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This is my most viewed blog! Whoa! It has been getting a lot of clicks recently which is why I’m posting it. I think its a good basic blog. I personally hate Disney👼 and I still haven’t watched a single one of these movies.

Note: This blog post was suppose to go up Saturday, but my internet is down so ill be posting this on Thursday, and my first post about love on Saturday. Sorry! I am working to get my internet back up and going. We should be back to normal Friday.
I was talking to my co-workers, and they asked me if I watch Disney movies. I simply chuckled, since I have only watched a handful of Disney movies, all together. When I reveal the titles that I havwnt watched, they exploded. They were in such shock that I hadn’t watched them that they threatened to hold me down, and force me to watch every movie. In honor of that conversation, I want to reveal the Top Ten Disney movies I haven’t watched.
10. Nightmare before Christmas

9. Mulan

8. Wall-E

7. Beauty and the beast

6. UP

5. Pocahontas

4. Cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white.

3. Bambi

2. Lady and the tramp.

1. Aladdin

There are a lot more that aren’t listed. I could probably save the trouble, and post of the ones I have watched. I just have never found them interesting. But it looks like they are going to force me to see them, and I won’t be able to sleep this time around.


  I have talked about the end recently, and finally I am ready to sum this story up. This story will end next Sunday, and it will talk about everything that happened, and where I am now. I will tell you, this story is very graphic, and should only be read with an open mind. I have decided that this story is no longer relevant, and I want to end it the right way. I’m no longer in the angry stage, but you will have to read the finale to understand anymore 😉

But as of now, enjoy what started this segment!


   I fell from the ban wagon years ago. With each term of my contract being fried, because I forgot to attend the practice. I was busy working on myself, but I guess that is a wrong reason to miss something so important. I should have let myself fall apart from the stress that was overwhelming my mind. I should have spent my last few bucks to travel the miles on miles, in order to sit on a bench for two hours. I must have lost all my marbles when thinking about this, and which priorities were higher. I should be ashamed of myself. Actually I am not.

I wish that I could scribble out the previous paragraph and erase the past that prompted the previous written words. I wish that the contract that I broke would have never been made.

Now thinking about the fine print that I didn’t study, I should have took more time to fight the terms. Because with signing the contract, I signed my life away. I am just blessed that I got out it when I could of. If I were still there, then I would still be fighting for the air in my lungs that is keeping me alive to this day. I almost forgot what the feeling of breathing felt like, since I wasn’t able to breathe around those who held my strings to my arms. They weren’t letting me catch my breath, they thought that I was fine. But when it came to the honesty, I failed to tell the truth. This is because, I was being controlled.

I wasn’t able to speak for myself without being punished to the full extent. They wouldn’t listen to the words that I would be screaming in their ears. I was trying to tell them that I was dying. My skin felt as it was being ripped off of my body, with salt following the painful loss. I would lose my conciseness, fall into a ditch and still was told to perk up. I was told that I had to be happy when I was feeling worthless, because that was how they wanted people to think that I was. I needed to be the happiest guy in the world, or I was a problem that they were over. I should have listened to their words, NO! I should have flipped that desk and flattened their face. But either way, I fell into their trap and pushed my happiness under the skin, hoping that one day I would have the strength to find it again.

That day finally came.

Being called into the main office was always a pleasant trap. There was never a meeting that contained two people. It happened that every meeting that I was in, I was on one side facing four leaders, ready to stone me with one wrong statement. That day was the day that the stones were going to fly around the glass house. I was about to bust every window that I could. My attentions were to filet their face, and grill their feelings on my George Forman. I was breaking the chains that I locked myself, and was about to free myself from their grasp.

I walked into the front office, hoping to see the counsel but it was different this time, There was only two that were seated, but they seemed to be consumed with anger and darkness. This was a sign that this meeting was about to end with the equevent of Nuclear Warfare. This office was about to look like Germany in 1942. Blood was about to spill faster than a Jason Vorhees killing spree. I was fearing that I was about to turn into Eminem and pop a cap in their ass. But this was not the case.

As we began to talk, they were offended about a list of things that I said and did through the few months that led to this point. I stood my ground and told them to end the contract, but they weren’t listening. This wasn’t what they wanted at all. They wanted me to bow before their feet but that wasn’t what I was about. No, I wouldn’t bow to these fools. They would have to break my ankles in order for me to bow, and even then I would stand through the pain in order to show them that they were controlling to many followers. They were not going to end this without knowing how I was feeling.

As the meeting began to come to the climax, they told me that I wasn’t fit for their plan and that I needed to find something else to do. I told them that they were fools for the way that they were thinking. If anyone was ready for that step-up, it was me for sure. I had all of the qualifications where they didn’t have anyone else with the same. I was the only one for the job, and they were about to pass me up. Since I came into this meeting with guns ready, I was about to take a few warning shots.
When I say that I had my arsenal ready, you should know that I had a list of things that I didn’t say in previous months that I was about to say. Then again, I still have some things that I wish I said that day. I took it easy on them as I took a few of those warning shots and had my dad in my mind. He was telling me that this wasn’t me. I was reminded that I can’t let a grudge hold me from happiness. What would have happened if they would have changed the few things that I brought up to them? They would have fixed those things but then would have still had the strings attached.

