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How do I get over her?


How do I get over her?

When I was seventeen, I met the girl that changed my world. She isn’t my wife, now, but she helped me prepare myself for Ariel. I don’t know if this is okay to talk about, but know that my feelings are no longer strong about this girl. She is married now, and I am happy with who I am with. But I think someone needs to hear this and the only way to tell you guys is to bring her back up, so sorry if you guys think its disrespectful to Ariel, but know that I never meant for it to be. Please read this with an open mind, and don’t forget to share it! Someone needs to hear this.


I met this girl when I was seventeen. We went to a conference with the same youth group. I didn’t know anything about her, as she didn’t know about me, either. I never went to her church, but my old youth pastor was her youth pastor, at the time. He invited me to go with them, which I was excited to go to find God, but little did I know, I was about to meet someone that would go on to change my life, forever. She said hi first, and I ignored her because I was shy.


After the service, I went up to say sorry and she said that she understood, so I introduced myself and we began to talk. This was the start of the best part of my life (up to this point in time, of course not now) we got to know each other better each day, and we never went a day without talking. With every day that went by, I was learning more about life, God, and how to love. I changed my career path and got accepted into the same college that she was going to. We planned to go to the same school so we could be close (in order to help each other get closer to God. As we knew it can be hard to adapt.) We agreed to begin to court once we turned 18, but the more we talked, the feeling began to get stronger. Long story short; she called it off shortly after we got close; saying that her family didn’t think it was a good idea. We went our separate ways. This is what I call the dark days.


Losing her took a huge blow to my faith, as I couldn’t focus on anything but the fact that she wasn’t close to me anymore. I could count on my youth pastor, but he was busy with his life, and took a job at the church she attended, so I thought I had to get through this alone. The more that I fought to get over her; the more I felt the waves crashing into me. I drowned in my faith and became depressed. This led me to staring at walls for hours, not praying as much, and questioning if God was real. It got so bad that my pastors pulled me into the side room and questioned if I was okay. Kids in school asked me if I was okay; literally one day I was shining, the next I was dark and emotional. I never thought I could get over her, but I did.


You probably have gone through this, or are going through this now, and you may be asking how I did it? How did I get over her? It took a long time, but by doing four things, I was able to get over her, finally; realizing it was for the best, knowing that someone was out there for me, giving space and being happy for her. Let’s see what I mean;


  1. Realizing it was for the best.

This meant that I had to agree that I wasn’t the best option for her, and she wasn’t the best option for me. This can be hard when you first break up or break a courtship off, because the feelings are still fresh, but over time you will see that it is for the best. She was what I wanted, but not what I needed. She had different dreams; ones that I didn’t want. She wanted to see the eastern part of the world, where I was more into spreading the word to locals. This being said, our lives were never going to match up, which is good to know that neither of us are held back now, because she married in the east and I married in the local part of Illinois. What I am saying is there was a reason that it didn’t work out, you may not know right now, but one day you will know and you will smile, knowing that you were able to set her/him free and were able to do your own thing, without anything holding you down or back.


  1. Knowing someone was out there for me.

I have always wanted to find the perfect girl, fall in love, get married and eventually have kids. When she left, I thought all of that was over, but shortly after her leaving, I talked to someone and they said to have faith someone is out there. I didn’t want to believe it, because I didn’t want to believe that anyone could be better than her. Now that I look back on that conversation, he was right. It was scary to think that I would never meet someone, but the truth is; she was out there! She was waiting patiently for me. Know that when you close one door, another door will be opened for you. IT may hurt to go through, but the pain will be healed once you walk through that door; because your first love never amounts to your true love.


  1. Giving her the space she needs, also the space I need!

I had respect for this girl, so I never wanted to step over boundaries. I wanted to give her the space that she needed, wanted.  I knew that I couldn’t get over her if I was seeing her weekly, so I didn’t involve myself in events that I knew she would be at, or at least events that I knew we would have to talk a lot. When I graduated, I gave her the space by going to another college, letting her go to CBC without me. I attended a different seminary, hoping that moving would take away the pain, and it worked. I attended World Revival School of Ministry in Kansas City, Missouri. This school was all about finding a new level to your relationship with God. I never had time to think of her, and I was maturing as a person.


