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Ncj2Ep. 10:The Truth Comes Out

“Let me go!” Aeron shouts from the top of his lungs, getting the attention of all the people in the streets, scaring the kids to hide behind their parents. Jamal continues pushing him, holding tightly on his arm. They entered the jailhouse where Aeron would be staying for now.

“You can’t lock me up, you and me both know you’re not innocent. Mr. I-need-to-throw-the-body-over-the-wall-to-save-my-own-ass!” Jamal stops and pulls him close to his face, grabbing onto his shirt tightly.

“You really don’t know who you are fucking with!” Jamal throws Aeron forcefully into the cell, making him stumble and fall into the wall, no sympathy is shown as Jamal laughs and exits the jail, leaving Aeron to count the tiles.

Time went on, feeling like hours passing by, no one was coming through those doors, He was left there to count the tiles on his back, waiting for the next person to come in and tell him some more bad news. He was expecting someone to come in with his clothes, telling him to get out of the town. Or someone coming in with a gun, and ending his life completely. He was nervous, cold, and hungry. His last meal was a piece of stale bread covered with jelly. Two days ago.

“Jesus loves all the children….” The door to the jailhouse squeaks open, interrupting him from singing the beautiful tune from Vbs (Vacation Bible School) that all the students had to know before they could do any of the activities, President Kelly stands in the dark hallway with a book in his hand.

 “Hello, sir. I found this in your room, thought you would like to have it.” President Kelly held in his hands the journal from his trip with Ryan, Aeron quickly grabs the journal smiling at him.

“What is going to happen to me?” He asked as Kelly takes a sip of his strong coffee that was making the whole jailhouse stink.

“I don’t know, we might just leave you here.”

Aeron didn’t want to hear that, even after all he did for them, why didn’t they believe him?

“Are you kidding me, why are you guys such dicks.”

The words from Aeron’s mouth set him off. He throws his coffee down and grabs the back of Aeron’s shirt through the bars and pulls him violently into the cage, Aeron makes contact with the metal.

“You listen here you little prick, this is my town and I will do whatever I want!” He throws him back, but Aeron wasn’t done, he went back for more, reaching his hand through the bars taking ahold of Kelly’s neck.

The action confused and scared Kelly to the point that he was letting Aeron take his life with the solo act. But he came to his senses quickly, and broke the hold. He steps back.

“Ryan was right, you are crazy!”

“You think you know me?” Aeron’s giggles. “You don’t know anything!”

“Why don’t you inform me of what I am missing?”

“Well to start, I killed my wife because Ryan slept with her.” President Kelly’s eyes grew large. “Or how about the fact that the blood on my shirt is actually from this guy named Charles!  I killed him for my weapons.” Aeron let out of his frustration, screaming all his deepest darkest secrets, not knowing someone special to him was present.

“So you were a murderer?”

Aeron’s heart broke as he heard that question, not because of the context of the question, but because who asked it. Kaytla was standing in the corner, leaning against the wall.

“Yes, I have killed three people.”

“Three?” President Kelly asked?

Aeron began to explain each time that he killed, his wife, Charley, and that innocent man in the trailer, but he was interrupted by a gun shot from the center of town. Kelly and Kaytla rush out of the room, leaving Aeron to do more counting.



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Ep. 8: Bedridden!                                      October 8th 2018

The long wooden door slowly creeks open, revealing the outside world that Aeron hasn’t been a part of for almost a month now. The wind was slightly breezing the snow into his face, it was still freezing though. Kaytla stands beside him, holding a handgun containing a few rounds for safety. Aeron took a few glances at her since they left his apartment.  

They were positioned in the exit of the town, but before they leave, Kaytla pulls out a map. Aeron was never big into the outdoors. He never took geography in school, so he was clueless when it came to reading maps, which is what Kaytla wanted him to do.

She stood there holding out the map, telling Aeron where they were going, how they would get home, and where to meet if they get split up. Aeron was screwed, but he nodded as he said he understood. She shook her head knowing that was a lie.

