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I am calling all writers, poets, song writers, novelist, bloggers, authors, or just people that love to make a difference. All of you probably know that I was abused as a kid, something that has had an effect on my life for a while, but I was able to get the help to cope. It wasn’t easy, but with the right people, I was able to get over the fear and now I am happy. Help me help kids in similar situations. Do you know someone that is being abuse, or that maybe has? Then you won’t want to miss this event!

Impromtstudios will be hosting the first annual Blog-a-Thon where we will be posting 24 posts in 24 hours as we help raise money to help those who are being abused. I don’t have much information, as of this second, but I would like to reach out to people to help. I know I can’t do this alone, but with your help this can be a success. As details come together, I will post them, here. For now, I want to know how many people would like to blog with me. If you’re interested, then send me an email!

Also, if you are reading this, and you don’t write then please tell me, what would you like us to write about? With 24 posts, I don’t know how many times we can post about tacos, so tell me, what would you like us to cover? You can simply comment with ideas and wants. We will cover anything that you tell us to cover.

I beg you guys to come together, team up with me and help these kiddos. I have a charity that I want to go through, but we will keep that secret for now, since I want to announce all of that soon in a separate blog. Please share this; let’s get as many talented artists together! We can make a difference, let’s not waste our time!



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Welcome back. Thank you for the love and support on the last post, and as I promised, I am back as scheduled. I broke the schedule and actually wrote this yesterday, because I need to spend all of today getting prepared for an awesome project with a local artist. Yes! You heard right, I am back to promoting local talent. This will be a huge project for me, so get ready to like that crap. IF you like anime, gaming or just love awesome people, then you will want to pay attention.

Today will be a post about our first official day of snow, in Illinois. I went to Facebook and asked everyone to tell me what they wanted me to write about. Sadly, there was only one person that commented, but nonetheless, we will cover that topic. I want these days to be led by you guys, so make sure you comment when the status gets posted. That will be the only chance for you to get what you really want. Anyways, let’s get to the freaking topic.

Friday night was a good night for anyone like me. If you like the peaceful blanket of ice on the ground, then you would fall into that category. If you like to roast chestnuts over an open fire, while listening to Frosty, then this was the night for you. If you like the beach, long and warm walks along the shore, well then; this night probably didn’t set well in your soul. What I’m saying is; IT FREAKING SNOWED! God shed some of his dandruff and covered 20% of the ground with it. Frosty lived!

It wasn’t that great, but it marks the first snow of this year, and I can’t be more excited. I love the cold, snow, and everything that comes with it. Well, minus that itchy feeling you get after coming inside from the coldness, but that isn’t what we are talking about. I have always enjoyed the cold, so to see the snow fall from the sky was refreshing. It didn’t last that long, but it still happened.

I saw on Facebook that if it snows in November then it will be a mild winter. Some ole wives tale confirms this, so it has to be true, so don’t be worried guys, the dumb drivers will be back to honking at you soon, and won’t be going 10 miles an hour in a 75. Nothing is more frustrating than a driver that is being over cautious. I understand wanting to be safe, but I wish they knew that they are putting others in danger by doing this. So if you are one of these idiots, hear me! I HATE YOU!!!! LEARN HOW TOM DRIVE. LOL I am just joking, I love you :3!

Other than that rant on drivers, know that this is my favorite season, and I won’t shut up until everyone agrees!!! I want to see your pictures! Send me pictures of your snow @ and when it gets closer to Christmas, we will make a post with the beauty. Either way, I’m out!