When I came back home, I was able to talk to her with no pain, at all. We were able to talk as friends, sharing our passions without thinking about the future together. It was nice, because in the end, she was still a great friend.   It is important to get yourself the room to cope with the heart break. This was the hardest part. I know it’s hard to watch someone you love move on, but you have to know that trying to force yourself into their arms will never work. Give them space, take your space and one day you could be friends (or in a special case, it could have been the wrong time for the relationship, and you could eventually fall in love, again.) I would rather have that person in my life as a friend, than not having that person in my life at all. It worked for me; I bet it can work for you, too!


  1. Be happy for the person!

Okay, so now we know that we have to realize better things are out there, that you won’t be alone forever, and that you have to give them space, but what should be the last thing? What will help? BE happy! Be happy for the person, be happy for your own growth; be happy that you can be friends; be happy that you didn’t have to live with the regret, be happy that you were giving the chance in the first place.


BE HAPPY!  So it didn’t work out! That doesn’t mean that it has to be all bad. You were able to spend that time with them, you were able to learn from this situation, and you were giving a second chance to find that somebody that will probably be better than the other one, anyway.  I am personally happy that she was able to find someone, get married and was able to change his world. I am happy that I was able to find Ariel, fall in love, get married, and start a small family one day. I am also happy that I was able to learn everything from my first love. But somethings just don’t work out, I am happy that I could live it, though. I know it hurts, but don’t let it get you down, forever.


Move on, and find a way to be happy. Surround yourself with friends during the dark days, and never be afraid to ask for help. I was stupid to think I had to do it all alone. You are never alone, so don’t try to do it alone. In all of this, find something to make you happy, because you deserve to be happy, with or without that person. When you do this, I bet you will get over him/her.


I think I have talked enough, so I will end it here. I know that you are hurting, which I’m sorry for, but it won’t always be like this. IT will get better, I don’t know when, but it will! Find friends to keep you occupied; let them help you piece yourself back together and get ready for the love of your life to come and sweep you up! You will be so happy that you didn’t stay with the one that got away. So space yourself, realize you won’t be alone forever, know it happens for a reason, and finally, be freaking happy. You will make it! I have faith in you!

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Welcome back! It has been so dang long and I do apologize for that. It has been the roughest year of my young life, and that has caused me to not want to write. But nonetheless, we are back in action. I won’t be posting nearly as much as I use to, but know that you will be getting a blog 4 out of 7 days. This is solely because posting 7 days a week is just too draining and I don’t want to find myself hating this again. Not that I could ever hate you, guys. Wink, wink! Also, with the change of the schedule, I will also be giving this blog some direction. This will help you guys know what is going on at all times and will finally give this blog a name. For most of this blogs existence, I have posted whatever comes to mind, which can be hard to pull in outsiders, since people only read what they think will affect them. In this “Revival” of “Impromtdude” We will be leaning more towards encouragement. Meaning 2 of the 4 post will be uplifting messages to help you guys get through the day, then the other 2 days will be reviews, promotions, writing prompts, thoughts, lessons, or anything else I can think of. I really feel that will bring life back into this keyboard, and will give you guys encouragement to face your demons. I have to say that I am glad to be back and I hope you enjoy the upcoming projects, as I am excited to share my thoughts and talents with you guys. Thank you for reading!

Don’t let toxic people ruin your shine.