They both exited the town and began to walk to Ashdale. They were holding hands so that if the snow got bad, they would be able to track each other, though Aeron just wanted to hold her hand. She occasionally looks over to Aeron to see if he was still doing alright, he was. She then smiles and looks back straight towards the road.

They were almost two minutes away from Butte when the snow began to hit harder. The snow was rapidly firing through the air, and connecting with Aeron’s face. The snowflakes felt like nails, flaming nails. He lays his face down, but it doesn’t help, the snowflakes are connecting hard enough to enter through his hood.

“We need to go back, Aeron.” Kaytla demands and she pulls his hand back towards Butte. He refuses trying to look rough. He pulled her towards Ashdale. As he pulls her, she lets go, sending both of them down each side of the hill. Aeron connects with a boulder at the bottom.

He wakes up to Kaytla pulling him up the hill. She lays him on the road and begins to inspect his body for serious injuries, which there were none. He opens up his eyes, too ensure her that he wasn’t injured, she smiled greatly. He gazes into her amber eyes and kisses her; she didn’t hesitate to kiss him back.

They get back to Butte minutes later, after fighting through the same storm that left Aeron helpless at the bottom of the hill. When they get to the gate the two guards open the door, they rush in and tell them to close the gates. Aeron looks over to talk to Kaytla, but she’s not there. He sees her walking fast to President Kelly. Aeron guessed it was to explain why they were back so soon. His face announced he had bigger problems.

 “Ryan is dying? How!” Kaytla demands an answer

“He is infected, we thought we could stop the infection, we were wrong.” President Kelly walks away, holding his daughter in his arms.

Aeron runs through town to get to Ryan’s room. When he gets there everything was gone, the clothes, the bed, food, even Ryan’s state trophy was gone. Aeron questions what happened, but as he goes to exit the room two guards appear.

“You can’t be here sir!” They try to grab him, Aeron pulls away.

“Where is Ryan?”

“In the hospital room 167, Connor is working on him.”

Aeron sprints out of the room and over to the hospital, pushing Jamal out of the way at the square. Jamal started to follow him to see what happened. Aeron opens the door to room 167 to see Ryan laying there. His face was a light green color, and he was struggling to breathe. Dr. Connor looks up from his post.

“You can’t be in here!”

“He knows that!” Jamal replies

Aeron’s turns around to see Jamal, Kaytla, Pr. Kelly, and the two guards standing there. Aeron looks back to Ryan then to the group.

“I need to talk to you guys.” Jamal shuts the door.



 Episode 7: Plans to Loot                               October 8th, 2018


Aeron was sitting in his rocking chair, enjoying the last of his green tea that he had left. He found the tea bags on the run and kept them so that he didn’t have to drink the dirty water that was in the middle of town. Aeron spotted a kid peeing in the water a little under a week ago, which made him extra-glad that he found those bags. 

Rocking the Spiderman underwear, and a solid green duct glass, Aeron was at peace for a moment. That moment didn’t last very long though, as he took another sip, he heard someone at the door. It sounded like a man by the weight of the hit on the door. Forgetting to put on his pants Aeron walked over to the door and opened it. 

Aeron opens the door to see Kaytla standing there with her hand on her hip, supporting a red tank-top that was unusually tight, ripped pants with a pink bandana on her head. Aeron stood there in amazement of her beauty, thinking that she was made to be a model, and though everything with her was beautiful, Aeron couldn’t keep his eyes off one thing.

“My good sir, are you lusting over my boobs?”

Aeron looks away real quick, trying to recover from the embarrassment of being caught.

“I’m sorry.”

“Dude it’s okay, just giving you shit. But nice boxers; they are sexy.” Kaytla laughs as she pushes Aeron back with her arm. Aeron has his eyes glued on her as she walks across his room. She sat down on the couch, kicking her feet up as she grabs the journal that was next to her.

“Hey that’s my journal!”

Kaytla examines the book, and reads the name which obviously wasn’t Aeron’s. She squints her eyes as she looked back up at Aeron.

“You’re Taylor?”

Aeron gives a smile and replies with a no, and then spends a few seconds of his time explaining how he got the Journal. He told her the story while putting on his navy shorts.

