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What is happening and why is it happening again?

This always happens to me, I find some kind of happiness then it is sucked away. I over examine everything that I do in my life and usually over examine what other people say and do. People have done some things to me in my life, but it has never been as serious as I make it to be. Yeah, we could talk about my mother, but that isn’t what I am talking about. I am talking about the fact that people leave me behind and move on. They take me into the woods and leave me like an unwanted dog. I then have to find my way back home, praying that someone will eventually keep me in their home. This is just a thought, though. I am not alone, of course, but sometimes it feels like it. I have a wife, she is the best thing in my life, but sometimes I just want to have someone check in on me. I want a friend to check to make sure that I am fine, but that is wishful thinking, I guess. They stay for a few months, but everyone gets tired of ol’ Blake. They find someone better and will leave.

This is when things get worse for me. This is when anxiety gets into my veins and begin to rot my inner peace. I try to hold on.  It is hard to hold on to a sharp knife. The knife begins to cut your hand and eventually you will let go, this is what anxiety feels like. Anxiety for me has been a horrible battle. I am usually a pretty awesome guy, I want to make everyone happy (well most of the time) until the knife begins to cut, again. When the knife is pressed against my hand, I don’t want anyone to talk to me. I don’t want to go to work. I don’t want to be better, I just want to do what I have always done, slowly sink to the back of the room. It becomes harder to get out of this state, the more that I get into this kind of mood.

Recently, I have found myself in this state. I had to hide behind my crew, because I didn’t want to take any orders, I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I didn’t want to be at work, it was the last thing that I wanted to do. I push people away and make them feel like I hate them when I have this knife pressed against my hand. I tell people to leave and to never come back, but then I want to chase them down, but I have pride so I will sit back and watch them leave. The worst part is that I will blame them because they left. I pushed them into a battlefield, yet I will say that they shot the first bullet. I could understand why these people don’t want to be around me.

I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt me then blame me for them hurting me. I do get that, but I don’t understand why so many don’t want to be around me. I understand that I treat others like shit, but I am talking about those who I don’t even know. They walk out of my life, leaving me to wonder what I did wrong and how I can change myself. These people make me hate my life and then I get more depressed and push more people away.

My anxiety is horrible, I just want to be normal. I want to keep people near me and show others that I am not a creep or something in that nature. I think I am a good swing for those who want to be friends. I just want to know what is wrong with me. Anxiety is horrible. This is where I am right now, full of it. I might be trying to keep ahold of this knife, but I know that I am one nudge away from losing it. .


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I don’t know what to think

    Hey there. I hope you guys are having a great night. I wish I was watching the game tonight, but that isn’t happening. Instead, I am spending the night watching YouTube videos. You might be wondering why, since I am a huge fan of the NFL. Let me tell you why. It will only take a few seconds.

This has been an ongoing problem for a few days. We have been having the same problem, but it has gotten worse. See a few days ago Ariel and I were watching a T.V. show. Then as the show was getting good, the picture pixeled out. The screen froze for a few seconds before breaking back into the show. I thought that the receiver was just glitching out due to the weather. We went on with our lives, but then tonight we were watching the game. The game would freeze every ten seconds, which ruined the Cowboys loss for me. I knew I had to get this fixed, because I want to watch the upcoming games.

I am the type of guy that will go to YouTube for everything. YouTube is the best thing since meth. They have a video for everything, so I knew it could help me. I went on and found a video that was very helpful. The video told me to disconnect the hdmi cord from the back. The connection was supposedly corrupted and needed to be reset. I disconnected the cord and waited. But when I plugged it back in the problem was still there. At this point, I was done with trying to figure it out, so I called the technician.