    Well today was a fun day for my wife and I, as we were almost ran down by a careless driver. The worse part is we were in a parking lot and the person didn’t stop!
    Yeah, you heard me right, she didn’t stop. The women that was driving refused to stop as she backed up, even after seeing us….
     Ariel had a meeting for her job. I was just getting off work and decided to take her and wait in the parking lot, as we were going to GameStop afterwards. The meeting only lasted about thirty -minutes, only half the time that I expected. We swung by McDonald’s real quick, got some food, and drove over to the nearest GameStop. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew that there was going to be something there for me. We got to the business, found a close parking spot and parked.
   We got out of the car and walked to the door. When we entered the building, the guy behind the desk asked if we needed help. Not knowing fully what I was wanting I told him “not quite yet” and walked to the cheap games. The 9&under shelves are the first thing I look at, when I come to GameStop, because they usually have some classics that are really great games.
      After shuffling through the games, I picked up Madden ’07, for some Madden Challenges and such, and we made our way to the front counter.
    The guy was nice during the checkout process (he even talked about “Suicide Squad”) which is great. He gave me the change and the receipt and told us to have a great day, I responded with the same courtesy. I was happy with the games I bought, with the prices, and with the fact that now I got to go home and play the games. I was all smiles, until we got to our Lane.
    We were walking up to the car, when out of the corner of my eye, I see someone backing up. I figured they didn’t see us, so I pulled Ariel to the side, trying to alert her of the car. The car saw us, as I saw her looking through the mirror, yet she didn’t stop. I barely got Ariel out of the way before the car hit her. Luckily Ariel saw this car and moved, or this could be a different story! As the car almost clips Ariel, I yell ” what the fuck,dude.” This is when the driver, young black girl, starting to scream at me through the window (window was up) and drove off. I wanted to chase the car down, but Ariel asked me not to. I was pissed and probably spent a hour afterwards cussing the careless reject out.
     Thoughts of throwing my keys through her window felt nice, but I know that wouldn’t do anything, expect start more drama, making me glad I didn’t. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to pay attention and show some damn respect. It would only take seconds for Ariel and I to get to the car, but this woman was so impatient that she almost injured the woman of my life. I can’t stand people like her!!!! If you’re driving, please do me a favor, don’t be like this lady!!!!! Show respect and please pay attention!!!!!!




Dear potential haters,


I know that there will be haters, or people that don’t understand my material. Maybe some of them will be right, maybe their reasons will be solid, but they will still be haters to me. Or maybe the reasons will be complete non-sense. There will be people that will get offended by something you say, even if it isn’t something you meant to be offensive. This is the life of an artist. This world is full of people who get offended over bathrooms, so I have to ready myself to be hated, and when I get my first hater, this is what I want to say to them;

Dear hater,
    I see that you attempt to bring me down to your level, but you can’t knock me off my mountain. I have been sitting here for years, I have a house here; I am planted into the ground here. You will need to do something no one has ever done, remove me from my rock. This will never happen, because I have trained for you. I have spent years preparing for you. You are two steps behind, and you will not gain ground, you simply can’t beat me at this game. You can try, but be ready to fall down, be prepared to fail. I hope you do, that battle would be fun. I can’t wait for you to come onto my court, be prepared to have your ankles snapped. I will Crossover on you, like Steve Nash, and leave you in the dust.

I am smarter than you, I spend more time thinking about this. You think that I would ever put my best against you? No, I will no waste that much time. Getting you to shut up isn’t worth my stress, not when I am smarter and have something more important, than a fight with you. I have my career in front of me, and I will not allow someone, as plain as you, to effect me. Your insults don’t hurt me, you can say what you want. You can go onto my page, and leave a thousand negative comments. I will leave them for motivation. I will leave them and write about how dumb you are, and guess what? I will then get views from your insults. Will that kill you? To know you are a part of my success? I surely hope so. I hope you see my success and it drives you insane. But mostly, I pray for you.

I don’t want to be the hateful kind, so I will pray for you. I want to pray that God gives you a good life. But don’t think my kindness will continue if you come against me, again, the same result will occur. You can’t beat me. My whole heart is in this, and I cant stop. You might write better than me, or you might have better ideas. But I have a heart that cannot be stopped. There is nothing that can stop me, if I stopped writing, I would die. I wouldn’t be able to move day-to-day without writing. I have more to lose. Thank you for hating. Don’t forget to get a beverage, because you will be waiting for a long time, if you think you are going to effect me. Peace out haters!

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