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This is my most viewed blog! Whoa! It has been getting a lot of clicks recently which is why I’m posting it. I think its a good basic blog. I personally hate Disney👼 and I still haven’t watched a single one of these movies.

Note: This blog post was suppose to go up Saturday, but my internet is down so ill be posting this on Thursday, and my first post about love on Saturday. Sorry! I am working to get my internet back up and going. We should be back to normal Friday.
I was talking to my co-workers, and they asked me if I watch Disney movies. I simply chuckled, since I have only watched a handful of Disney movies, all together. When I reveal the titles that I havwnt watched, they exploded. They were in such shock that I hadn’t watched them that they threatened to hold me down, and force me to watch every movie. In honor of that conversation, I want to reveal the Top Ten Disney movies I haven’t watched.
10. Nightmare before Christmas

9. Mulan

8. Wall-E

7. Beauty and the beast

6. UP

5. Pocahontas

4. Cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white.

3. Bambi

2. Lady and the tramp.

1. Aladdin

There are a lot more that aren’t listed. I could probably save the trouble, and post of the ones I have watched. I just have never found them interesting. But it looks like they are going to force me to see them, and I won’t be able to sleep this time around.


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Impromts top ten: I am addicted to drugs!


You should never give me caffeine, or a few bad things might happen! Let me start this post off by saying that I have already had enough caffeine to last me a week, in just four little hours.

I have had 2 java monsters, which is full of all that ginseng and other wonderful stuff, then it is all added to the amazing product called coffee! At first I didn’t like the Java Monsters! I didn’t like the odd taste of the energy substances with the taste of coffee, I barely liked coffee at the time, but I decided that I should try the Java Monster. I quickly threw that crap into the trash, but it began to call for my mouth.

I could hear the poor little voice screaming for me to consume the insides of his body, and to leave him empty, to take everything from him, to get something in return. “He must be very depressed if he wants to be empty” is what I would think, but he would have to wait, because as I said I hated that crap, well until college, that is!

I was once told that in college you live strictly off of coffee, I laughed at the thought. I didn’t like black coffee it was to bitter for my little taste buds. But then college began to get very stressful. I had my computer stolen weeks before I left for college, meaning I didn’t have a computer to type papers on, or anything to save my drafts to. I had to rely on the computer at my “Housing parents” home which was in the living room. I lived with 6 people. Most of them had their own computer, but at times it was easier to use the Desktop for them. I had to take my turn to use the computer, and since I was embarrassed that I didn’t have a laptop, I found myself using the computer when everyone went to bed.

Remember, we are college students that were going to church four times a week, and studying for finals, or working; so I had to use the computer late at night. I am talking like 4 a.m. in the morning, when class was at 9. I found to keep this routine I needed either drugs or a substance. Since I was in seminary I couldn’t use speed, or anything to that nature, so I had to settle for coffee. At first I would load it with enough sugar to kill a normal size horse; each cup got less and less sugar leaving that bitter taste in my mouth.

I formed an addiction, where when I got the chance you would find a coffee in my hand. The taste of coffee sooths my soul, well until the caffeine kicks in that is.


I am naturally hyper so adding more substances to my system just adds to the craziness! I start to freak out and start talking faster, with little to no breaths in between. If you have seen me at my most hyper, you know what I mean. So beware never give me coffee, unless I am down in the dumps, and then load me up bro! But don’t forget to run shortly after!

This is an old post from my last blog, but wanted to share it with my new followers!


Rights for the Gay!

There are nine million Homosexuals and Lesbians in the United States. With each gay I’m sure there are ten billion opinions about how free they should be. I have a two side opinion on their freedom, and what they should be able to do.


There are three reasons I believe gays should be able to go into any community without being judged.


1. They are people, not criminals- When you first see same sex couples holding hands most people will rolls their eyes, telling this couple to not show PDA in public, because they see it as unclean and inappropriate. Though what these people don’t understand, when you say that they aren’t allowed to do such things, you are stating that they are criminals.

2. Being gay doesn’t make them outcast- again, they are still people with the same emotions as Straights. Though they chose to get in a relationship with their same sex, doesn’t mean they are any different. I have a few gay friends, and none of them act any different from my straight friends!

3. Love is made for Everyone!- Everyone deserves to fall in love during their life. If you believe that gays shouldn’t be able to marry, yet believe a prostitute should, you have a corrupted mind-set. Love is an emotional attachment to another human being. If you say gays can’t fall in love then you have just said gays aren’t human, which is scientifically false, making your argument inaccurate and judgmental.