When I was going up, I lived with my mom. At 7 years old, you are looking to your parents for the right and wrongs. You are over being that toddler that is running around the house, and you aren’t quite the man that is taking girls out. You are right in the middle. These are the times that you really need a strong backbone to know what is wrong and right and you need that person to push you in the right direction. She wasn’t this, though. She taught me, at such a young age, that hate is good and that you must judge everyone on their actions. Most of her lessons were, of course, about hating my dad, as she taught me that he wasn’t around because he was a bad father, not because she had a restraining order on him. She also taught me that it was okay to steal, lie and cheat. This led me to lying to people, cheating in class, and stealing (to the point of being banned from a gas station at 8 years old!) This went on for many years. When I grew up, I ended up being like her in many ways. I would blame others when I didn’t get my way, I lied to girls to get what I wanted, and I got in trouble for stealing; all things that she taught me because she was a toxic person.

This was all said to tell you that you don’t need or want toxic people in your life. They will tear you down and only will use you for their pleasure. They don’t care about you or how you feel; they only want what they can get. If you stop giving it to them, then they will leave you and treat you like they treat everyone else. You will become nobody in their eyes, because they won’t be able to use you as a puppet.

Toxic people come in many forms; boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, bosses, coworkers, and most importantly family. Anyone in your life can be toxic. Toxic people just want everyone to be as miserable as they are. Boyfriends will use words to cut down their girlfriends (and vice versa,) usually telling the girl that she is ugly, fat or stupid. This is usually in attempt to make her feel so low about her own self that she would never think about leaving him. Your coworkers can be toxic by the way they talk to you or about others. Getting that promotion is their only goal, and they will do anything to get it, even putting you through the ringer. They also take time and gossip about your other workers, mainly to make themselves look better, which can make the workplace dangerous and full or drama, which was their goal all along. Drama is soul food for these people. But one type of toxic person, one that we didn’t think should be on this list, is your family. Family is supposed to be there in thick and thin. They are supposed to support your feelings, your dreams and also should see your side of the story. They should understand that you aren’t always going to like someone or agree with everyone. They should show you the love that you always gave them. This isn’t always the case, though. Some families are full of drama seeking  hateful judgers that want everyone to hear them, but never want to listen. Such as my mom, they want everyone to see their side and only their side. They will do everything in their power to convince others that you are wrong and that they are right. Most families will break apart because of the toxicity feelings.

What should we do about toxic people? CUT THEM OFF. Don’t let your boyfriend talk to you like he does, remove yourself from conversations will negative people, and if you need to, cut your family off. You have a life to live, so don’t let others bring you down. Life is too stressful to allow others to fill you will negative thoughts and feelings, so cut them off. You will never change their mind; you will never do them justice. Every word that you speak will go in one ear and out the other, so stop wasting your breath. Get a knife and cut the ties, because you will be happier that way! I saw a big change when I cut my mom off. She wanted to blame my dad for my bad childhood and wanted to tell me that it was his fault, but I knew the truth. The truth was that she was just hateful and wanted to avoid being the blame, so she pushed it on someone else. I thought that I could pull her up and show her that no one was to blame fully, but I saw quickly that she was pulling me into negativity, and if I didn’t release her hand then I would become the same type of person. It won’t work! You put yourself at risk anytime you try to pull these people out of their toxicity! But it is so easy to pull you down.

I have seen so many toxic people in my life, but that is also why I don’t talk to that many people. I don’t dance with snakes and I don’t drink with fools. Being around toxic people is as dangerous as dancing in the middle of a freeway, you will eventually be flattened! Don’t let that happen, though! Get up, cut those people off, and live your most positive life. It will be hard to cut these people off, especially at the family level, but you need to do it.  Stop letting them ruin your most happy days, take them back already!

Thank you for all your support. This is my first time writing a blog in almost a year and dang did it feel so good. I miss this feeling. I will have something up soon to tell you guys what will be posted and when. I have a few big projects coming in the next few weeks that I will need your help on, ill post more details soon. Thank you for the support and I love you.