“Can I get you anything?

“Yes get me three shots of tequila.” Aeron opens his drawers. It didn’t dawn on Aeron what she said.   

“I don’t—“Aeron gets interrupted by Kaytla telling him why she was joking. She continued to talk:

“I need you to come with me to get ammo, I am nervous.”

“Nervous about what?” Aeron exits the kitchen and walks over to her.

“I have a feeling that something horrible is going to happen.” Kaytla tries to stay calm, but with her fiddling with her mood ring on her left finger told Aeron she wasn’t calm at all. He sat back in the chair thinking of the possibilities of something bad happening in this place, and the chances of something even worse happening on the road.

Aeron tried to calm her down, trying to talk her out of going out in the blistering cold, but she didn’t want comfort. She stood up a few times during their conversation to pace, explaining a dream that she had recently. A dream that was nothing but blood covering her body, but the most disturbing part was what woke her up. At the end of the dream she saw Aeron get his head ripped off by a clawer.

“What the hell is a Clawer?” Aeron was scared.

“A Clawer is a Zombie that has razor-sharp finger nails, they don’t bite. They shred you apart.”

Aeron jumped up off the chair and began to freak out, throwing his hands around, acting like a fool. Kaytla told him to calm down and that he will be safe with her, she then took his hand and gave him a small peck on his cheek. The kiss paralyzed Aeron’s body. But once he could move again, he agreed that they need to get going soon.

They didn’t need to get anything special for this run, they were only looking for three casings of bullets for their m-16 that was only fired during emergency situations, Kaytla covered herself well enough to not get frost bite, where Aeron simply put on a coat and all the socks he had. They then walked out the front door holding a pistol in one hand and each other’s life in the other.


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Ep. 6: Love at First Bite                            September 24th, 2018

The book is open on the floor, Aeron got to page three before he crashed due to being tired. He was on the journal entrée called “Then there were three.” Which Aeron didn’t like, because it talked about how Taylor lost three of her six kids in the bitter cold.

She noted in the entrée that she was running out of paper and found this page was empty, and that’s why she wrote her last page in the beginning. Aeron was curious to how many other journals were out there from her, this was a great way to find out how others are feeling during this global outbreak!

“Get out of my way.” “What is going on?” “I will trample you!”

The words ripped through Aeron’s ears waking him from a dead sleep. People were running through the town at full force heading towards Ryan’s apartment. The first thing that goes through Aeron’s mind is that Ryan was dead, but then he heard one of the males of the crowd scream.

“He is dying”

This wasn’t a good sign for Aeron; everyone already knows that Aeron and Ryan had problems, and that they were recently together on a run. They could easily pin this on Aeron, and he couldn’t do anything to prove them wrong!

After grabbing a shirt out of his closet, Aeron makes his way to the road, which was crowded with panicked civilians. They were nearly killing each other to get through, even though they were all going to the same place. Aeron follows behind an older couple that was on the far left, which seemed to be the safest place so far, but it soon changed, when people started to realize it was clear.

Aeron felt a hand on his back that was forcefully pushing harder and harder as they got closer to the room. He caught himself using his arms as well to push through the crowd, not to get closer to the building, but to get farther away from the assholes that were behind him.

They finally got close to the building; Aeron branched off and went his own way, a way that Jamal taught him to go if he ever wanted to get to a certain building faster. This was an exclusive spot that only Jamal knew about. But he told Aeron where it was in case of an emergency.

Aeron runs up the ladder and climbs on the roof, sprinting across the roof; he starts to feel weak spots in the roof. Before anything gives out, Aeron spots Ryan’s home, and drops through his hallway hole. Aeron gets up and realizes Jamal is standing there.

“You can’t go in there!”

“He’s my partner!”

“He’s infected, Dammit!”

Aeron fakes to care so Jamal wouldn’t think he knew about the bite. Jamal patted Aeron on the back and told him to go and rest, He did just that. Aeron was off the hook, but for how much longer?

One week later!

“Have Aeron come in, please?” Aeron appears.

“You called?”

“You knew didn’t you?” Aeron steps closer closing the door.