If I can say anything about DIRECTV it is that their wait time is amazing. I only waited two minutes on hold before I got redirected. This is impressive next to what I use to wait with Comcast. When the woman came on the phone, she was a sweety. She was really sweet and wanted to help me. After a few minutes of trying to diagnose the problem, this woman had hit her limits. She was unable to help any further. This is when she sent me to the next person in line. That person was a little more irritating. She only cared about me paying for the service, instead of trying to get me help. She told me all the prices of the service, yet never asked me to do anything. She was quick to schedule an appointment that would cost me over $100. I told this woman that I wasn’t going to pay this because its not my fault that their equipment was bad. She then told me that it was that or I could sign up for a monthly protection program. Being done with this fight, I agreed to the protection program. The woman told me the time of the meeting, which happens to be on the day that I have to work. Now, I have to find a way to miss that day so I can be here with the technician. I am thinking about shutting my service off..

Am I overreacting?

Should I just let this go? I don’t feel like I should have to pay for a receiver because their equipment is crap. They should realize that the equipment is out-of-date and should replace it without question or another bill. I know that everything cost, but when I have done nothing to break their equipment, why should I have to pay? Someone please bring light to my selfishness.


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All I have to say is “Fuck!!!!” I don’t mean to cuss, but I am so pissed. I was going god but this week set me back pretty far! Week 3 was one of the worse weeks in the NFL, Ever! I lost my second fantasy game in a row (First time, ever) plus my picks were shameful. Let’s talk about this a little. I was stupid to go against the Patriots, but in my defense Gronk was suppose to be out. Oh wait, he didn’t really impact the game? Dammit! I had the Jags over the Ravens, who knew that the Ravens knew how to win? The Panthers dropped another game, but Bradford is also looking amazing. I underestimated the Vikings. The Bills got lucky, just saying! Wentz had another amazing game, put a sock in the rapists mouth. Also, Thanks for Brees’ Interceptions, I dropped my Monday night game. This horrible week put me at 16-14 for the season, but this is another week, which means more picks!


Dolphins @ Bengals

Winner: Bengals

Colts @ Jaguars (close game 21-24)

Winner: Jags

Bills @ Patriots

Winner: Patriots

Titans @ Texans

Winner: Texans

Lions @ Bears

Winner: Bears

Panthers @ Falcons

Winner: Panthers

Seahawks @ Jets

Winner: Seahawks

Raiders @ Ravens

Winner: Raiders

Browns @ Redskins

Winner: Redskins

Broncos @ Bucs

Winner: Broncos

Rams @ Cardinals

Winner: Cardinals

Cowboys  @ 49ers

Winner: Cowboys

Saints @ Chargers

Winner: Saints

Chiefs @ Steelers

Winner: Chiefs

Giants @ Vikings

Winner: Vikings

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Sorry guys, tonight won’t be a long post. I need to go to the doctor, because I feel I have high blood pressure or something serious wrong, which was shown today. During work we got a surprise visit from the health department. The visit wasn’t anything, but afterwards my head started to hurt and I started to get dizzy. I think this was from the stress I was under, but I’m not too sure. I was debating if I should just postpone this blog, or if I should just bring an old post out, but we hit a milestone yesterday, which is awesome for this blog!
You guys have been belting that like button, more than ever before. This is evident from the fact that I got my reward for 200 likes!
  When I started this blog, I was unable to get anyone to like or even read my blog. So to see that I am now getting likes, everyday, really excites me and pushes me to do more. That I do promise! I promise that the more love this blog gets, the more that I will post. I have been thinking of two post a day, but I need to know I won’t be wasting my time.
Anyways, thanks guys! Thank you for pushing me to get another reward. I can say “without you guys, none of this would be possible!” You guys are amazing! Now let’s get to 500 likes!!!! We can do it!
Hit the like button for my pains to go away!