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Let us begin the next week on a few key notes. The Broncos have dropped their last two games, but that wont be the story for long, with the Texans coming to town, they should be able to pull off a win. Other than that, all my “losses” were due to something stupid happening. Big Ben getting hurt, Wentz not getting it done (179 yards with 0 TD), the Bears letting another close game go (led in the fourth quarter, yet gave up 17 points.) A really controversial call in the Seattle game cost me that win, and who knew the Cowboys would walk over Rodgers and the Packers, in Wisconsin (though I was right about Dak’s first INT!) My record is now 42-32. I am planning to win all the games this week! 

Bears @ Packers
Winner: Packers

Giants @ Rams
Winner: Rams

Saints @ Chiefs
Winner: Chiefs

Vikings @ Eagles
Winner: Eagles (Yes, Vikings lose their first game)

Colts  @ Titans
Winner: Titans

Bills @ Dolphins
Winner: Bills

Redskins @ Lions
Winner: Redskins

Browns @ Bengals
Winner: Bengals

Raiders @ Jags
Winner: Raiders

Ravens @ Jets
Winner: Jets

Chargers @ Falcons
Winner: Falcons

Bucs @ 4th-and-9ers
Winner: Bucs

Patriots @ Steelers
Winner: Patriots (Big Ben is gone, don’t expect to win any big games.)

Seahawks @ Cardinals
Winner: Seahawks

Texans @ Broncos
Winner: Broncos.


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The lights were dim, the people were ready for the show to begin, but I wasn’t. I rehearsed this song almost a dozen times, but now, in front of people, I felt sick to my stomach. The fear of puking on stage was unbearable to think of, but I was already on the stage, there was no time for me to back out. It’s not like I had the choice to do so, anyways. I promised my friend that we would go through with this, he was excited to be the lead guitarist, and the backup to me. I think he wanted to play this show, even more than I did. He was strapped up and tuned in hours before I even had my pants on. He was ready, I wasn’t. The show started with a few acts that were mediocre, which could have been from their lack of musical talent, or it could have been the songs they chose, either way, I knew we would at least do better than they did. With each person going up to the stage, I saw that my name was getting closer to the top. Soon enough, I saw that I was on deck.
   I can’t explain how I felt while reading my name. I was so nervous of messing up, I almost left, but as I walked to the side door, to go down stairs, my back-up ran over to me. He grabbed me by the shoulder, and told me that we needed to practice, one more time, before the show started. I glimpsed into his pride-filled eyes and shook my head. As a child in a toy store, he shimmered into the “practice room”, a small room on the side of the stage, no bigger than 15 feet each way. It was a very small room, which made it even worse as I couldn’t breath as it was, now we get to suffocate in this room. This night was going to end in a distaste; I just knew it! He shut the door softly behind us, the music in the background started to slow down, indicating the last act was about to end. There wouldn’t be enough time for us to practice, no, we only had time to tune and get out on stage. But for some reason the guy still wanted to practice, so I humored him.
    I started to strum my guitar quickly, ending the song minutes before the original, he shook his head, but then laughed. With a sweaty lip, I chuckled and gave him a high-five. The last act came rushing through the door, they were excited, way too excited. They were slapping each others hand, as a sign of “amazing job, I love you.” Ignoring them, I listened for the que to go on the stage, and seconds later, the pastor called us out. She sounded very excited to see what we had in hold. I might have talked us up a bit, as a note, but she seemed really happy to say my name. I sent the lead out first, then I made a dramatic entrance.
