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When I was in 6th grade, I wrote my first real story. It was a horror story and I was so proud of it, though I can’t remember what it was about. But I was proud! I proud enough to walk over to my teacher and told her that I was going to be a writer, one day. She read it and raised one of her eyebrows. She told me that it was a good start and that I was very creative. This was the beginning of something special. She told me that it was full of run-ons, but that it could be turned into a master piece; and that no matter what I do, to chase my dreams. This is what started this crazy journey. I knew at that moment, that I wanted to be a writer, and I would do anything (in my power) to become one.

I never had anyone put me down for my writing. I remember when I was in 4th grade, we were supposed to write a story, but I couldn’t because my mother didn’t have a stable home for me to write in. I didn’t do the assignment, but the teacher wanted me to read it to the class. She wanted me to read it in front of a class, a story I never wrote! So what was I supposed to do, tell her I didn’t do the assignment? Heck no! I got up, walked to the front of the class and read my story about a vicious bear, tearing through a town of innocent families. I read for 10 minutes, flipping through the pages, until I finished. After the reading, she asked for the pages, I nervously handed them over and went back to my seat. She went on with the class, asking the next student to come forward and share. The bell rang 30 minutes later; I got up and walked to the door to go to lunch. But as I got to the front of the room, my teacher called my name. My chest was burning as I turned around. “Yes, mam?” She was holding my story up, revealing the empty pages. I began to shake, knowing that I failed the assignment. She told me that I should have been honest, but that I had a huge imagination, one that could make a good career one day. She gave me an A on the assignment for the creativity, since she couldn’t tell that I was reading an empty page.

Jump ahead to my senior year of high school. I have multiple WIPs; I have a solid blog and I’m getting more confident with my talents. A guy comments on my blog, telling me that I need to keep writing. I didn’t know that people could read my blog. I didn’t share it anywhere, so it through me off when I got such love. It felt great!  I also had a teacher behind me, pushing me to use my gifts, knowing I could be something.

Now I am a writer. I write daily. I have my days where I don’t want to write, or weeks where I feel I’m not a good enough writer, but I just remember the encouragement, from my past, and I get back to work, creating more content for you guys, knowing that the people in my past would be happy with where I am now! I never stopped following my dream to become a writer, so why would you give up on your dreams?

Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough. Stop grabbing your dream then letting it go because you think you don’t have enough grip on it. One day you will wake up and it will be too late to grab it, so grab it now! Don’t be worried about the outcome, but instead, make the outcome! Don’t stop chasing your dream because your legs are tired. Push through the hard times and grab that dang want. You want the dream to come true, don’t you? It’s all within your chest! You are the creator, so create the ending that you want. If you want to be a doctor, then become a doctor. You are the only one that is standing in your way. You can do this. I know you can.


Top 10 things I want to do before I die!
Bucket list are very important to make. Bucket list consist of things that you want to do before a certain time, usually they are things that you have wanted to do since you were a child (example: I have always wanted to go to Alaska) My biggest goal is to go to Alaska, this is something that I have told myself needs to happen by a certain time, this is what a bucket list is; it is a list of hopes and wants that you set out to accomplish/experience. I made one a few years ago, but now I want to go back and think of ten things that I want to do, by the time I die.

10. Get paid to write- This isn’t majorly important, but I would like to say that my writing was good enough to make a dollar off of, even if it was only a dollar. I have a partial plan to get this done, but I am still confused on getting it all together.

9. Particiapate in a 5k/marathon- Running is a big hobby (or use to be) of mine. My dream is to be in a 5k or a marathon one day. I know it is easy to get into a 5k, but I want to be in good enough shape to finish in the top ten.

8. Go back to school- There is a 22% chance (guess) of me making it as a writer. That can only be affected by a degree, I have to get a degree to have a better chance. This is why I want to go back to school.

7. Travel to the most beautiful places and write there- Traveling the world would be amazing, but to write everywhere would be even better! Who would turn that down? I know I wouldn’t! All I need is my laptop, wife, my doggy, and a very long road ahead
of us, and my life would be complete!