“I knew what you guys knew.”

Aeron scratches his hand looking at the back of the chair, waiting for a response.

“If he dies, we will have hell in this place, we can’t take the chance of that, now can we!” The voice gets deeper, sounding a bit crazy. Kaytla turns the chair around.

Kaytla is an emo-style hottie that works in weapons and protection; she was assigned to the case when Ryan stumbled through town earlier that day.

Aeron is amazed by her beauty; he had never seen a woman that radiated such perfection in his life, not even Taylor.

“If I find out you knew; you will pay!” Aeron nods and leaves the room.


  1. 5: Hiding the Sickness                               September 23rd, 2018

“What did you just do?” Aeron lowers the gun, now fully realizing what he had just done, guilt filled his body as he looked at the cold hard corpse that was positioned on the floor.

“Call the police!” Aeron shouted at Ryan, which was still on the bed scared to death. He was shivering, wondering if Aeron was about to snap on him, and put a bullet in his head also. He followed the demand though, and quickly pulled out his phone and dialed “911.”

A week passed before Aeron got a hearing, his mother stood there waiting, she drove from Charrolette, North Carolina to see her son one last time, she was the first person that he saw when he walked in the court room, he was glad she was there.

The judge quickly ruled against Aeron Andrew, and sentenced him to twenty-three years in prison for murder. Aeron stood up quickly being grabbed by a tall black guard named Jacob. A sound described as an ear crippling frequency filled the courtroom, people began to freak out, turning into beast instantly.

Aeron grabbed his mother and ran out of the room; they look back, still being hurt by the loud echoing sound, they see people ripping each other to sheds, drinking blood from others, and eating whatever they could.  


“You ready to head out?” Aeron asks as he puts the last few items in his bag from the last house of the town. Ryan stands across the room holding a journal, almost oblivious to the fact that Aeron said anything to him.

“What do you have there?” Aeron tried again, walking across the hard wood floor. Ryan handed Aeron the Journal.

It was worn to the max; each page had some type of rip or mildew built up in it. The spine was worn to the point of no repair, and was releasing the pages that once it held tightly together. The name in the Journal shocked both Aeron and Ryan.

The owners name of this devastated journal was Taylor. She had nice handwriting, similar to a nurse. She mostly wrote about her walk with Christ and how she doesn’t believe that God will send zombies, funny thought right? Aeron flips through the pages as Ryan walks into the other room, there was a blood stain on the last page, with a note at the top that read:

“Don’t walk outside, it’s too dangerous to do so, I was wrong. Life has gone to hell, so haven’t I?” Aeron felt compassion for this stranger, not knowing her final outcome, but knowing she did something insane.

Aeron slides the book into his bag, found Ryan, and left the house, leaving the rest of the supplies they didn’t want in the house. When they got outside they realized that it was barely snowing, meaning it was going to be a quick walk home.

They both are tired from walking through all the snow. This was going to be a good walk if they already feel that way, especially with twelve miles left in the journey. They begin to talk:

“So how old are you again” Aeron asked

“29, what about you?”

“26, I can’t believe I have to worry every day of my life about dying, makes you kind of miss they old days”

“I miss Taylor.” Ryan admitted, not being the best move to bring up someone’s deceased wife. Aeron clinches his fist and walks faster. Ryan watches him walk ahead, and grabs a rope out of his bag, remembering the day that he killed his love. Ryan thinks it over and puts the rope back into his bag.

“Dude I didn’t know she was married!” Ryan broke the silence that lasted more than three miles. Ryan quickly grabs his stomach and moans. Aeron pays no attention to him, thinking he is mocking him with more Taylor memories but he shortly realized, He wasn’t joking.

“Are you okay?” Aeron grabbed ahold of Ryan and sat him on a nearby rock.

“Pull up my shirt!” Ryan suggested, but Aeron refused. Ryan asked again telling Aeron that he had to keep his secret.

Aeron agreed and Ryan lifted the shirt revealing a dark and scary secret that could get them both killed, or thrown out of Butte. Ryan was bit.