    I am tired of seeing people I don’t care about. Their post are of things that just don’t interest me, or they are posting controversial things in order to get attention. Being tired of wasting my time shuffling through their post, I have decided to hold a purge. This is where I will delete anyone that is no longer active or people that honestly don’t care about me or what I’m doing.
     A few months ago, I decided to make  my Facebook solely for promoting my blog. Though that has been happening, and I have falling into using it for my communications, I want to slowly pull it back the other direction, making it my promoting tool, which eventually will become my blog page, entirely. With this being said, why would I waste my friends list on people that don’t even read these post?
    I understand that Facebook is for friendships and is usually used to connect with old friends and distant family. This means that I use it wrong, but at the same time, it can be used to share ones work and to get yourself into new crowds. This is what I’m trying to do. I don’t really care about being friends on Facebook, or finding out the latest news about my ex friends. I truly only care about connecting with fans and showing those, who care, that I truly love them. I don’t have time for the drama, nor would I get into it, even if I did have the time. Also, the friends that I thought would try to connect with me, again, are those who don’t want to talk, or are those who are no longer active.
      After weeks of looking through a bunch of garbage, I decided to do something. I like the idea of a purge. One night where anything goes, it all sounds so delightful, besides the fact that I would die in the first hour. I decided to take that idea and bring it to my friends list. Giving myself one day, I am allowed to delete anyone. I did give a few people a break, by having them like a certain post, but everyone else was fair game. Out of 300 friends, only 30 liked the post, meaning 280 of my friends were allowing me to leave, which is fine by me. It has only been 5 hours and I am down to 280 friends.
     This is a fun way to blow off steam, also it helps clear up a lot of my news feed. Either way, it ends tomorrow. I plan on cutting a lot more and starting over with new friends. I am enjoying this way too much, you guys should try it.


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I am sick…..
I hate being sick. I really don’t like the fact that I am without all my energy, when I am usually very active. When I get sick, you will see a brand new Blake. This sick Blake wants to sleep and watch YouTube videos. He wants to relax and hurry to recovery, but with a job that becomes hard sometimes.
I am sick. I haven’t felt good for at least three days, and it got worse today. It all started Friday, when I woke up with a very sore throat, but I figured it was nothing, so I continued my life. But Friday afternoon I got a very bad headache. The headache I got was from my sinuses, which was probably from all the cleaning supplies I have been using at work. It usually takes a day for my sinuses to stop, so I was just going to let it go away by itself, while using less chemicals and getting more fresh air. That’s when I decided to go to this concert, in Jacksonville. I was hoping that being outside would kill the chemicals present in my body. I had a blast that night, we got to be feet from the bands, and got amazing food during the concert. After the concert, we went to a local pizza place. When the pizza got to us, all my body began to ache. I was no longer hungry. I sat there, in pain, as everyone else devoured the pizza. I was tired, my head hurt, my back hurt, and my eyes were burning. The worse part was- I had to go to work the next morning, at 6.
Friday night we got home at Midnight, giving me a good 5 hours to sleep. This wasn’t going to be enough to help my 9 hour day, at work, on Saturday. The moment that I got to the bed I felt that my body was trying to relax, but it wasn’t happening. I wanted to go to bed once I got home, but I think I ended up staying up a hour later than planned. I don’t know about everyone else, but I need my sleep when I don’t feel good, or it just gets worse. Well that is what happened. Saturday morning, I woke up with the biggest headache and sore throat. I wanted to call in, but I know I need the money, so I told myself that it would go away. I filled my long shift, fighting every second of the day, while my body fought me back harder. I felt that I was losing the fight, so Saturday night, I decided to go to bed early. When I woke up the next morning I felt slightly better, though I still had the sore throat, I felt a lot better than I did before. After work, I went home and started to clean our bedroom, as we about to rearrange our whole house. I wore myself out, quickly, but I knew that it needed to be done, so I fought through the tiredness and got the job done. That is the bad part, though. Since I wore myself out, I was unable to get all of the hours of sleep, last night.
When I woke up this morning, it was all horrible. I opened my eyes to feel the burn. The burn was in my eyes and in my throat. I swallowed a little saliva and it nearly killed me. It hurt so bad, but I knew that I had to go. I had to go to work, I couldn’t miss today. I got up from my bed, and got dressed, while my eyes were still burning. I thought this was just from being tired, but it soon revealed to be a big part of my sinus infection. I got to work. I opened the gate, and started to drink my energy drink. With every sip, my throat seemed to get worse. That is when I stopped drinking it. I didn’t want to make it worse. I got another drink, but even that hurt. With water not helping, I decided to stop drink, all together. During our lunch rush, I felt my head getting heavy, my eyes were killing me, and I started to get dizzy. From that moment on, I wasn’t the same Blake. I was able to finish the day, and I should be able to work tomorrow, I just hope that I can get to Wednesday, so that I can finally sleep during my day off. I don’t know if it is sinuses, or maybe a cold. Either way, the pain is getting on my nerves. I hate being sick, I just hope this ends very soon!  