   The crowd was nerve wracking, they all stared blankly onto the stage, as if I wasn’t on the stage, already. With blood rushing through my head and down my arms, causing sweat pits to form, I began to play happy birthday. I happened to learn it at the same time as the song, so I wanted to honor the pastors B-day. The crowd stood in awe, as I finished the recognition, as did the pastor. She had a small tear in her eye as she said thanks. I smiled and told her that we loved her, she responded the same way. Now, I had no tricks up my sleeve, it was solely time for me to play the song, I had been practicing, all week. It was “How he loves us by David Crowder Band.” I happened to hear it on a radio station, and loved it. When the church announced a open-mic night, I rushed to my friend, and told him we had to do it. With one week left, I had to, not only learn the song, I also had to teach the song in the way I wanted to play it. It took hours, each day, but finally, on the night before, after hours of practicing, we finally hit every note. We were ready, until we got to the church. But now we were here, in front of the crowd, it was now time to prove that the week wasn’t a waste.
    I put my mouth against the microphone and spoke to the crowd. I remember the crowd telling me to push against the mic, since they couldn’t hear me. But the closer I got, to the crowd, the more nervous I got. After getting the mic to cooperate with me, I began to strum softly. I told the crowd what we were about to sing, but in the middle of my speech, I hear the soft hum of an electric guitar. My side-kick made it easy for me to start, as he began to play; though I am not a good singer, that night my heart was in it, causing my voice to soar. The comparison could be made to a white dove. But as I finished the first verse, I lost track, and my lead began to go to fast, losing his rhythm. With his rhythm gone, the song was likely going to fail. I turned around, after the first verse, and let out a moan. I was mad, angry, pissed. I am glad that the string were new, because they took a mighty beating that night. I looked at my lead, he looked at me knowing I was pissed. But I couldn’t stop the song, I had one option, to play through it. I turned back around, and started the song from the first verse, again. The crowd seem to like this rendition, but I hated it.
   The rest of the performance, even after nailing the tricky bridge, I had the beginning stuck in my head. I tried to shake it, but I couldn’t. After a week of practicing, we still messed up. I was in outer shock, but as I wrapped the song up, the crowd went wild. I tipped my guitar at the crowd, showing my appreciation, and told everyone to have a good night. As I left the stage, a crowd of young adults met me, they were all congratulating me on my performance, I said thanks, still in annoyance of my performance. I went to the back of the church and took a seat. Before I knew it, the night was over. The talent was gone, and the show was over. It was now the time for the supper. The best part, other than this being my first show, of this night. There was chili; nothing in this world is better than chili.
   As I walked down stairs, I lost the anger behind the verse, I messed up on, and found happiness in my accomplishment. Maybe I did mess up, but that’s okay. The best part is that I never gave up! Even if I failed, I can still say that I finished the song, where most would have ran away, crying their eyes out. 