The wound was dark green, with black puss oozing out of the wound. The smell was horrible due to the rotten skin around the wound that was solid black. Ryan kept that he was infected from President Kelly for more than a month, He explained, which was amazing since the average turning time is thirty second to two days.

“I can’t bro!” Aeron shouted standing back up. “I could get thrown out of my home for this, but I guess I can!” Ryan smiles and pats Aeron on the leg.

“Hey, thanks for caring about me!” Ryan giggles, being shortened due to a series of coughing.  They begin to walk again after taking a few pain killers.

They arrive back to their home an hour later, President Kelly was upset when they walked into his office, they asked him if there was something wrong, and there was. Mrs. Hellen was the reason they went on the trip, she formed a cold and due to her aged body she couldn’t take it. She passed away shortly after they left. Medicine wouldn’t have worked.

Aeron walked back to his tent where he found a letter. He was upgraded to their Free stay apartment, being a simple one bedroom, but it was better than being out in the middle of the town.

 As he sat in his warm apartment for the first time ever, he decided to get his mind off of things he would read the journal that he stole. So he flipped open to page one titled “Jesus wasn’t my father” and began to read.Introtojournal

Night Crawlers Journals
Season 2 Ep. 4:Trust is Earned!                   September 24th, 2018

Aeron storms through the town, pushing pedestrians out of his way, yelling obscene words to people that dare to talk to him, and flicking the guards off. It has gotten to the point where the snipers have raised their guns and have Aeron in their scopes.
Though they have a rule about not shooting a guest, Kelly has told them if they are not able to be containable, it’s better that they eliminate the threat. There are four red flags, only three must be present being:  Anger, outraged, violent, and ruthlessness. Aeron showed two, one more and they had the right to pull the trigger.
A hand is placed on Aeron’s back, pushing him quickly into his tent that is steps away. Aeron quickly turns around with his fist clinched, ready to swing on the ass that touched him. It was Jamal. He had heard what went down in the president’s office, and wanted to talk Aeron out of leaving.
“What the hell man? Don’t you know they were about to shoot you?”
“You really think I care, let them dicks shoot me. I would rather be dead.” Aeron shouts loudly enough to stop the pedestrians that were making their way by his tent. Jamal indicates with his hand for Aeron to lower his voice. Aeron shakes his head.
“Ryan had sex with my wife.” Jamal is stunned by this new revelation, stepping out of his way, giving him the right-away to leave the tent free-willingly. Though the offer was what Aeron wanted, he knew that it would only be days before the outside world would kill him off. He didn’t want to leave a place of comfort for a world of horror.
“I can’t make it on my own.” Aeron muttered as he placed his items back on his cover. Jamal’s face glows with a smile, being happy that Aeron chose to stay.
“Well good, now about that run.” The reminder nearly killed Aeron again; he didn’t want to spend a whole day with his ex-wives lover. He surely didn’t want to trust this man with his life; or to protect him from zombies that were up ahead.  “I can get you out of it.”
The offer was nice, but he couldn’t take it. This was his chance to show president Kelly that he is worthy of a place to live. This place has been good so far, and Aeron wasn’t about to throw that out the window for someone that banged his wife. It wasn’t worth it.
“Its time for me to forget the past and forgive!” Aeron exits the tent and walks to Kelly’s office to tell him he’s ready to go.
President Kelly gives them a list of supplies that they need to search for. A few items at the bottom of the list were unneeded, but Kelly likes to please his people. He told them if they couldn’t find the items to not worry about it, and to get back as soon as possible. They agreed and went their separate ways.
They get their stuff ready and begin to walk toward Whitehall, the wind isn’t bad, but the snow is falling heavy. Nothing that either one of the guys haven’t fought through before!
It took them two hours out in the bitter cold to get to Whitehall. Luckily it was just the snow that was holding them back from getting to Whitehall faster. On the thirteen mile walk, they didn’t run into one Crawler, which is good. They only had a limited supply of bullets to last them there and back, with inspecting close to twenty houses.
Ryan points out a house as they get to the city sign. The house was a brown two story house, with four broken windows in the front. The house was beautiful and reminded Aeron of his home.
When they walked into the house, the awful smell of rotten corpse overwhelmed their stomach. Aeron tried to keep his lunch down, Ryan on the other hand let it fly. They continue searching, starting with a room in the back of the house.
Aeron opens the pantry door to see a rat feeding off of an innocent dog. The rat shoots out of the room, running through the house.
Aeron got designated to take the dog outside, so the house could air out. When he came back in the house, he couldn’t find Ryan. He walks around the house, checking each room, hoping to find him, he did. He was standing right next to an addict door.
“You’re a dumbass, bro. There aint shit up there!” Ryan opens up the door, revealing twenty stairs leading to a dark and scary room.
“Are you scared?” Ryan smirks as he opens the door.
“No!” Aeron shouts as he grabs his flashlight and walks up the stairs. After briefly searching the room, Aeron turns around.
“See I told you this was a waste of time.” Aeron laughs, as he laughs a crawler appears from behind him, and bites him. Luckily he barely tore through his jacket, not getting to the skin. Ryan shoots at the Crawler’s stomach, he falls to the ground. But he didn’t stay down. He gets back up and bites Aeron again, this time ripping a hole through his jeans. Aeron turns around and puts a bullet through his rotten head.
“See Ryan, that’s how you blow!” Ryan hides his smile.
The flash from the gun reveals the gold mind. Aeron tells Ryan to hurry up. Ryan runs up the stairs and straight to the crate. In the crate they find: 30 bottles of water, 10 cans of food, 20 jello’s, 1 bottle of midol, 2 bottles of asprin, 6 cases of flu relief, and a bottle of vodka.
“Cha-ching. I am glad you didn’t make me leave!” Ryan arrogantly states.