6. Have a kid(s)- I am scared to have a kid, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want one. People think I hate kids, but that is just me playing cool. I love kids and eventually want a few of my own. I am just scared of failing…lol

5. Write/film a movie- Yes, I want to be a part of a movie! Writing/producing a movie has always been a dream of mine. This is probably a far fetched dream, but just maybe!

4. Do something with special effects/get better- I talked about this earlier this week and it has been on my mind more lately. I could do something with special effects, even if it’s a local haunted house, either way I could do something with it, so that is what I will do.

3. Writing my first novel- I have it planned and I have the resources, but I just cant get it done. I don’t know what to do, but I recently bought something to help me, so maybe I could finally get this off my bucket list!

2. Go to Alaska- Ariel and I would have the best time in Alaska. We would be able to sleep under the northern lights, maybe share a kiss under those same lights, also enjoy the many things that Alaska has to offer. 

1.  Open a homeless shelter- One day, I will open a homeless shelter. Being someone that was once homeless, I know how it feels to not have a place to sleep. Let me tell you, it sucks! I don’t want anyone feeling like I felt, this is why I want to do this. It is a small gesture, but I  know it would mean the world to someone! 


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This was an old story that I was working on. I was going to post it, as a special, on WattPad, but once I finished it I didn’t want it to go just anywhere. This was a good piece (in my opinion) and I wanted to share it with you guys. Though, when I was about to post it, I lost the piece. I couldn’t find the project, anywhere, and it began to stress me out. I gave up searching for it, and decided that it wsa just a waste of a blog post, anyway, but I finally found it! I was cleaning out some files and came across this wonderful story, but do you guys want to read it? I don’t know if you do, so tell me? I will post a few paragraphs, and will let you guys decide!

Standing alone!
I sit here, in my room, all alone after the fight with my wife. I said a few things again that were not needed to be said. I know I need to stop the way that I treat her, or one day she will leave me. But there is something that she does, that pisses me off. My wife pushes me to a point that I want to break her neck. I have never been violent with a woman, but there is a line that I also haven’t crossed and I feel like she is about to shove me across that line.
The whole fight started with her staying at work for longer than needed. I was waiting outside waiting for her, I had roses in one hand and wine in the other. But when she came outside she didn’t notice my kind gesture. I wanted to slam her head into the car window, but my past teachings taught me to never hit a woman, so I kept my cool until I got into the car.
Once we got into the car, I let her have it though. I told her that she needed to pay more attention to me and that it was unacceptable. She snapped back talking about how if I did it more then it might mean something to her. As I said before, I wanted to bash her head in, show her the amount of pain and embarrassment that she just shown outside her job, but I again kept cool. I remember driving home after that was said, thinking of a way to punish her, but something inside wasn’t allowing me to think of the dark tortures. I stayed quite the rest of the way home.
She got out of the car quickly, slamming the door behind her and walking into the house. She was trying to make me mad, but I was numb to the ignorance that she was showing. I have dealt with the craziness for more than 7 years, so I let her storm up the stairs and take a shower, just like every time I make her mad. This time was different though, there was never a light turned on, not even for the room that she would usually lay her heavy jacket in before getting naked. The fear of someone attacking my love, made me nervous so I went to check on her. I got out of the car when the light came on. I got a little annoyed by the timing of her presence.
Now that I was outside of the car, what was I suppose to do? I wasn’t about to go in there and act as if I did something wrong, but I also didn’t want to stay in the cold weather. I contemplated getting back into the car, but starting the car would waste more gas than I want to. So I chose to go for a walk around the block, this would give her time to get her apology ready.
The walk was working, it was making me forget the things that just happened, but it also was making me think of worse things. The past was never easy for me or my family, my father was an abuser and my mother paid for his choices. She would be up all night waiting for him to get home from bingo, in order for him to hit her. One night she left, and I was left there with him. He lost all of his money playing that night, and was angry. I try to forget that nightmare as if it didn’t happen, but every time I close my eyes, I see his hand. His big brass hand hit my flesh multiple times that night, but that wasn’t the worse part. He tied me up and tortured me.