Impromtdude @

    Tomorrow, we shall take another step in Aeron’s attempt of survival. Not only does he have to worry, for himself, he now has a sick comrade, Leo. With their home a day away, can they survive through the cold, and get home safely? You must read to find out.
      The scenes will begin, where they left off. Our survivors are outside Fairfield, after just mutilating the Crawlers, but something is wrong, Leo is beginning to get dizzy, and light headed. Aeron guesses its from lack of sleep and the cold, but is that it? Or has the guts of the previous Crawler started to weaken his body? But even the beast are not as big of a problem as they might have. A male has found their sleep-away camp, and plans on robbing our men. This episode will take Aeron and Leo, out of their way from their way home.

Sneak Peek:
The door opens, a man stands in the door way, staring at Aeron and Leo, which are cuddled in blankets next to the fire. The man makes his way into the store, and begins to look through their belongings. He finds a few cans of food and some water. He opens his bag and chucks the items in. His eye catches Aeron’s machete on the window seal. He walks over to the window, and grabs the machete. There is a sound behind him. A sound of a gun being loaded. He turns around slowly to see that Aeron is standing there. He has his gun pointed at his face.

Check out the episode tomorrow!


Sneak peek!

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I am a week down in one day!
Today is the first day of my vacation! Woot no work for a week! That means that the house is super quiet. The quietness always puts me in the mood to write. There is something about nothing moving that makes my creativity expand. This is great for the fact that I wanted to spend this week writing. I started at 9 a.m. and now it is 12 p.m., which is awesome since I already have six post written. Now this doesn’t mean that I will stop writing through the following weeks. I will still be writing daily, but this will help me stay ahead, and will give me more time to perfect my writing. With more time, I can spend more attention on editing and promoting. I just like the fact that I have been in this writing mood, and already have put a big dent into much of the work, that I need to finish this week.
This week is dedicated to getting enough time stored away, so that I can begin to write my novel. I still have to begin the outline, the structure, and everything else that comes with writing a novel. Since most authors can write a book in six weeks, I decided to challenge myself. I will be challenging myself to write a whole novel (rough draft) in only six-weeks after finishing the whole outline. This will take a lot of time up, which means that I will need a lot of coffee and support from you guys. Which I know is easy, since you guys are amazing!
I made a blog post a few days ago, telling you guys that was mass producing to write my blog, but I felt bad for doing that. Why should I take a break from you guys, so that I can write a novel, when I can do both. I want to be very honest, there is nothing more refreshing than writing daily, but last week, I wrote work for the whole week, on Tuesday, and didn’t write again for the rest of the week. That whole week, I felt really weird, almost sick. I have come custom to writing daily, so when I miss multiple days in a row, I feel like something is missing. That is why I have decided to get a head of the game, but also to manage my time,  so I can write daily. Now I know I would be writing daily, if I was writing my novel, but it isn’t the same as writing a blog everyday for you guys.
So I have decided that I will be making a schedule, so that I can be on top of my game; when I begin to write the novel ‘Drifting away.’ This schedule will give me time to write on my novel, but also the same time to write a blog for you guys. Now some of the post might be written for the future, but still I remind you that I will write daily.
I am proud to see that my blog is entertaining so many people, and I hope that you guys are happy with the next couple months, I can tell you that some amazing things are about to happen. So sit down, strap your seat belts and get ready for one hell of a ride!


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      Soon I will be taking my vacation from work. I am truly excited to take a week, in order to catch up on the things that I have been pushing off. My last vacation, I got to spend with my wife, she was able to take it off. She wont be able to receive the days off, since she got a promotion. Since she cant take it off, I will be spending a week by myself, well at least 40 hours of a week, alone. This is honestly great for me, it does suck that I can’t have my wife with me, but it will allow me to prepare for my biggest dream, to publish my first book.
The main reason, I haven’t wrote my novel, is from not having time. I work enough as it is, but then to add another 30 hours for this blog, I don’t have the time to write a novel. But I have a solid plan, one that will put me 90-days out from having my novel written.
I recently bought a book titled ’90 days to your novel,’ this book gives you a schedule that you have to follow, in order to help you write your novel fast. This is a great book, but when I began to read the book, the realization came to mind, I would have to stop blogging, in order to stick to the schedule. I just got back to posting every, so I felt bad that I might have to take a break, again. I chose to put the book away, and work on my novel periodically. But then I remembered that I have a vacation coming up.
Now the vacation isn’t enough time to write a novel, but it is enough time to write a bunch of blog post. I was over joyed when I thought of this idea, to write 4-of-the-6 post, for the next few months, then use that time, I would usually spending writing, to work on my novel. The idea was great, then I could sit down on Mondays and Thursdays to write the “Topic-of-the-week post,” in order to give you guys the vibe that I am still here. Then when I would usually write daily, I would spend that time, chunking away at my novel, until the little joy is done.
This plan isn’t fully set-in-stone, I still feel super bad for leaving you guys that long, It will feel so weird not writing for this blog, everyday. But I know that if I don’t, then the novel will never be wrote, and I will be even more mad about that.
Also, I will be using a chunk of my vacation to pick up on my portfolio. “The good, The great, and the best” is still in the writing process, and when I have more details, I will share with you guys. If you would like to receive notifications on all my projects, leave me a comment, and I will begin to email you with news. Thank you for understanding, if I leave for a while, in order to write ‘Drifting Away’ I hope that I can work around everything, but there will be more information after my vacation, for now we will continue to post everyday! Thank you! I love you guys!