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Ask anybody, anyone that truly knows me. They will all agree on one fact, most will only agree on one thing, but even they will agree. The Gods in heaven, Egypt, Rome, and anywhere that has Gods will even agree. God made me the way that I am, yet agrees that I am annoying.

The laugh that is belted out, the voice that cracks the jokes, the jokes themselves, everything, my smile, my eyes, and my existence, is annoying. There is something that makes me annoying, and that is everything. I might even repeat something that a cool person says, and somehow I am annoying, but why? I will tell you, here today!

I was grown up in the middle of the country, raised by deer, and transported to my father at age 12. I was taught the basics in life, but then had to teach myself the rest. I never had a true teach, to teach me the ways of the land, but then one day, I met Judu. Judu was a great guy, he knew of the land, and how to live off it, but that wasn’t enough.

I knew that already, I needed to know more. He was useless if he didn’t know more, but he was able to show me more. The art of Annoyance was strong in his heart. He is what we call people “An asshole.” His sarcasm kept him without friends for many years, and since he didn’t have friends, he set out to find the worse jokes, dumbest laughs, and the corniest smiles, anything to master what he started, humor.

He knew the land, and the land knew him, and the land knew me, now. I lived on and off the land. I trained beside young Judu, until Young became old. Judu wanted me to carry on his art to the ends of the world. I  had to accept, he was the teach, I the student, wouldn’t let him down. I knew of a place, called Illinois, that would make a great place for nothing else, expect to live out my destiny, as the best.

The best sarcastic prick there is, is now me, and I hold my head high. But even with the best in the land, most find me annoying, because I reaped the land they sowed. I showered in the praises of being humorous, where they sowed much, yet received nothing. They find me annoying, because I am better than them, and will always be.

I trained under the great, Judu, that taught me everything I know. I was set out to this world, not to save the world, but to judge the world. I now stand dumbfounded that our people have turned away from sarcasm, and now cry at jokes. What has the world came to, that one man can’t insult another man, without being offended. This world needs a savior, and that savior is ME!

I have the tools and weapons for war, which I hold in my mind and heart. The power of my weapons will strike down any haters, and will put an end to the whining. This world will see a new light today, as I stand before the world, and announce a new coming. I am Impromtdude, and I am ready to annoy you, until you run out of comebacks. Until the day the victory won, I will not cease to attack, this is my war, and I will win! 