Being a Christian many will ask me if they are going to hell if they are gay; my answer is No, I don’t believe a loving God would throw a creation into hell for loving the same sex, if that’s the case then he would have to throw anyone that’s had sex before marriage into hell or someone who stole a piece of bubble gum.

If Jesus had intention to send those men and women to hell, he would have warned them in the four gospels, yet he never once mentioned it. Now what type of loving God would not warn his creation about the wrong leading to hell if it was so wrong?

There is one big problem I have found and that is;

Same sex marriage in church!- I believe everyone should be able to get married to whoever they want, yet if the pastor doesn’t want to marry you due to his beliefs, I don’t believe someone should get mad. This is the same as Christians not being able to go door to door to hand out invitation cards, it caused a problem of freedom, the freedom of religion or beliefs.

If a pastor doesn’t agree with gay marriage, no one should force it on him, or make him feel less about himself because he doesn’t agree!

Remember in the days to come, everyone is a human being. Meaning the golden rule still applies even to those who you find different, or out of place in the world. Just because you believe differently doesn’t mean you need to speak! Love everyone, and things will begin to change!

Thank you and have a nice day


Originally Written by (Myself) Gregory Blake Jenkins on June 24th 2013

Here is my original!


Impromts Top Ten: Im going to hell!

I spent ten years in one church. That’s more time in one church than most spend in a church their whole lives. I would attend (or attempt to) every Sunday and Wednesday. On top of that, I would attend other church functions such as: Prayer nights, youth rallies, Christian concerts, and anything else that had to do with Jesus.

At the time it was nice, I had a family that I could count on in the church, yet something deep down was missing, something that I needed to survive. I found this school, and decided if I wanted to stay a Christian I had to go!

Let me be brutally honest; I went to college to escape the fact that I was failing as a Christian. I wasn’t feeling anything in the church I was attending anymore; I had gone cold to the feeling of God. Seeing myself dying, I had to make a quick decision. I signed up for World Revival Church School of Ministry. I got accepted, now let me tell you this, I honestly did start feeling God more while College got closer. I almost told them I wasn’t coming because of that fact.

I pushed through the doubt and packed my stuff, which was hard since my best friend stayed with me the night before departure. But I had to do it, Jesus wanted me to anyways, or so I thought. I said goodbye to my father, jumped in my car, and headed west for Kansas City, Missouri.

I could explain why I didn’t last there, but there will be a post in Letters To The Chapel that will explain all the juicy details! It’s actually a good story that you should read when it’s posted. It will give you a different view on life!


I met my fiancé in March after coming back from College. Everything was still fine with church; I was focusing on my career in Youth Ministry. My pastors were including me in the service, which is what I always wanted.  On top of all of that, I was feeling God again! Then the walls fell over.

I got called in the office one Wednesday night by the pastor, which for me was never a good thing. They heard by a birdie that I was staying with my girlfriend (Now fiancé). This was true, but there were good reasons. They wanted me to tell them personal points in our relationship that I wasn’t willing to share. The conversation ended with me resigning from the church, and the pastors asking if they can pray that my girl and I would split up!!!!! I quickly exited that church….

In less than a month after that incident all my friends from church told me they couldn’t be friends, and I decided to continue my life, until a woman from the church stuck her nose in it. I made a status on Facebook saying that everything sends you to hell if you go by what the church says. She commented that I was going to hell due to living with my fiancé…like really? Am I?

Should I have broken up with the love of my life because they felt I was in the wrong? Am I overreacting? And most importantly should I feel bad for not going to church? Or Should I repent in the name of the Holy Lord above, so he won’t strike me dead?

Am I a bad Christian? (more…)

I am quitting blogging due to: Views and Rejection!

After two months of blogging, I probably have received only 200 views/clicks to my blog. Should I quit? Or should I take it like a man and go on with more post? Should I post more? Or should I take time away from this activity? Is Rejection enough to make me quit?

First, Let me talk to you guys about why I blog. There are three reasons that I blog; I have advice people need to see, A great hobby, and It frees my mind.

Everyone has something to say, even if it doesn’t reach out to everyone, it will reach a few people that need to see it. It’s better to help one person, even if a thousand don’t like the post. As long as you help a few people, your blog is worth keeping!

A great hobby is needed in this world. I was lost when I was in writer’s block- it was a depression I couldn’t get over. But when I got over the disease, I felt alive again. I tried everything from shooting hoops to shooting my brother-in-law with a BB gun (Okay! That was fun). Writing is my passion and a great hobby to have!