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Here I am proving how worthless I am sitting in a bathtub as a party is being unleashed under me. The party has gotten to the point that I couldn’t read anymore, so I thought that it would be a good idea for me to take a relaxing bubble bath. I am sure that it would have been better if the party didn’t get louder as I got in to the bath. I swear in the last hour I have heard a hundred bottles break against the walls, and at least a dozen people empty their previous dinner onto my roommates floor.
This is going to be a long night if the party continues to carry on like this, meaning no sleep for me tonight, but there is good news and that is they invited me to this party. I never get invited to parties, not since I was the reason all my friends got busted under age. I accidentally called an emergency number as I talked to one of my crushes. The cops came shortly, and arrested three of my good friends, while everyone else split through the yard and out the windows. I tried escaping out of the back door of the house and over the fence, but was caught by a cop as I climbed over the fence. He searched my body, finding my cell phone in my back pocket. He checked my history to see if I was the one that called them, everyone was able to hear the cop ask me if I called, he made it sound as if  I wanted them to come. Everyone hated me after that night, three of my best friends told me to never talk to them again, which I get, since one of them lost their scholarship because of that night; I haven’t been invited to a party since, but tonight they asked me to come, but I thought that I had plans.
I was suppose to go to the library to research with some of my friends, the research was for  a project in my English class, the project wasn’t due for almost a month, but its never to early to get it done. But as I was getting ready the three I was going with called me, they told me they couldn’t make it due to a weird bug going around. This left me alone again on a Friday night.
With all of that on my plate, I decided to take the night and catch up on the Hunger Games books, I got half way through the second book then the party got started, it wasn’t as bad in the beginning but as I got closer to the good part, the bass seemed to drop. From that point on, I was unable to concentrate. Not having much of a choice, I laid down the book and go relax in a warm bubble bath, which was going good until now. I just heard someone outside of the door. It sounded like three guys, they are probably spying in on me, trying to get a little eye action, so I will give it to them.
I shot straight up out of the bathtub facing my back towards them, leaving bottom bare. I heard one of the guys whistle, I simply rolled my eye then told them to “go fuck the dog downstairs, pervs”. The guys started to laugh and pound on the door. One of the guys yelled back though, saying “You’re not even attractive, ugly virgin.” They pounded on the door for a few more seconds and left.
I don’t know why I let them get to me, I have everything that they want, I have the highest G.P.A in my school, and a full ride to any college I want to go to. But this is one of those things that hurt badly, so bad that I am crying right now due to it.
After the guys left the door, I sat back in the tub, laying my head back and closing my eyes, relaxing every muscle in my body. I was in that bathtub for almost an hour when the music stopped playing, it seemed as if the party has stopped, making the close clear for me to get up again. So I got out of the water put on clothes and went down my hallway towards my room, but as I got to my door to my room, I felt a strong freezing breeze come up my night gown. I figured this was of Amanda’s doing, because she loves to leave the windows open while partying. She says its a way to let people puke outside instead of inside, even though it never happens like that, but if she thinks so, let her keep cleaning the puke off the floor. But for tonight the windows will be shut. I am not freezing my nipples off for anyone.
I attempted to call her, but it went straight to voicemail. I walked down the stairs after a few more attempts. I hope that the party is actually over, or this will be awkward. A 23-year-old woman coming to a party with Spongebob Pajamas, with her hair all mess and with no make-up. I don’t even think I shaved my armpits, let me check…Nope they are still holding Sasquatch. That would defiantly be embaresing to be seen with forest pits in front of the hottest guys in Glennview.
As I rapped around the stairs, I saw that there was  guy that was passed out on our couch. I continued through the house shutting all of the windows. I came to the last open window and went to close it, but as I grabbed the window seal, a hand came through the window and grabbed my arm, I screamed trying to push the hand of me, but it wouldn’t budge. Amanda appeared from the dark and started to cry. I asked what was wrong, she couldn’t speak, but then she muttered “There is a maniac coming this way.” My heart froze.