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Dear small bloggers,
There are over a million writers that are trying to make it in this world. You are among those who are either starting out, or who haven’t been found by the crowd. Either way, you find that this journey is harder for you than you thought it would have been. You thought that your writing ability was enough to make you famous. But when you are one among a million, that ability isn’t enough. Becoming a famous writer is as hard as being drafted into the NBA.
Don’t think I am telling you this to discourage you, I want to be sure that you know this ride wont be an easy one. This is the best yet longest road that someone will travel, and remember that roads have rocks and occasionally roadblocks. This means that sometimes you will need to take a detour or be ready for a flat. This roadblocks are rejection, writers block, lack of motivation, or Stats.
Rejection is a part of writing. You will never find a famous writer that has never been rejected. There isn’t a writer out in the world that has it all figured out. The honest truth is this, not everyone will like what you have to say. Your opinion might not be what they want to hear, or your style of telling the truth, isn’t the way they want it. Rejection is a part of the career, so if you aren’t ready for rejection, don’t follow any dreams for right now.
Writers block was one of the biggest roadblocks for me. This was covered in one of my last post, which you should check out, but writers block nearly killed my career. This is the condition of not being able to think of what to writer or being able to complete a thought. I spent almost a year suffering from writers block, and it was miserable. I tried to do everything in my power to get out of the blockage, but nothing was working. I finally forced myself to continue to write, and one day the dam broke. This is when I felt the most alive.
Sometimes I feel unmotivated when I need to write. I have a job and a wife, so sometimes I don’t have the available time to sit down and write for hours. Then when I have the hours to write, I cant find the will to sit down and use that time for this blog. It isn’t that I don’t care, but more the fact that I work hard enough through the week, sometimes I want to take the time and catch up on; gaming, sleep, catching up with friends, and getting house cleaning done. I have found a pretty good flow with how I do things now, but there was a time in my life, where I would believe that every free second needed to be spent on this blog. When you are stressed though, it becomes hard to write when you have a thousand other things to do. You will have to find the balance to keep the motivation though.
Finally, Stats are nothing but numbers. You are a writer because you love to write, becoming famous means you get to do it for money. Remember this, You are a writer because you love to write! I can’t tell you how many people I know, that quit doing what they loved because they didn’t get the results fast. Rappers or musicians, writers, artist, and body builders will never explode in one month. You have to remember why you love to do what you do, if you don’t then you will quit! NF says this in his song titled “All I have;” “But that’s not the case because most of the times the artist you hear, you keep thinking the artist is new, but that artist has probably been at it for years.” If you are looking to explode overnight, then you will be sadly mistaken and will probably give up. You will have to prove yourself to get your shot. If that is being a independent writer or with a company, know this, you will have to spend a year to years working hard to get your shot. But don’t give up, numbers are numbers, sometimes the numbers suck but that is when you will need to remember why you are writing. You are a writer because you love to write, not because you want to be famous!
We are all in different parts of our careers, I have been a blogger for five-six years. The ride has been crazy, and sometimes I did quit but then I felt depressed because I wasn’t suppose to quit. I am a writer because I love to write, so quitting wasn’t an option, that is when I made my return. Somedays are still rough, it is hard to see single digit views, but that is when I work harder to get more views. That is what you have to do, take the failure and use it for your advantage, instead of letting it discourage you. Writing is something everyone wants to do, but it takes the strongest to survive in this crazy occupation, so never give up!


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If I were to give some advice right now, you would be listening to a man that just woke up and probably would get the worse advice ever. Lets take how I feel right now and take it into a classroom, a classroom full of kids that are trying to pick a college to apply for. My only job as John Stewart is to give them the best advice to take to college. But as I said before, I am tired and cranky so here is my advice:

1. Whatever you do in life you will become rich, so go cheap when finding a college.
2. Money will be tight at first, so my advice is to pull out all the student loans that you can.
3. You remember those student loans? They wont even remember you at the end, so go ahead and keep the money.
4. If you don’t want to waste your life, don’t go to college.
5. College is only for those who are really to stay up all night partying. No one studies in college.
6. If you find a girl you like, don’t hesitate to try to get with her, even if she says no.
7. You are going to hate your classes, so skip them, they give you the paperwork anyways.
8. If someone makes you mad, throw acid on their face.
9. If you decide to stay all four years, don’t! Its a waste of time
10. When you graduate, flick off the principal and give him the stone-cold stunner.

If I were to give you this advice would you take it? I know that if my student counselor would of told me these words of advice, I would have down better in college while I attended. But He didn’t and now I am here giving you guys some great whole-hearted advice that will make you excel as you go to college! Party Study on…….no Party on!