It frees my mind from the world that I am tortured to live in. It is good to get away from the continuous stress that I am under. It is good to create a character that can do anything he puts his mind to, even if it is dying and coming back from the dead to devour his enemies!

Do views really matter?

Do they truly matter? If Michael Jordan took to heart what his High School coach said, as bloggers take their views, he would have giving up, and we would have never seen the best basketball player in the world win six championships! It is important to remember this: People can’t hold you down! Yes Michael Jordan had the right to give up, he was rejected. But he didn’t, and you saw where that got him, right?

Why should I continue though?

Continue for yourself! As I just said, People can’t hold you down. They are just a number at the end of the day. If you like to write, and you think you are good. Continue to stroke that pen on that paper! If you give up that easily, you were in it for the fame not for the love!

Why am I getting rejected?

You get rejected because the person can’t relate to your beautiful work, there are times where you might need to work on something; Grammar, Wordiness, fact-checking, revision. Most of the time, you went to the wrong person with your work. Remember every artist gets rejected! It is a part of life. You have to take it as constructive criticism and work on what they said they didn’t like. Don’t dwell on what they said though, change your direction and look for someone else to delight with your work.

What should I do after rejection?

I recently got a lot of constructive criticism, I mourned at first, threatened to quit, posted a sad tweet on twitter, then talked to my fiancé. She told me this: “It is constructive criticism, if you need a break, take a break but don’t quit.” she was right; I wasn’t in a place to quit. The Writer wanted me to correct crucial things that affected his plot. How could I argue with that? I weakened his work to make mine better!

I fixed it, but I didn’t send him the final draft. I waited for him to contact me, which took about a day and a half. In that time, I coped and convinced myself that rejection is a part of life. I accepted the fact that he might not use my work.

You should do this; correct your work and send it to the back-burner, until the designated person asks for it again. Don’t force your work on anyone, that’s a way to get the second and last rejection. As you need time, they do to! Don’t re-send unless they ask for it!

Final thoughts?

My final thoughts for all the writers out there that have been dealing with this pain, is this; Don’t give up. Rejection is a sad part of anyone’s life. You will get rejected in everything that you do; never believe you’re not good enough. Pick up that pen and write again. If you need to take a break than do that, but don’t you dare give up!

I hope that every single one of you guys take this advice as you lie on your bed ready to give up.

Thank you-depression101

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Why to wait for marriage!

I am currently, four short months away from marrying the love of my life, so this post might seem a little strange to my viewers, but stick with me through this. I use to attend this church, it was a great place, but they did say one thing that I didn’t agree with. They thought people should marry so that they wouldn’t fall into lust and have pre-marital sex. Isn’t that the problem though?

I took a step back from the picture of marriage and realized why people weren’t lasting. Each marriage has one of the five problems below! Having a problem with your marriage? Find out why! Want to get married? Wait until you finish this post, to see if you are in the right position to take that kind of step!!

1. Money is the devil of divorce!- An average wedding cost is 25,200. That’s a pretty big chunk of piggy bank change to throw at one ceremony. Don’t get me wrong, it is worth it, I don’t think I would put myself in that much debt for one day. Couples fall apart when they begin to stress about debt, and how much they have. It’s smart to save marriage for when you can pay for most of the ceremony with cash.

2. Knowing Love- People marry to make love at times, not to know the power of love. It’s the truth; people don’t care about love anymore. I have heard stories of people that got married because they were tired of being alone. Love no longer has a say in why people get married, it’s the last thing they will check before they get married.

3. Building yourself- I took a full year to think about everything except relationships. It was what I called “Me-time.” It helped me figure out what I needed to work on, and to fix the things that were wrong. With a girlfriend, you form yourself around her. Without knowing yourself you can’t love. You must first love yourself before you can possibly love another human.

4. Enjoy Singleness- For the love of God, please for the sake of the human race, READ THIS! Stop trying to marry your first girlfriend. Stop worrying about trying to be in a relationship, people have over twenty years to marry. So take a step back from the dating scheme and spend time, falling in love with things that you love. More importantly, fall in love with yourself!

5. Live First- This concept is close to number four. When I say live, I mean finish anything that you haven’t. A bucket-list is a great place to start. Have you wanted to go sky-diving? Go! Have you never been fishing? Go! It’s important to have your own memories, some with your friends. So when you get married you can have talks about everything you have done with your life. It will make your marriage more exciting and lively. Live early, make mistakes, and be happy!

It will be better if you take these five things into mind before you tie the knot. Remember that money is the devil, you must know love to get married, building yourself is crucial, enjoy your life while your single, and live! Live! Live! Live while you still have a chance!

Thank you!