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What would it be like?


What would it be like to star in a movie? Though being an actor isn’t in my future, the idea of writing a movie is still exciting and alive. A few days ago I was tagged in a status, by a friend, about making a movie. The status was saying that if Sharknados was made, then anyone can make a movie. This made me think, what would it be like to write a movie? Then the thought of my past came up, and I remembered that I once started to write a movie.

It was going to be a horror movie. A group of survivors were going to be stuck in an apartment, and every time they would try to leave, the killer would then chase them. Since the apartment only had one exit, this killer could easily pick off his victims. This is what made it hard for the survivors. They would try to gang up on the killer, but every time they did, the killer would fight back. He was stronger than them, so it would force them back inside.

The killer was outside, the victims were inside. They were trying to find a way out, but nothing was working. Since the killer was secured outside, the victims began to relax. They sat back, popped open the cans of beer and enjoyed their company. The night was growing old, and they were winding down. After locking the door, they all went to bed. When they woke up, they saw that the killer was gone. The building wasn’t damaged, as the night before, and the cars tire was fixed. But as they went to leave, they noticed that the lock was removed and turned around, putting the lock on the outside. As they got scared, they heard a man in the house. It was the killer.

This was when I was a beginning writer, but the idea is funny to me now. I would never publish this idea or even attempt to re-write the script, but when my friend tagged me in the post; I began to believe in myself, even more. Maybe one day, I will be a publish writer and one of my stories could become a movie! That would be a dream come true! But for now I will keep writing and keeping the faith. I am good enough, I just need to get my gears rolling.

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I hate it!


As a writer, I have come to see one thing, GRAMMAR SUCKS! I was never good at pulling out parts of a sentence, mainly because I never cared in school. I wish I would have, that would have saved so much annoyance, later in life. Now, I spend most of my days studying English grammar, whoo how much fun, right?
I realized as a writer, I was always missing something. I recently found what part I was missing, which was a solid grasp on grammar and why it is important. I was talking to one of my writing buddies, we were talking about our work. She loved everything about my work except one thing, my grammar. She told me that grammar is a lost art in the writing world, and that if I were to perfect my writing skills, I would be famous in no time. I was in shock of the discoveries, almost as I were just rejected. I told myself that I was fine, but soon I would find out that she was write. Grammar was holding me back from becoming famous, and it needed to be changed, immediately.
I came to the conclusion when I was on a grammar website, which is used to tell you what you need to change in your work. After plugging in my work, it told me that I was missing certain parts, which was punctuation. This is something that I have been amazingly horrible at, it is a proven annoyance of any editor, also. Punctuation is hard to learn, but if I was ever going to get big, I needed to learn it fast, or I could kiss my writing career goodbye. Action was needed, but where do I start? This is when I went to the book store.
Barnes and Noble was a great place to go too, or was it? I remember looking at all the different type of books, wondering which was the best to get for the price. Each one was about $20-$40. I lowered my head and pointed at the books, when I lifted my head, I had my finger pointed at a book, but it looked boring. I walked to the front of the store, grasping the boring book. I wanted to look at the bargain books before leaving, so I stopped to look at the books. I glimpsed through the books, one caught my eye, it was titled “Powerful writing skills.” It is a book that teaches students, business owners, and students how to write powerfully in multiple different areas of grammar. I instantly dropped the other boring labeled book and grabbed the more exciting and colorful book. It was also cheaper, it was a double decker win. I took it home and began to read it. Each page was more fascinating than the last.
I got through part of the book, and wanted to go back to Barnes and Noble to get another. That is when I found “Easy Guide to Grammar.” I felt like I was in pre-school as I wielded the book in my hands, but I didn’t want to miss anything, so I was going back to the very basics, and then I would add to it in the future as I learned more and more. That is what has been happening.
In the last few weeks, while reading multiple grammar books, I have seen a slight increase on my grammar. I still have a long way to go, but I am glad to see that I am getting somewhere in this. I felt that I was going to be a grammar dummy, the rest of my life, but I am glad to see that I am getting smarter. With every chapter I finish I get more excited for the next chapter. I am excited to grow in grammar, but everything has a cost, I guess.
The cost that I am talking about is the fact that I am more willing to correct others. I have become annoyed to see simple grammar mishaps in others work. Though I never comment on it, I will think about it through the day. I have corrected more grammar, in the last week, than I did when I was in school. I am helping others, also. Any time someone is having a hard time with their work, I am there to help them. I’m still slightly polite, but as I learn more, the more I see that simple mistakes erk my snooty!

