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WTF!!!! Tell me why,

Posted: October 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

I WATCHED A MAN ASSUALT A HOMELESS MAN!!!! while I was practicing. I happened to be walking the parking lot, collecting the golf balls I just hit, when I heard this man yelling. I got a little closer and realized that this man was screaming in his face, instead of yelling with this guy. I got a little closer to hear what the hell he was so mad about. He kept saying “Salvation army is that way you son of a bitch.” and other things, then I saw the homeless guy wipe his lip off as the other guy pushed him. When I saw him push him, I let angry get to me and yelled at him. “Leave the guy alone!!!” He continued to push him so I began to walk faster to the guy. I yelled a few things at him. That’s when the guy turned around and told me to mind my own fucking business! I got madder and told him to come over to me and face me like a man. He stopped yelling and went on with his life. The disappeared out of my sight, so I decided to stop fighting. But then as I got back to the road, the guy came back into the parking lot (about 50 yards away from me) and told me that it was my turn. I chuckled and kept walking. He then threatened to hurt me. I laughed and told him to get on with his life. He came closer and said that he would kill me. I turned around and started walking to him. He got on his bike and told me to mind my own business, that the guy stole $20 from him. I told him to come back, but he started to peddle quickly. Being a brave one, I started running after him, but he was gone in seconds.


My first thoughts were “Are you kidding me, why didn’t you just call the cops?” But then I started to think more, why would you assault a homeless man over $20. I didn’t know the situation, but I don’t think hitting someone is ever the answer, especially over money. Also, are you seriously so angry over a dub, when this man had nothing. He could have stole $20, but that might have been his first meal of the week, it could have helped him find shelter for one night. Stealing is never okay, but violence is worse! Then when you get called out, you turn around and try to fight me? Serious!!! Was I in the wrong???


NF is killing it!

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, Today was the official release of “Perception,” which is NF’s (Nate Feuerstein) third studio album with Capitol. I have been geeking since I found out that he was releasing a new album! I think I have annoyed everyone that has been around me. I have literally been talking about this album everyday! I am a huge fan of NF and I cant wait to see what else he has up his sleeve. But for now, lets talk about the new album!

The album came out at 11:03 last night. I wanted to hear it so bad that I was going to stay up, but I had to work today, so I chose to listen to one song. ThisĀ  was a song that I already heard (in concert) which was 100. After listening to the song, I put my phone back on the charger and went to bed. I barely could get to sleep, knowing that I had to catch up in the morning. My wife and I went to work listening to what we could. The hardest part was that we agreed to not listen to anything without the other. This made my day so long and hard to complete. But when the day was over, I rushed home with her and we plugged in our speakers.

I will be doing a reaction of each song, so I don’t want to talk about them in this post. I just want to give my opinion of the album in a whole, then give you my three favorite songs!

The album was really banging on the first quarter of the cd, then it turns into a slower album in the later part. The first part of the Cd was hype. He started the Cd off with the normal “Intro” This “Intro” seemed to be connected to the first album he ever released, “Mansion.” In “Mansion’s” title track, Nate talks about how he allowed fear to come into his mansion and find a room, now the fear wont leave. Now fast forward to this album, Nate seems to be dealing with this fear, again, but this time he is winning. He seemed to bury his fear for good, but lets see!

The later part of the album, Nate turns up the emotion as he talks about his present girlfriend (You’re special), saying that he could see him marrying her. He tells us about how supportive she is and how he loves that she sings his songs in concert. She is very supportive, which is all Nate wants. He also talks about his life in “My Life” where he talks about his father, it seems. “Let you down” is also a very touching song, where he talks about a parent figure that wasn’t there when he needed them, yet wants to be “cool” now.


Overall, I loved this album. The fact that he can be so passionate for the second straight album is amazing. I was caught off guard that he didn’t have a song for God, but he has always been Real, so maybe he just didn’t write a song that he felt was good enough for the album. The other things that caught me off guard was that he had so many slow songs about Ex-Girlfriends, that he didn’t have a title track, and that the album ended with an “Outro” which seemed to foreshadow the next album. WE will cover that in the review, though!! These simple changes show that he is a growing artist that will be exciting to watch in the next few years! I would give the album a solid 9/10!

The three songs that I absolutely loved were:

“Intro III”


“My Life”