-Impromt Dude

Next post: And why I didn’t wait.


Why people only go to church on Easter

With Easter behind us, I wanted to take a look at something that use to bother me, majorly. Have you ever noticed that everyone goes to church on Easter and Christmas, yet fail to attend the rest of the year?

I have put together five good reasons of why people only go to church on Easter and Christmas, Enjoy!

1. Their kids-I have seen parents go from partiers to saints, once they have kids! They want the best for their kids, so they send them to church. Then on Easter/Christmas, the kids drag their parents to church, as they did to them, to make them watch their program. Whether it is an egg hunt, or the birth of Jesus play. Parent’s hearts will melt as they see their child playing the part!

2. Their family- I remember when my grandmother would attend my church with me and my dad, only on Easter or Christmas. With Holidays that are special, I have found that you want to spend them with people that are special to your heart also.

3. Convenience- Before I had a job, I use to love to get up bright-and-early and rush to church. But now I open my store every Sunday, making it impossible to go to church on Sundays. On top of that I also have to close my store on Wednesdays, ruining my plans to go to Mid-week service also.

Since most people are off of work during the holidays, that’s when they get their suits on and attend a church that their jobs keep them from the rest of the year. With many different service times, this becomes very easy!

4. Not use to going every Sunday- I was listening to the news and they began to talk about how people use to only attend church every other week. This makes sense; people haven’t been taught that going to church every-week is needed, so they only go when there are special services.

5. Nicer Church Goers on Easter- I wanted to save this for the end so I could spend just a few more words.

I use to be the greeter at my church, the intern, the cleaner, the sound booth technician, the computer runner and a strong part of the prayer team.

Each Easter/Christmas I would get specific instructions: “Make the people feel like they are the only thing that matters, besides Jesus.” Meaning, ‘You better make them come back!’

Churches will make special arrangements to cater the one time goers, so they can feel obligated to enter the building the next week, and it works!

People love to feel wanted; they want the attention of another human being.

So when a church puts four greeters at the door, every person gets a warm hug and a friendly smile, making it pleasant to be at church.

You might not be a church goer, but when your family is in town, your kids have a program, or it’s convenient to go. You find yourself sitting glassy eyed in the back pew, regretting not grabbing that coffee at Casey’s, listening to the preacher tell you wonderful news, that Jesus is Risen!!

Thank you,

Impromt Dude!

Impromt’s Top Ten Next Post: Waiting on marriage!

Comfort Zones: How to get out!

“Your life starts at the end of your comfort zone”- Neale Donald Walsch

Welcome to Impromt’s Top Ten.

Today we will be making our debut by talking about a very popular subject in this generation, Comfort Zones and why we need to leave ours quick.

Comfort zones are: positions or situations in which a person feels secure or comfortable. You might be thinking why would he want me to get out of that zone then?

The reason why I say we need to kill our comfort zones is because we take it too far. At a point in the comfort it is safe to be in, but then we gain more of comfort; it turns into laziness.

Are you ready to start standing out again, to do things you have wanted to do, sticking up for your old beliefs? If you say yes here is a step-by-step guideline on how to exit your Comfort Zone.

1. Admit your problem- This will take you killing your pride, to admit that you have let yourself go, to see that you have changed. Don’t get me wrong, change is good but at the same time to much change can make you turn into someone you never wanted to be.

2. See where the problem is- Do you pick on the kids you use to defend? If you say yes then you have found your problem. In comfort zones, you get lazy, to the point where you will let people walk over your beliefs.

I will admit, I use to stick up for my religion every day, but now I let people run me over with religious persecution. You have to find your problem to get over it.

3. Surround yourself with the right people- remember you are trying to get back to your old-self. Factor in; who you surround yourself with.

If you were positive and loving in the past, but now your angry and hateful, you need to surround yourself with the old people that made you loving.

4. Do something new- It took me going to a church of 1000 people to get out of my shy comfort zone. I hated to be around people, but being around all those people, I found myself talking to people that I usually wouldn’t talk to. It took me doing something new, to fully exit my comfort zone.

5. Step out- As I said before, I had to step out. I had to go up to new people, talk about things I didn’t want to. You are probably scrolling saying; “So I have to do things I don’t want to?” I thought that same thing.

I found out quickly that I had similarities in my passions; they helped me grow in my passions. If I didn’t step out of my laziness (or comfort zone) I would have never grown. Step out of your comfort zone today!

-Impromt Dude

Need motivation? Check this out!

Impromt’s Top Ten next post:

4/22/14- five reasons people only attend church on Easter and Christmas.