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“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write” -Stephen Kings

     I went to Barnes and Nobles, a few days ago. I just got off work when my wife called, she told me that she was unable to get her nails done (waiting time) and that she was going to head over to Barnes and Nobles. I wanted to go there anyway, so when I told her I would meet her there. I left work, and headed across town, where I noticed that Chick-fil-A was now open! But my hunger for books, out-weighed my hunger for real chicken. I promised them that I would soon visit, as I drove by. They seemed to be okay with my decision, so I drove on by. I then pulled onto the road where the book store is, but I couldn’t turn because of a few stupid drivers.
     They both were trying to go at the same time, almost causing a wreck. I didn’t want to be a part of that, so I took a detour and drove down the street. I turned about two blocks down, and made my way back to the store. I found my father-in-laws car, which meant that my wife was already in the store. I parked a few parking spots away from his car, and ran inside. I noticed that I was out-of-shape since I got tired from about a ten-step run. I got inside, and didn’t see my wife, so I went to the normal area that I would usually shop, that’s where I found her and her father. I saw that she was holding a book already, which meant we were feeling book-wormish, which is never a good sign for PNC, they were about to lose our money.
I went over to the bargain isle. I am not a big fan of paying full price of books, but if they had a better selection for writers, I surely would. The bargain isles are the only isles I have found any “writers favorites” which are writing prompts, complete the stories, grammar studies, and much more. I spend most of my time in the bargain isles, looking for books that catch my eyes. With each book ranging from 7-10 dollars, I can get a load of books for the cost of one single book.
    Before yesterday, I bought about three books from the bargains, which have been major help with my writing. Yesterday though, I went crazy, grabbing any book that looked good to me. I bought a few dream dictionaries, and a few other fun-fact books. I bought six books all together, which is a surprise, because I was only going to buy one book. I am not sure what has gotten into me, but recently I have been wanting to do nothing, but read. I want to learn everything, which is why I have been buying fact-books. I want to know what there is to learn, in order to better my blog.
Barnes and Noble has become my favorite store in the world. I want to go there everyday, even when I don’t have any extra cash. I want to go there, and read books, if I don’t have the cash to buy it. Books are becoming an addiction to me. I don’t know what has happened to me, but I love it.
I have never been a huge reader. Sometimes it takes me longer than most to read a book, because I want to ensure that I am understanding every part of the book, but something inside of me has snapped, causing me to want to read, then read more. I feel smarter now, and it has helped me get out of small writing blocks, because the more I read, the more I want to share with you guys. So if you are bored, do a great thing for yourself, find something that interest you, and read about it. I usually push you guys to write about your passions, but sometimes one cant write about their feelings, but everyone has a few minutes a day to read. Reading is healthy for you, so go pick up a book and release your inner genius! 

