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We have a launch! 
  It has been a few months since Halloween. It was during that time that I started doing FX make-up. I am fully self-taught in this artform, but I can say that I am catching on. 

   Well, after my biggest fail during Halloween (my failed zombie) I must have lost focus, because I stopped doing any effects. It was until, just recently, that I got back into it. But to touch base with what happened; Ariel wanted to be a zombie, so I thought it would have been easy. This was my first time working on someone else. I prepped up the materials, I watched a video of someone else doing the effect, I thought I had it. I went to do the effect, and I chose a different path. I knew what I needed to do, but I thought about another way to do it (something I never tried) so I did that. I didn’t like how the finished product didn’t come out well, so I never shared what it looked like. After that effect, I chose to take a break. I didn’t know that I took this break until recently. 

   After a while, I chose that I wanted to do another effect. This is when I thought about a sliced open arm. I knew how to do it, what I needed, how long it would take, and much more. I just didn’t know when to do it. Finally, I took a night and did it. I didn’t have scissors so I ended up hurting the effect. Mainly, I ripped the latex while trying to open it. Either way, I enjoyed this effect and it turned out great!!! 


After this effect, I ended up doing a project for my anniversary. Today, is my anniversary. We have been together for 4 years. Ariel is a huge fan of The Walking Dead. She loves it and watches it every Sunday. I have been wanting to make, Lucille. If you don’t know, Lucille is Negans barbed wire bat. To do the project, I made my own barbed wire with just regular hanging wires. I finished the project and gave it to my beautiful girl. 

 She’s a beauty 😉

Now, I spent a few hours with water colors, last night. I ended up doing two bruises 

Then, there is tonight. I wanted to do something small. So, I pulled out my bone collection and started to play with playdough. I have a big project Coming up, so I need to practice with molding bones. This is why I made a finger bone. I am not that good, quite yet, but I am getting there. I think this is good for my first time 

I have a lot more coming, I just wanted to tell you what I am working on. Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoyed what you saw. Have a good night, as I leave to spend time with my girl. It’s our anniversary, today! 


I don’t know if you heard. I don’t know how you haven’t heard, if you haven’t heard. But if you haven’t heard was has been heard by others, then you wouldn’t know that today is nation women’s day. A day in honor of all the women of this beautiful paradise that we called Earth. This can range from your mom, spouse, bestie, or any other women you might see, today. The main thing is that we show the appreciation that is deserved. Without women we would merely not exist. It takes a man and woman to have a kid and guess what? You were a kid. This entitles you to say thank you, even if you don’t want to!
I personally don’t have a strong relationship with my mother, but I still thank her, everyday for having me. She might have turned out to be a so-so mother, but at least she kept me.  She could have said “screw this” and terminate my process, but she didn’t. For that, I am truly thankful.

This goes further than just our family, though. In history, we have had a few amazing people that deserve a thanks.
Susan Anthony was an advocate for women’s suffrage, women’s property rights and the abolition of slavery. She tried to vote in the presidential election and was denied, but the 19th Amendment, that gave women any rights, was named after her. 
Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to receive a medical degree from an all male medical institution. She opened the New York infirmary for women and children with her Sister, Emily and Dr. Marie Zalrzewska. She used her resources to open a college devoted to train and give necessary experience to women who wanted to be in medicine, while also giving specialized medical care to those whom couldn’t afford it.

Mother Teresa was a Catholic Nun. She devoted much of her time in charities that helped patients in war, gave Earthquake relief and ministered to famine victims in Ethiopia. She founded a way to help sick and the poor. She did this by her charity “Order of the missionaries of charity,” a group of women, with very big hearts!

Though, this doesn’t even touch base with how much women rule, I am going to stop there. I think that we all know how amazing women are, but we all should also do a little research and see how many other amazing women have shaped this world. You will be amazed on how many women a footprint in history. For all of this, I want to say thank you for your hard work. You are amazing people and deserve a day for yourself!


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Tonight, I entered back into the effects world. I have been thinking about this idea for about 3 days and I knew it had to be done. This project was done with liquid latex and oil paints. I saw that there were rough edges, but I didn’t want to restart the whole project, so I took it as a lesson. I am a beginner so I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, but I really like how it came out. Enjoy!!!! 

