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This is my most viewed blog! Whoa! It has been getting a lot of clicks recently which is why I’m posting it. I think its a good basic blog. I personally hate Disneyđź‘Ľ and I still haven’t watched a single one of these movies.

Note: This blog post was suppose to go up Saturday, but my internet is down so ill be posting this on Thursday, and my first post about love on Saturday. Sorry! I am working to get my internet back up and going. We should be back to normal Friday.
I was talking to my co-workers, and they asked me if I watch Disney movies. I simply chuckled, since I have only watched a handful of Disney movies, all together. When I reveal the titles that I havwnt watched, they exploded. They were in such shock that I hadn’t watched them that they threatened to hold me down, and force me to watch every movie. In honor of that conversation, I want to reveal the Top Ten Disney movies I haven’t watched.
10. Nightmare before Christmas

9. Mulan

8. Wall-E

7. Beauty and the beast

6. UP

5. Pocahontas

4. Cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white.

3. Bambi

2. Lady and the tramp.

1. Aladdin

There are a lot more that aren’t listed. I could probably save the trouble, and post of the ones I have watched. I just have never found them interesting. But it looks like they are going to force me to see them, and I won’t be able to sleep this time around.


I bought a laptop almost three months ago from a resale site, luckily it was only $50 because I haven’t touched it since the week I brought it home. It sits on my desk collecting dust, waiting for its time to shine. It screams to me every time that I sit down at my desk, it wants to be used. I clearly don’t feel the same way, here is why:

I was in search for a laptop to replace my tablet, which I write on. My tablet is an amazing tool for blogging, but I don’t feel Microsoft Word as an app, is all that great. It feels good to get away from a horrible Jottpad (Writing Application), but the Word application has failed to impress me. Some of my best work has been deleted from the drive that it was saved to, meaning that I wasted time writing that post, this is something I will not tolerate. I write in bulk, and plan my week accordingly, so to have one post deleted will ruin my planning. This is usually what causes me to get behind. I thought that buying a laptop would help save my work and time, but the guy that I bought it from, lied to me.

My first concern about buying stuff online, was the condition. I didn’t want a laptop that would freeze in the middle of a sentence, so that is what I set out to avoid. When this guy messaged me with this amazing computer, I fell in love instantly. I wanted the computer,  But mainly I wanted the cheapness. I thought that I was getting a deal with the laptop, but you get what you pay for.

I asked him if it had Microsoft office, he said yes. I told him I would take it, and planned a day to meet up. I should have checked the computer in front of him, because he lied to me about it having Office. The computer barely had Notepad, which if you don’t know what that is, then you are to young for me. Notepad is the crappy alternative for Word. This was a great letdown, but I thought I found a solution, Download a new alternative writing program (I tried to download word, but it gave me a virus.) I found a program that I loved but when I went to download it, the computer rejected the download. There wasn’t enough space on the computer.

I found out the computer only has 7GB memory, and with all the applications that ran the computer, it left me with 1Gb. My phone has more space than the computer. He told me that it was had a big hard drive, which was a lie.

Now the computer sits in my desk, hoping that one day I will use it, and someday I will. But for now, the computer is used for research for certain blogs, but even that will be ending soon, since I will be buying an all-in-one desktop from Walmart. I have always wanted an all-in-one desktop, I like that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, which due to my current setup, that is something that I need. This will replace even my tablet eventually. I have no clear idea why I bought the laptop, but one day I will use it, just not anytime soon.


This is another post from the greedy pockets of yours truly! 

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