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One of my favorite sports is basketball. I love playing, I love pulling up from there and hearing the net smack against the rim. There is something about the sound that just makes my heart pound. I use to spend hours and hours playing basketball outside. It wouldn’t matter what the weather was, I would be outside. 

If it was windy, I would adjust my shot to the breeze or work on layups.

 If it was raining, I would be working on corner jumpers and layups

If it was snowing, I would work on fade aways and floaters.

Then on normal days, I would spend hours on three pointers and driving. While also working on all the other things. This would also include game situations!

“Blake has the ball. They haven’t played well, tonight but somehow they are still in the game. They have 3 seconds left, down by 2; Will they shoot a three or go for overtime?”

3.. Blake inbounds the ball and jukes a defender. He goes to his left. 2, He goes behind the back and steps back, forcing a defender to reposition. 1, Blake steps behind the line and pulls up. Could he get it off? Blake releases the ball as the time runs out. He watches the ball spin into the hoop; he won the game!!!!! They won!!!!

You can call me a loser for doing such a thing, but that’s what I would do. It brought me a passion, something that helped me stay in shape and kept my mind clear. There were days that I didn’t want to shoot, of course, but I was out there the next day. I must say that all of the training really helped. I became a good shooter. I could pull up from half-court and pretty much ice it. My three-point shot was sexy. Then we moved.

It all came down to us having to move. The landlord sold our house to someone else. He didn’t tell us that he was looking to sell, but it meant that we had to move. We moved into a smaller house, with less of a yard. The houses were closer together, so I couldn’t really shoot. I lost my passion for the game and my automatic shot. I soon stopped shooting all together. I would get spurts of passion, but it would never stay. 

I wanted to go to college, I wanted to play on a team. I just wanted to be better, but I never did. I quit my high school team, because I didn’t have good handles. This is something I could have learned, but I didn’t want to admit that I had a problem, this led to me failing at that dream. Sometimes I wonder what could have happened if I had someone coach me, but I don’t know. 

You should never give up on your dreams. I gave up because I moved, but I still had the tools at my disposal, but I quit. This is my fault. I gave up on myself. Now, years later, I regret ever pulling the trigger. I would have never went pro, but I could have had a lot more fun than I did. My whole life has been a “what if” and it pisses me off. I hate how I give up before it even starts. It sucks. So, stay on that team, keep playing the guitar, ask that girl out, go after that job. You’re the only one to say that you can’t do something! Stop giving up on yourself. Don’t be like me!!! 



Fully made from butter!

   Today I was able to go to the fair, with Ariel, and actually spend some money. Being a tightwad, during the fair, is something that has always been a problem for me. I want to spend all my money, because there’s just too much amazing food to pass up. I also love to play games, but food is my number one priority!
      There’s one thing that I love, something that I will be making myself, but usually wait until the fair to get. This item is a cheese-on-a-stick. It’s literally just a crap load of cheese, fried to perfection in corndog batter. I was first introduced to this amazing item, a few years back, while at Power light (fair concert) and I have loved them since!


      I have waited every year to get one, patiently waiting to dig my teeth into creamy heaven! I got one this year and it was better than any other year!

      Luckily, I was able to get my cheese, because I tried something else, later. I needed to pee, so I went to the urinals. (I have a funny story about this trip. If it gets 10 likes, I will release that story.) After the urinals, I grabbed my wife so we could get a lemon shake-up.

       While the woman was shaking the drink, I asked her to make me a deep fried 3-musketeers. Since this was my favorite candy bar, I figured this was going to be the best thing ever, but it was horrible. It was far too sweet for my taste, as it caused my teeth to hurt, moments after eating it. I couldn’t finish it, and decided that it was time to stick to my cheese treat!


Also, I played a game with my wife and won something! I won my very own Pikachu!


It was a great day! I want to know, what is your favorite fair treat?


10 careers I wanted and why they didn’t last
Oh my God; two list post in two days? What was I thinking? I was thinking that you mothers wanted something similar, for once! But here we go again! I wanted to be a thousand things, but couldn’t pick what I wanted truly do. This led to a lot of confusion, but then I found a career that would allow me to do everything I wanted. This was to be a writer. But tonight, I want to travel back in time and show you guys what I went through, also to show you guys what careers I wanted and why they failed.
10. Fire Fighter– I have nothing but excuses, but I’m too weak
9. Astronaut– I loved space as a kid, but as I grew up, I fell out of love with the outer space masses.
8. Stripper– My dad is a pastor, so that wouldn’t of lasted, my name would have been “Captain bubblebutt”
7. Cop– I don’t know why I never tried to be one, just never happened.
6. Gamer– I am horrible at playing video games, so blah…
5. Computer engineer– I suck at math, which is highly needed in this field.
4. Youtuber (Film editor)- I didn’t have the money for the equipment.
3. Musician– I wanted to be the front man, but didn’t have the vocal talents.
2. Basketball player– 1 and 100000000 get into the NBA.
1. President– Still a dream, but I still have 13 years to plan!  


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When thinking back on life, there have been a few times that I didn’t think before acting. I hurt some amazing people and damaged their property, but there was a time in my life that I hit rock bottom. It was the day that I looked at myself at a human and realized that I either needed to change or I was going to become the person I never wanted to be. This story will make some of the viewers reading this right now nearly hate me. But I want to tell you guys that I have changed since this day. I stepped away and bettered myself. So please don’t take this story as a prideful letter, no this isn’t like this, this is is to encourage people to not go down the road I almost did once.
I was in eighth grade, I played on the basketball team for the Virginia Redbirds. We would practice from 4-7 nearly everyday. This day was like every other day, I went to practice, played my heart out nearly killing myself with how hard I pushed myself. I was glad when the coaches told us to hit the showers. Though I wasn’t the type to shower in front off other men, I needed to grab my other clothes out of my locker. I walked down to the locker room where only one other person was sitting there. We were talking when he started to go through peoples lockers and throwing their clothes around the locker room. I didn’t take a part in this part of the festivities, I had a bigger plan in mind.
There was this kid on our basketball team that we would pick on, he was a “Loser” to all of us. Well this man never locked his locker, and I wanted to get a great laugh out of my friend, that was still ravaging through guys lockers, so I started to go through this mans clothes. I didn’t find anything at first while searching, well until I got to his pants. He was carrying a few items in his pocket being: Knife, keys, quarters, but this wasn’t what caught my eye. I found his wallet in his back pocket, it was loaded with money. I am talking like for an eighth grader, he had at least one hundred dollars. Being the shameful kid that I was, I was debating if I wanted to take a little for myself. But as I grabbed a twenty out of his wallet, I heard the door behind me close.
I was startled when this kid that I thought was already gone shouted at me. “What the hell are you doing?” I couldn’t move, I was ashamed of what I was doing, so I shut the wallet and turned around. The kids face was fifty shades of Red as he saw me holding his wallet in my hand. “Dude you need to lock your locker.” That was my sad attempt at explaining myself, he looked at me like I was about to get my ass beat, but then just smiled. I was confused by the smile, why wasn’t he smashing my head into the locker, I know that would be the outcome if someone was going through my wallet. But he patted me on the shoulder and grabbed his wallet, pulled it open and counted the money. After he realized it was all there still, he told me to never go through his wallet again. Being ashamed as I was, I agreed.
That day I realized that I was going down a road that I was never trying to go down. The same road that my mother was going down, and still is. The type of lifestyle where you have to steal to get ahead in life. I was never wanting to become my mother, but that day I almost started down that road. I am glad that he caught me and from that day, I haven’t stolen anything but my wife’s heart. It is better to work for your own stuff, then to steal something that someone has broken their back to get.