This is my post from last Friday the 13th. Enjoy ;). Stay tuned for a pretty amazing Effects project revolved around Jason. 

Why is Friday the 13th my favorite holiday? Could it be from the fact that I love the horror franchise, or am I a superstition kind of guy? The answer is a little of both, but mainly because the movies. I do love the horror movies, which happened to be on today, I also love how people begin to freak out about little things, claiming that this day is cursed, when they are usually the reason that bad things happen.

The movie franchise is amazing. I love watching the movies, the blood and gore are perfect for my taste. To see someone go ham, using a machete, on high and drunk teens is amazing. Jason has always been my favorite horror icon, he has a good back story, a solid story and a great motive. His mother was killed, he saw it, now he comes back (on his birthday) to “camp blood.” He wants to avenge his mother, which was killed trying to avenge her son.
Though the movies are my favorites, there are a few that I didn’t like. I wasn’t a fan of the first installment. I was never a fan of Mrs. Vorhees, to me she was annoying. I was highly upset when I rented the original Friday the 13th and didn’t get to see my buddy, Jason. But that didn’t stop me from watching the others. I fell in love with number three, which was the first one released in 3D. The only other movie,  from the franchise, that I didn’t enjoy was number 5, the one where Tommy was in the mental hospital. The whole movie drug to me, there were no jump scares or any truly amazing scenes, other than the axe to the back. It was a major letdown, close to the first one, but luckily they brought back the original Jason in part 6: Jason lives. The movie franchise was set back on the right path and I could now enjoy C.J. Graham, again.
I love almost every movie in the franchise, but there were a few that I could watch over and over. In order, here are my favorite Friday the 13th movies: (This doesn’t include “Freddy vs. Jason” or the 2009 remake.)
1. Friday the 13th part 3-D
2. Friday the 13th part VII: The new blood.(Who couldn’t love a girl with psychic powers?)
3. Friday the 13th: Final chapter. (Tommy was a badass!)
4. Jason X
5. Friday the 13th VIII: Jason takes Manhattan.
6. Friday the 13th part 2.
7. Friday the 13th part VI: Jason lives.
8. Jason goes to hell: The final Friday!
9. Friday the 13th: The new beginning
10. Friday the 13th (The original)
Friday the 13th is a great day and is my favorite holiday, so how will I spend it? I was working, but I switched with a friend, so that I could stay home and watch all of the movies. What other way to spend the day than watching my favorite movies? There is nothing better than this day! I hope you guys enjoy your day, and stay safe, you never know what is waiting for you! 

Let it feel like the very first time.
It doesn’t feel like Christmas time; well other than the horrid ice on the ground. For the last few years Christmas hasn’t felt like Christmas! I don’t know if its from being at work, a lot or if it is just not as magical as it use to be, but I don’t like it! I don’t like not feeling warm and cozy with family. I go back to being a kid and I started to thing; what does Christmas really feel like? Well, what did it feel like that is!

I go back to my childhood and all I remember was I didn’t buy gifts. Well, I bought my parents gifts if they gave me the money, but I never had to stress about what the perfect gift was. They were my parents, they were forced to love anything I got them; it was in the handbook!!!!!! The main thing was that they didn’t care what they got. But I never had to worry about the perfect gift, so I guess that is what put me in a magical mood for Christmas. Stress does amazing things to the body, especially make you hate the things you use to love.

We get so worked up over the perfect gift, that we forget to look at the things that we love. For me, it is the magical feeling of Christmas. For others, it could be the joy of making sugar cookies. Either way, we will want to buy the best present ever so we stress over what people think of a certain gift, causing a big stress bubble, also taking you away from doing the things that makes Christmas, Christmas.