That day was the beginning of the end in that chapter of my life, one that I can’t erase nor forget. Part of me wants to keep the memories for the happiness that I found for a short time. But then again when certain events happened, those moments of happiness were corrupted. But there is more to come in the future of this story that ended in my death. Welcome to Letters to the Chapel.


Some of the most basic things never get talked about, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. I took a little time and wrote up a few questions, to answer for you guys. This weeks theme is “Then and now” focusing on the past and the present, so lets compare old Blake Vs New Blake, and see what has changed.


Gregory Blake Jenkins!
Age: 17
Height: 5’10
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown/Blonde
Shoe size: 12

Favorite Color: Baby Blue
Favorite Book: Bible
Favorite Movie: To save a life.
Favorite Band: Tenth Avenue North
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite food: Tacos
Favorite Tv show: Kyle XY

What I want to study: Pastoral studies
Dream job: Youth pastor
Current job: McDonalds
Goal in life: To become a youth pastor.

Relationship status: Single
Girlfriends/wife name: Haha
Best memory in a relationship: None were made at this time. 

What you do the most: Play guitar
What you would do if money weren’t a problem: Start a homeless shelter.
How you feel in life: Stressed over school.
Biggest fear:  Not finding a loved one

Gregory Blake Jenkins!
Age: 22
Height: 5’11
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown/Blonde
Shoe size: 11

Favorite Color: Neon Green
Favorite Book: Walking dead comics.
Favorite Movie: To save a life
Favorite Band: NF
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite food: Pizza.
Favorite Tv show: Big Bang Theory.

What I want to study: Journalism
Dream job: Author
Current job: McDonalds
Goal in life: To become a published writer.

Relationship status: Married
Girlfriends/wife name: Ariel
Best memory in a relationship: Kissing in the rain for the first time, ever! 

What you do the most: Work and Write
What you would do if money weren’t a problem: Go to college.
How you feel in life: Happy, but tired.
Biggest fear:  Going blind.

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The Chair! Promotion!

The Kick Start!

The Kick Start!

Are you sick of the same plot in all horror movies, same cliché character development, same ole cinematic jump-scare, and the same horrible ending? Are you truly ready for a change in pace, ready for Hollywood to let go of the same outline? It is happening. I’m going to introduce you to the new generation of scary movies. This movie in-the-making will keep you up, because you will be too scared to close your heavy eye-lids.

If you are looking for the change in pace, look no further, Peter Simeti (President and publisher of Alterna Comics. Specializing in Graphic novels and Digital comics, ext. 2006) has announced that he has teamed up with Erin Kohut to turn his graphing novel The Chair into a cinematic thriller. This project as of right now is an independent film, though it’s an indie film, the chair has a cast that would make anyone want to sponsor it, including:

Bill Oberst Jr (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies.) Eric Roberts (Expendables.) Travis Love (The Walking Dead.) Brian Thompson (Terminator.) Noah Hathaway (Battlestar Galactica.) Derrick Damions (white collar.) Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story.) Zach Galligan (Gremlins)

The movie takes place in a prison, where Richard Sullivan(played by Brian Thompson) is wrongly accused of murder and is sentenced to death. He witnesses his inmates getting tortured in the hands of their sick-psychopathic Warden, Enrik. Sullivan decides to take things into his own hands.

In a recent interview with Peter, I had to get in the mind behind this twisted graphic novel and find the inspiration, he stated “I wanted to create something cliché on the surface (Wrongfully imprisoned inmate? Come on, that’s been done a thousand times) but was actually very different than what’s already been done.” This being stated, you can see the pure determination from Peter to bring the world a movie worth watching.

It is very difficult to turn a book into a movie. Details are lost, and most artists lose their point in the transition, but Peter made it clear that he is watching over the script writing tightly. He also said that there have been a few elements added to help make the characters more believable. He told me that with all of the additions that the viewers will definitely love it, as he stated in the interview!

This film will be ready to buy on Dvd in the beginning of 2015 if it reaches their goal of 300,000 dollars. Peter told me that they are planning to film in October, giving them more than enough time to film. This film will be Rated R for: Strong Language, Gore, and Violence. This movie is similar to the fantastic title “Silence of the lambs” and less like the movie “Hostel.” So if you weren’t a fan of the constant sex-scenes in “Hostel” this movie is for you!

Let’s get serious now. This project needs support people that want this project to succeed. In the beginning I was helping because I wanted traffic to my blog, but when I began to read more about The Chair, I fell in love with the idea of a horror movie based in a prison. Now I am willing to donate, will you?

This project needs at least 300,000 Dollars to begin filming; this is only covering the minimal requirements, such as: Acting, filming, editors, and promotions. There is no time to wait, this project joined Kickstarter recently and wants your help! It can be a simple five dollar gift, anything helps! Five dollars is nothing, you spend that in McDonald’s, and Starbucks every day. Take that money and donate it towards this project, make a dream come true!

As Peter said- “If they’re tired of the same kind of horror film, please give “The Chair” a try.  It’s got a non-stop pacing throughout the whole thing, there isn’t an hour of build up where nothing happens and then the last 15 minutes might make up for it.   It’s a horror/thriller that will definitely require a second viewing (or three) ;)”

If you want to donate click the link below! And watch the promotional trailer

(Full trailer will come when goal is met):


The CHAIR: a psychological horror with a fan favorite cast! by Painted Heroes — Kickstarter

Thank you!!!

-Impromt Dude