Ep, 3: Put the Past Behind You!                                    September 24th, 2018

Aeron rushes out of the trailer, fearing that everything was about to change. He could die from this, they don’t like visitors, Aeron just killed their guest, they won’t be happy about that. Aeron was a dead guy. He already knew it.

Aeron glances over at Jamal as he exits the trailer, pulling the body behind him. Aeron tried thinking of a way to hide the evidence.

 “We could burn the body?” Aeron insist. Jamal shakes his head.

“They would smell the body. We have to throw the body over the wall!”

Aeron laughs at the idea. No one could possibly lift a body over a ten foot wall. Jamal points over to the ladder in the corner, hurrying him to go get it.

Sensing the urgency, Aeron runs over to the ladder, picks it up, and places it at the lowest part. Jamal glances around to ensure that no one is watching. He then quickly climbs with the body on his shoulder. When he gets to the top, he simply pushes the body over.

Aeron shrugs as he hears the guys bones break as he makes his hard impact onto the ground. Jamal makes his way down the ladder to reunite with Aeron. They both agree this will be the last time they talk about this, and walks back into town.

A group of civilians are standing outside the gates, waiting for Jamal and Aeron. The thought that they knew struck Aeron, but he was relieved to know they didn’t see anything. They walk straight to the president’s office.

Jamal opens the president’s office door, after being told that he could enter. They find the president admiring the crystal snow from the back window, which since the town is domed in, this, was the only window they could see outside from. This was the president’s favorite activity when life gets too hard.

“Thank you for training him. How did he do?” The president asks, as Aeron shuts the door.

“He did fantastic, give him any assignment, he can deal with it!” Jamal pats Aeron on the back, giving him a look to keep his mouth shut.

“Great! I just got a new one, can you gather up the empty medicine boxes?”

Jamal nods and exits the room, leaving Aeron there.

“We need you, Aeron” The president begins “We really need you to come through for us, and we have a big problem.”

 “What can I do for you, sir?”

“Mrs. Hellen has the flu, and needs medicine as fast as possible. We need you and your new team mate to go into Whitehall and raid a few houses.”

“Hold up, Teammate?” Aeron refuses to have another team-mate but he knows that he has to follow the orders around here; it’s their home, not Aeron’s.

“Sorry son, you have to have a teammate. I have to know you will be safe, so this is the way. I am sorry.” Kelly explained. Aeron looks out the window, as he lost himself into the flakes, he hears someone open the door.