To make a change we will need to do one thing; forget about presents. Who cares about presents, anyway? What you get someone will only last for two years, then those items will be replaced with new items; so why care about what present you get? Instead, why not make memories that will last a lifetime? As a child, I wanted to make non-bake cookies with mommy and then go to bed early. Then I would wake up early and sit on her lap and open presents, but that wasn’t what was important. I loved the time that we got the night before while watching movies and making snacks. If I didn’t get a present; who cares? Christmas is about joy. Don’t allow buying presents take that joy away from you!!!! That isnt the point of Christmas! 


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Your table is full of amazing food, your family is piling in and your about to share what you’re thankful for, but there’s more! It’s a Thanksgiving tradition to watch football while also enjoying your family. To make this short, I will be naming off the winners of only today, then I will come back and do the rest, later. 

Vikings @ Lions 

     Winner: Lions 26-21

Redskins @ Cowboys

      Winner: Cowboys 32-17

Steelers @ Colts

       Winner: Steelers

Fun fact: If the Colts lose, my brother has to dye his hair yellow and black…so Go Steelers!!!

Have a good day and be safe! Love you guys and happy Thanksgiving!!!!

This is an old post, but I haven’t been able to do any effects this week, so this will be perfect to announce an effects giveaway! Usually, Sundays are effectsSundays so let me give you something cool to kick off the new Facebook page. I love to use homemade Scar putty and I would love for one of you to experience what I love. This being said, I will be giving away a small bag of scar wax/putty. All you have to do is go like my special effects page. Next Sunday, I will be announcing the winner of the drawing! When you get to my page, comment who you think should win the custody of the dog, Jack or Brandie?


Today we’re gathered together to determine the custody of Jack and Brandies dog. Jack spent many years taking care of little Toto, but left him behind with his ex-wife Brandy when they were in the middle of a fight. Brandy wants to keep the little man saying that he never cared for the dog like she did. I happen to be one of the lawyers in the case and get to defend Jacks story, I believe he will win.
It was two years ago when the couple split up after finding that Jack was having an affair with her friend, Melissa. She told him to get out of the house, to take all of his stuff and to leave before she put a shotgun slug through his skull. He agreed to leave if she would sign over the custody of the dog, she refused. But as he was about to tie himself to her porch and wait for the day she separated from her choice, she pulled a shotgun on him. She was hostile and was about to pull the trigger, but he left leaving Toto behind.
The court hearing started with the man telling the jury that he got Toto from a church-ran adopting agency that he volunteered his Saturdays to. The whole courtroom awed to. But he went further to tell them that the dog was abused before, he suffered a broken hip but with his help, he was able to walk again shortly after the incident
Jack told me that the dog was barking and growling at Brandy as she pulled him back into the house. Brandy was quick to disagree that fact. She is saying that the dog was barking, but not at her. She told the court that he was barking at him because he was about to hit her. This won the vote in the court room, there is something about a woman being hit that doesn’t sit well with the old jury members of the court. Seeing that this was working, she then told everyone that he was abusing the dog and that’s why she didn’t feel it was fit for him to be the caretaker of the dog.
I tried my hardest to fight the accusations, but they were to powerful. I tried to tell them that he couldn’t of beat the little Weiner dog because he was too small for the 6’4 gentleman, but her attorney fired back with the fact that he could have kicked the poor pup. That got more attention from the jury as they were about to jump over the railing and kick this man. Lets say that what happened next was not in my will.
I lost the battle for this man, and as the woman was taking the dog outside of the court room, the man asking for the dog ran up to her. He started to scream at her, screaming nasty words in her face. He had called her a thousand names, none that could be repeated in church. But as he was being pulled away by the guards, he broke the grasp, and kicked the little dog. I wanted to scream field goal as the dog was lifted from the ground and hit the wall, right above the broken clock. The jury went nuts.
They got over the railing as if they were in hockey or in a burning movie theatre. Funny thing that I say that, because I am sure that is where this man wants to be right now. He was beating by nearly fifteen canes and twenty purses, even the judge got his hands on him, slapping him in the face with the bible. I snuck out the back of the courthouse but as I went out the door, the man yelled as someone released the dog that he just kicked back on him, the dog bit down pretty hard on his crotch and would let go. He screamed loud as I ran to my car, even to this day, I can hear that bloody scream. I feel bad, but the man kicked a dog, the bastard deserved it!

