bringing me down to my knees, in fear. The week began like any other week, I  went to church on Sunday. But everything else was cancelled. This means that I wouldn’t have Monday prayer or Wednesday church. This was the best time for the devil to make his attack, something he took advantage of. It all started fine, I was positive, I was walking in Christ for about a day. But as the week went on, the trials began to become too much. He was using temptation of women to get me to fall, he was using negativity to get me mad, he even used bad situations to weaken my faith.
    At first, I thought I was having a rough week because lack of church, so I kept praying. The trials were too much for prayer though. I happened to fall to temptation, and did something I said I wasn’t going to do with a girl. I didn’t have sex, but we talked “nasty” together. I felt dirty afterwards, a dirtiness that kept me from praying that night. I tried to take a shower, but the dirt wasn’t being removed, I needed a cleanse. Before I could get the cleanse, though, the devil attacked me again. This time he used negative comments at school to get under my skin. The comments weren’t anything, though. I had no reason to get mad, but for some reason I did get mad. I remember it was Wednesday, I looked up at the sky and told God to fix this. I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t feel anything in my heart; I was cold. As a new Christian; I figured that I screwed up to severely to be forgiving. This is the step that took me over the edge.
    With knowing that God didn’t love me anymore, I chose to do what I wanted to do. This included more dirty talking, each time I felt worse and worse, but eventually I stopped caring. My heart began to get hard again. I began to become the same guy that I was before. At first I was scared of who that would make me, but then each time I thought of it, I remember that God had left my side, or I thought. Without Gods love, I wasn’t anyone, anyways. I remember praying on Thursday of that week, telling God that I was no longer trying to get his attention. That night, I didn’t wait for a response as I did before, but instead I went to bed. I woke up the next morning and went to school. The school day drug along, of course. Every Friday seemed to drag, the teachers didn’t want to be there, nor did the kids. Everyone had enough of that place, I was one of them.

    After school that day, I went home and began to write a new song. In the middle of the song, I got a text. The text was from the girl that I was talking to that whole week. She wanted to “talk” so I stopped what I was doing and began to text her. She wanted more than to talk, she wanted something more. She asked for a picture, I said no. We went a long with the conversation, and eventually we were going into deep detail. I found myself doing something that is seen as “unclean” in the Bible.
    I stopped the conversation, and went to take a shower. I remember crying in the shower. I screamed “Who have I become!!!!” This wasn’t who I was, this isnt why god gives new grace, everyday. It wasn’t so I could do whatever I wanted, then ask for forgiveness then do it again. I had to stop, but I didn’t know how. I simply began to pour out my heart. This is when a song came into my head. I turned off the shower, got dressed and ran to my room. I picked up my guitar and began to play a simple chord progression. The words fit perfectly as I began to sing. The song hit me right in the heart. The lyrics “If I walk away, somehow you will find me. I am in pain, love will you save me” Seem to fit into the week that I had.
     I stopped playing the song, but something kept my mouth singing the lyrics. I saw that God was there, and he wanted me to hear something. That is when I was reminded of the challenge I made. That day in the mirror, I told Satan to have his way with me. That day I invited him in to attack me. God shared a scripture with me, talking about inviting Satan into our lives. It all clicked, this whole week, my weakness was due to giving all power to Satan. That is why I was weak all week. I rebuked the power that was giving to him, and throughout my whole walk with Christ, I would never offer that power to him, again. I was crazy for doing so in the first place. 


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There I stood in the line, waiting for my lunch to fill my empty stomach. The loud mutters of teenage girl drama was echoing through the hallways, the teachers were trying to get it under control, but nothing was working. You cant stop a monkey from being a monkey, they will continuously throw poo, no matter how many times you tell them to stop. That is how this line felt, it felt that I was always in a zoo, waiting to get hit with poo from last nights banana fest.

There was always someone being picked on, or someone starting a new rumor, almost like it wasn’t a normal day if someone wasn’t saying something stupid. I always stood behind those who got picked on, yet when they paved the road themselves, at that point it was no longer my job. These girls were the type that would start a rumor, yet would cry if they were involved in it. I usually would try to wait until everyone had gotten their food to join the line, in order to stay out of the way of annoying people. But this day I was stuck in the middle of the drama, I was in between two of the biggest drama queens in the whole school, and they just happened to be mad at each other. I remember having to step out of the way a few times, because it began to get heated, and I wasn’t about to get hit for nothing. But then I thought of something I could do.

I walked over to my locker, which was right next to the line (thank god for freshmen’s) and grabbed my new testament bible, and I walked to the back of the line and began to read. The reading would cause me to go into a magical world, that would let me leave these baboons, and enter into a place that makes me feel safe, that was the kingdom of God.

I began to read my favorite note in the bible, Revelations. I was studying the seven churches that God talks about during that time, it was all for a sermon coming up. I decided this was the best time to do this, so I began to take notes on things I could use in my sermon. This is when my friend, Trevor, came up to me. He wanted to know what I was reading, but I haven’t told him I was a Christian, I was scared to tell him that I was reading the bible, because he wasn’t into that type of thing, and I wasn’t in the position to lose another friend!

That day I told him the truth, what was I going to say? I couldn’t tell him that I was reading a text book, we all had the same classes at the same time, with the same teachers. I had to man up and tell him, but I didn’t want to; I even thought about telling him that I found it on the ground. But I was taught at church about denying the Lord in public, I knew this was a huge moment in my faith, so I told him everything!

He looked at me like I was crazy and acted as if someone abducted his best friend and took him to a far away planet. This was true, God did take the old me and make me new, but it wasn’t as bad as he made it seem. The change that I went through was needed. I needed to let go of my old stupid ways, the same ways that made me a felon at a young age. I thought I was above everything, but that wasn’t true. I explained to him that everything was going to be the same, that he would still have the same Blake, just a better version. He seemed to buy that.

That whole attitude switched when we got our food and sat down with the rest of the crew. At first the table was acting normal, joking around about stupid things. But as the table began to run out of topics to make fun of, my friend blurted out that I was reading the bible moments before lunch. The table got really quiet. Some of the guys were okay with it, and shrugged their shoulders, so I began to think I was still in the same boat, but then one of the guys didn’t agree. I forgot what exactly what he said, but it was to the extent of “I don’t like this new Blake, you need to drop this.” I stayed quiet the rest of that lunch, I felt like I lost the rest of my friends; all from choosing to follow God, which I saw coming; I just didn’t want to believe it!

I saw our friendships thinning over the next part of the semester, which led to them finding new friends as they grew up. I found a little group of people, and made them my friends, but everyday I wanted to hang with them. I knew if I started to hang with them again, I would have falling from God, eventually leading me back to my old life, one that was killing me before.

I finally got close to them later on, when we were seniors but the time was over. I was going to a out-of-state seminar and they were going to a local college. Going to the different colleges would put distance in between our friendships. Some of my friends even moved away before they graduated. I still talk to them a bit these days. Something never changes; I am always left with a stale question: What if I kept my beliefs quiet and didn’t push it on them, would I still have them as my friends? Was this the fate of our friendships? Either way, I found out that day, not everyone will accept your beliefs, but if you are happy, do what you want!


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