“Here is your teammate right now” He proclaims as the door closes. Aeron turns around; he couldn’t believe his eyes, emotions of Anger, hurt, sadness, and fear rush through his blood.

“His name is…”

“Ryan!!” Aeron interrupts. “You son of a bitch….” Aeron jumps out of his chair and pushes Ryan’s hard exterior, Ryan smirks. Though he tried hard, Aeron throws a fist.

SMACK! Aeron punches him in the face, pushing Ryan back a foot. President Kelly gets in between them, slamming Aeron against the brick wall. He had his arm pressed against his throat. “What the hell are you doing?”

“He screwed my wife.” Aeron said as he tried to catch his breath.

“That’s the past! Put it behind you, and forgive. You have nothing left in this world, nothing!!!” He shouted in his face, screaming louder as he finished the sentence, then let Aeron go.

Aeron doesn’t say anything as he wipes off his face.


Night Crawlers Journals: Season 2 ep. 2: A little test                                         September 24th, 2018


He glances around; he is in a place that he has never seen before. A beautiful place full of gorgeous flowers, most of them are lilies, with a rose bush blooming by the crystal blue pond at the bottom of the hill. He saw a woman who stood a woman in a red dress. She had long blonde hair that displays the beautiful of the sun rays. He follows a butterfly to the woman, which was faced the opposite direction.

“Are you okay, mam?” She turns around.

The girl turns around, It was a mocking image of Taylor when they first started dating, being in her early twenties. Aeron takes a step back, not believing his eyes. She smiles and reaches out her hand to stroke his long black hair. He followed the gesture with a hug, but she steps back.

As she took a step back, she tripped over the rose bush, ripping the flesh around her calf muscle, a moan is released, she then trips and falls into the pond. Aeron reacts fast, running to the pond, trying to spot his love. She appears. Aeron’s heart stops racing for just a second. He smiles and holds his hand out, as she reaches for it, a zombie grapples her neck and pulls her beneath, she fights to get out of his grasp but it’s too late. A cloud of blood fills the water! Aeron screams!

Aeron jumps up, looking around his small tent for the girl he just saw in his dream, she wasn’t there. She was never there. Someone was though; someone was banging on the thin leather lining of the tent. He shouts for the person to enter. The guy enters, it was second-in-command Jamal. Jamal is an ex-soldier, being known as a tough guy from his height, and mean dude to his dark tinted skin, Jamal stands firm as a hard-ass in Butte

“Yeah bro, I was sent to get you for training.” His deep voice explained.

“Training?” Aeron sits up.

Jamal smiles as he takes a seat in the corner “ Training for the runner position, you don’t think you could do it without training, did you?”

Aeron stands to his feet, laughs, and throws on his leather coat on and ties his boots. Remembering what he had to do for those shoes. He takes no time leaving the tent once he is dressed, which was okay with Jamal. They tents were always too small for the 6’5 giant.

They walked clear across town to a parking lot with a trailer in the middle of it. Something seems dark about the positioning. He is shivering with fear, for what is about to happen.

Jamal breaks off from Aeron to enter a building. He reappeared fast, this time holding a BB gun.

“What am I supposed to do with that? That wouldn’t do anything to a zombie!” Aeron Jokes

“Yeah sadly, these bullets are much cheaper! But don’t worry you’ll get a real gun after you show us you can shoot.”

Aeron replays his incident with the Crawler on the lake, now he is hoping that he can aim a little better than that!

“Let me explain; you will enter that trailer and shoot any person you see, don’t worry about hurting them! Can I please have all your weapons?”

“Here” Aeron hands him all weapons but a knife, in which he forgot he had still, and enters the trailer.

A horn blows, and instantly a horde of “Zombies” walk through the gate, Aeron loads his weapon and shoots. Each shot hits the target, he glances over and sees that Jamal is intrigued. Aeron goes to load his gun again, after dropping thirteen zombies in a row.

Aeron peeks through his scope after loading, there is only one zombie left, thirty yards away.