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This last week was an interesting one at that for the NFL. We had a few fans throw dildos, we had an amazing rookie showcase and for the first time in a long time, we had two ties in two weeks. Also, the Bears beat the deflated Vikings under veteran QB, Jay Cutler. I didn’t do great, but I brought my record to 57-43-2. Will there be another tie? Probably not.

Falcons @ Bucs
Winner: Falcons

Lions @ Vikings
Winners: Lions

Steelers @ Ravens
Winner: Ravens 

Jets @ Dolphins
Winner: Dolphins 

Cowboys @ Browns
Winner: Cowboys

Jags @ Chiefs
Winner: Chiefs

Eagles @ Giants
Winner: Giants 

Panthers @ Rams
Winner: Rams

Saints @ 4th-and-Niners
Winner: Saints

Titans @ Chargers
Winner: Chargers

Colts @ Packers
Winner: Packers
Note: Rodgers needs this game to get his game back up to par. If he plays horribly, then we might want to start panicking.

Broncos @ Raiders
Winner: Raiders

Bills @ Seahawks.
Winner: Bills 


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This is an old post from my other blog, and it talks about my love for poetry. You should read it for fun, and I will be back tomorrow for week 9 picks! 

“Can you solve for me a mystery 
Of why things have to change 
Why is life so complicated 
Why can’t things stay the same”- Angela B.

This piece of work would have to be one of my favorite lines, in this poem titled “Change” Angela is dealing with the pain of having to change for a man. This line reached out to me as I read the poem one because it was the first lines, but also because it’s a personal request for someone to explain why we go through so much pain.

I honestly don’t remember any of the poems that we have studied in school, but I am sure that in Shakespeare we ventured into some kind of poetry.

When I think of the word poetry, the first word that comes to mind is “music.” Since I am a musician I use the same techniques as poets do. I form line by line to match the emotions that I have recently felt, or feeling. 

I do write poetry, I would say that my type of poetry is usually more of a love based. When I get into trouble with girls, such as crushes, breakups or “the friend zone” I turn to Poetry, this is mainly because in poetry you can hide so much emotion, while still getting the main feelings out.

When I write poems, I do let people read them; they have to be close to me. I do this because for one; it could be a good song idea! Second, I do it so that the person can take up on my mistakes of dating and maybe fix their own. The last reason why I let people read my poems is simply so someone knows how I feel. I do this a lot instead of just coming out and saying I am in pain ill keep quite. To break the silence I will write a poem or a song to express myself!

    I should be working, but that can wait. Yes, you are getting a post from inside my workplace, as I sit in the back and hope for a dead night. I am exhausted, I have pains on my pains, and I am ready to go home! But we shall work through it and press on.
    Effects Sundays will be coming soon. This will be the segment that shows you guys what I work on when I’m not writing. You guys might know about it, but let me discuss a lil further. I am beginning a new journey, well more like starting a new hobby.
   I find that sometimes I get burnt out of writing because it’s the only thing I do. But I find a weird love in making gory things, which is an effects artists job. They are suppose to make it possible to make a cut without actually harming anyone. We have all seen them. Just watch any movie, I am sure they have one SFX art in the movie, especially when it’s a horror/slasher film.
    The reason I love to do this is because I love to watch such movies, I have always been inspired to write and produce a horror movie! If I take on the role of the effects artist also, then I wouldn’t have to pay another person to do so. But with the future aside, right now I want to do two things; get better at writing, further my experience in SFX make-up.
     I have shown you guys the previous work, but what if there’s more? Would you want to see it? If you said yes, then this Sunday Special is just for you!

     SundayEffects will be solely for special effects. Now, I do plan on making multiple effects a week(once my work schedule is balanced) and posting them to Facebook, but SundayEffects will take one of those effects and will tell you; how to do the Effect, how to obtain the materials, the price of the Materials, or other great things. Not all said things will be in every post, though sometimes it will be just me showing my work. But either way, this is going to be an amazing segment, and I think you will love it


I am taking request on what to make, so please do tell me what effect you want to see!

Welp, back to hell. Goodbye!