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      Soon I will be taking my vacation from work. I am truly excited to take a week, in order to catch up on the things that I have been pushing off. My last vacation, I got to spend with my wife, she was able to take it off. She wont be able to receive the days off, since she got a promotion. Since she cant take it off, I will be spending a week by myself, well at least 40 hours of a week, alone. This is honestly great for me, it does suck that I can’t have my wife with me, but it will allow me to prepare for my biggest dream, to publish my first book.
The main reason, I haven’t wrote my novel, is from not having time. I work enough as it is, but then to add another 30 hours for this blog, I don’t have the time to write a novel. But I have a solid plan, one that will put me 90-days out from having my novel written.
I recently bought a book titled ’90 days to your novel,’ this book gives you a schedule that you have to follow, in order to help you write your novel fast. This is a great book, but when I began to read the book, the realization came to mind, I would have to stop blogging, in order to stick to the schedule. I just got back to posting every, so I felt bad that I might have to take a break, again. I chose to put the book away, and work on my novel periodically. But then I remembered that I have a vacation coming up.
Now the vacation isn’t enough time to write a novel, but it is enough time to write a bunch of blog post. I was over joyed when I thought of this idea, to write 4-of-the-6 post, for the next few months, then use that time, I would usually spending writing, to work on my novel. The idea was great, then I could sit down on Mondays and Thursdays to write the “Topic-of-the-week post,” in order to give you guys the vibe that I am still here. Then when I would usually write daily, I would spend that time, chunking away at my novel, until the little joy is done.
This plan isn’t fully set-in-stone, I still feel super bad for leaving you guys that long, It will feel so weird not writing for this blog, everyday. But I know that if I don’t, then the novel will never be wrote, and I will be even more mad about that.
Also, I will be using a chunk of my vacation to pick up on my portfolio. “The good, The great, and the best” is still in the writing process, and when I have more details, I will share with you guys. If you would like to receive notifications on all my projects, leave me a comment, and I will begin to email you with news. Thank you for understanding, if I leave for a while, in order to write ‘Drifting Away’ I hope that I can work around everything, but there will be more information after my vacation, for now we will continue to post everyday! Thank you! I love you guys!

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If you want something , you will find a way to get what you want. This could lead you to do things that are usually hard, for you to do. This means that you will stop doing other things, and focus on getting that one thing you want. I also believe you will spend the money that you need to, in order to get what you want. I have been in trouble lately though!

Recently, I have made it a goal to get published as a writer by the beginning of next year. This has become a challenge since I have a lot of work to do. I figured that I need to focus on bettering my writing, but that isn’t all, I must also work on my editing skills and promoting. I didn’t realize that following such an “easy” dream would have been so difficult, but it has proven to be a roller-coaster. My blog will eventually explode, and I will look at these blogs and smile, knowing that I never gave up on my dreams, but something has to happen before I can do that. Money has to be spent in order to further this dream.

I want to promote my blog to a bigger audience, and the only way to do that is forums, other blogs, and Facebooks page promotions. I have been doing the first two, and I have seen an increase, but there must be more in order to be noticed. I am about to take a shot at promoting my page ‘Impromtdude’ on Facebook, which would help drive others in that haven’t heard of my work, but soon they will. But like anything else in this world, promoting on Facebook can cost a pretty penny. They promise 100 new viewers for 5 dollars, which would help, but could I do more? I am going to start out slow at first, but then

when the numbers start to multiply, I want to invest more into my future, and the time is now!

I want to also start to post multiple times a day. This will happen when I feel comfortable with writing mass products at a time. With multiple post a day, this will mean that there will be more subjects covered. This could lead to some material that some might not like, this shouldn’t be a problem if you are a true fan, though. I am confident with where this blog is going, and now it is time to grow the magic!


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The Good, The Great, and The Best.


       Welcome again! I hope you are having a great day. Today I want to talk to you guys about something that I mentioned in a few post. I haven’t talked much about the future of this blog or my writing career. I invite you to take a seat and listen up.
I started blogging almost 6 years ago. I was in a very rough part of my life. I needed a vent on a place that I felt safe. I remember pouring my heart out to you guys in my first hour study hall. I originally began posting to get over a girl, but I became more passionate each time I posted new content. I decided then that I was going to pursue this wild dream.
I spent a lot of Tuesdays on that blog, I can’t tell you how many hours were spent writing, editing, and posting those blogs.                   
          Then something horrible happened. It was finals week in school, and I had just received a brand new laptop for college, this is what I was using to blog on. When I got back from my finals, my laptop was gone. I was in the middle of also recording my third album, so when I got home from the finals I wanted to record the guitar part to one of the songs. I went into my “Studio,” but the laptop wasn’t there. I texted my dad right off the bat, but he didn’t have the computer. I realized it was stolen and called the cops. They showed up surprisingly fast.