Aeron pulls the trigger, and misses. This was the first miss of the entire training, he didn’t let it get to him, and loads another BB into the chamber of the gun.

As he loaded, the bathroom door opened. A zombie peers from the shadows looking over at Aeron. The zombie slowly walks over to him, about to grab him. Aeron finishes training and turns around. He notices the zombie instantly, pulls out his knife and stabs the zombie in the head.

Jamal enters the trailer, after dismissing everyone to go back to their apartment. Aeron is in complete horror due to what just happened.

“No!!!!” Jamal hits the ground and cuddles the body. “This was actually a person. He was using the bathroom”

“What?” Aeron asks, knowing he messed up.

“We have to keep this quiet; we don’t need to have the whole town up roaring! They already hate the idea of this!”

“How? Doesn’t this guy have family, or friends?” Aeron argues

“He is new, no family, no friends. It will be okay.”


Jamal looks at Aeron, Aeron looks at Jamal.


Night Crawlers Journals

Season 2 Ep. 1: Welcome                         September 23rd, 2018

The room is quiet as President Kelly circles around Aeron, throwing his stress ball against the brick wall, and retrieving it. It must have been some kind of scare tactic. It annoyed Aeron more though.

“So, tell me again, where did you come from?” The silence was broke.

“I am from Dummond.” Aeron replied.

“Then why aren’t you there?”

This was the third time that the president asked about this subject in less than ten minutes. Aeron tried thoroughly explaining the circumstances, the dead body found in the cabin after Aeron got back from a run, and how the body didn’t lay cold, but got back up from the dead, and attacked. How could someone explain the unexplainable? He wouldn’t believe him anyways.

“Are you going to talk?” President Kelly asked after putting the ball in the top desk drawer.

Aeron looks up from his lap. “If you want me to tell you the whole truth, you have to give me time.” Aeron paused to catch his breath, and then starts to explain.

“It was a rough time in my life; everything was just going to shit. I watched my mother go down, dying to one of those nasty things. I watched her skin rip from her scalp.” Aeron starts to cry, the president didn’t show any sympathy, asking Aeron to continue.

 “After she came back from the dead, I put a bullet in her head. After killing my mom, I went to the local Brush Bridge to kill myself, but something happened.” The president looks at him. “The group at Dummond took me in, I was against the idea, but I decided that it would be safer there. I was wrong!”

The office door squeaks, which interrupting Aeron in mid-sentence. It was one of the guards from the tower, one of the snipers. He walked over to the president and whispered into his ear, the president nods, and the guard exits. Kelly apologizes.

“It was a year after the break-out that I was accused of killing my best friend, Daniel. We went on a run for medical supplies. The whole run, Daniel complained of some stomach pain, I thought it was mild starvation, since this run took days to finish. I told him to get over it.” Aeron wipes his eyes, removing the tears that were rolling down his face; the president gives him a tissue.

“He died that night, peacefully in his own warm bed. But not knowing that he was bit, put a lot of us in danger, especially when he came back.”

“So did you kill him?”

“No. he tripped and fell into a fire after taking three people, and a milking cow. I didn’t kill anyone.”

The President rubs his eyes, trying to gather all the information.

“We here at Butte, expect for our entire guest to always be honest, I don’t feel like you’re telling me the truth. Where did the blood come from?”

Aeron’s heart dropped. He had to think of something fast. What could he say to convince him that the blood was nothing harmful?

“I had to eat. I shot a deer, but it only hit the foot. I had to cut his throat, blood splattered.” The President bought it.

“We need a runner; someone that travels to three nearby towns once a week. It is the only way you’re allowed to stay. We don’t take in guest, unless they help us.”

“I’ll do anything.”

“Okay. I will set you in our personalized apartment, but tonight we need to observe you. There is a tent set up in the square. It is yours; tomorrow, I will call you back in to give you instructions. We here at Butte think that safety is key! Don’t let us regret having you here.”

Aeron nods his head and walks to his tent. It was small, but it was something. The only the thing Aeron hated was that there were five guys around his tent, holding guns. They were ready to fire at any sense of threat. But it was still better than staying out in the woods!