       The cops said they were unable to do much for me, but they said they would put a tracker out for the computer. I was informed the next day that they couldn’t find anything since I never connected to the internet. My original story, that was about to be published, was now lost. My heart was relieved when I realized I had the story on a flash drive, but they stole that also. I decided to set out to rewrite the story.

      This isn’t about that story though.  This is about a great project coming up. This is about my next shot at getting signed as a writer. I am very excited to finally tell you guys about this!

       The project “The good, The Great, and The Best” will be a collage of all of my best work. This will include work from all of my previous blogs. I plan to go back and edit my old post with my new style, and hopefully it will help people will truly love my material. But getting all of the post together wont be easy. I will have to cover the ground of over 200 blog post and stories to pick twenty-one that I feel are my best work.

        Once I get all of my post chosen, edited, and printed. I will begin to send the file to companies all around. I intend to put myself out there for all different types of companies to see my work. This is my attempt on becoming a published writer. The excitement that I have is beyond comprehension. I would like to say thank you to all of my fans and family. Thank you for all of your support.
        Thank you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day, and reading this. The fact that you are standing behind me makes me happy. I would like to say sorry for not being active these last few weeks. My life has been very busy, and I have found it hard to post daily. I wouldn’t want to post about just anything. My blog post take a while to edit, and most of the time I still don’t like the post after editing. The fact that I don’t like my own post usually ends with me trashing it at the end. I have spent a lot of the last few months working on my editing skills, I feel that my writing can now prosper from my new skills. This project will show you guys exactly what I have learned.

I (with great pleasure) cordially invite you to the project. I hope you enjoy!

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If I ever went blind, my life would fall apart in moments. I would start to freak out and probably would run out in front of a car, that is the sad truth, same as if I lost an arm or even a finger. I like my body the way that it is, but what about those who dont have the luxury that I do? How do they cope with not being whole, do they freak out like I would? Do they wake up in the middle of the night crying their eyes out, wishing that they had what other have? Do you ever sit in a chair and wonder these questions?
I feel bad for those people that are in need of help, but can’t get it. Wether the reason being that they cant afford the treatment, or maybe they are to far into their illiness to get help. I wish that I could help them recover from the horrible circumstance that they have falling into, it hurts my heart when I see someone hurting, knowing they can’t get the operation.
I know recent I have been feeling a little different in my body. My eye sight isn’t what it use to be, I feel I need glasses , but at the same time I have read some articles. These articles where from some eye doctor in California, and they were talking about torn retina’s. I read the symptoms and though I only had one symptom, my brain started to play senarios in my head. “What if you have that?” “You don’t have the money for the operation” “Your going blind.” I had to shut those voices up, they were really tearing me down, so I read into more eye conditions, even talked to a few people, and finally came to the conclusion that I am fine, that I wont be going blind, but the fear was real enough for me. This is what inspired me to write my novel “Drifting Away.”
“Drifting Away” is a novel that revolves around a young couple that would have never imagined that they would have been together. They were young, full of life, not quite ready to slow down. They both had their own futures to pursue, where one was going to New York, the other was going to California. Each one wanted to be an artist, one a writer the other a musician. But when they began to get hot in the summer, they decided to find nutrual ground, give up their scholarships and follow each other. Though their families dissapproved fully, they didn’t care, they wanted each other.
All was fine when they went to Florida to vacation before they started college in the fall. They were having fun, laughing, sharing memories, and getting to know each other better. This was until the night they went night swimming. There was something in the water the night that they didn’t see, the young male hurt his back and was admitted into the hospital. The doctors treated him for the right thing, but things got worse. He began to lose mobility in all of his limbs, and soon began to lose his eyesight, ruining his chances to become a writer if it continued. But she sat there next to him everyday, that was until her family got there and pushed her away. They were convincing her to leave the young lover, saying that she deserved better than what he was going to become. Now she had to decide between two things: Her future or the love of her life. She needed to decide fast, because each moment she waited, he was drifting away.
I am planning on finishing the novel in the next year, and trying to get it published, in which I will donate nearly all proceeds to a charity to help people get operations that they desperatly need. So would you buy?