Bottoms up, motherf……

Posted: July 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

Alcohol is my friend!


The fun thing about being an adult is that you can have adult beverages and no one looks at you different. It is great to have an alcohol beverage after a long day, or maybe after the best damn day of your life! The point is that the beverage is a great coping tool or a great relaxer. Alcohol is my friend.
I have had great days. Those days are always so easy to get over, they are the best. Usually, they result in something good happening in my life. I won something on the lottery, that would be amazing. If I hit that new personal best on the driving range, that would be something to be happy about. Hell if I made the best special Effect, ever, that would even be something to make my day the best. This has all happened. I won about 60 dollars on a scratch off, I keep beating my personal best on  the driving range, I even find a way to keep amazing myself with special effects. My days are mostly good. I come home to a cool house, I slip into my flash pjs and I relax.
I have been watching the old school slasher movies. Halloween was the first franchise that we started with. Michael Myers has a way to keep me on the edge of my seat. He is so sneaky and always finds a way to his victim, he also is the most realistic, which means that anyone could become him…..We finished the franchise the other day, I have to say that my time was well spent. I will be ranking them, early next week, so stay tuned!!!! Anyway, I am saying this to show that my life is a happy life, I have a blast most of the time, but life is still hard.
For the bad days, I try to do a couple things. First, I will try to look at the positive. The next thing is to take a long shower, and the last thing is to drink. Looking at the positive is the hardest, because the problem doesn’t go away, you just find something good to replace it. This is the healthiest way to get over pain, but don’t expect this to be easy. Second, I always find that taking a hot shower is a great way to get over pain. The fact that a hot shower relaxes muscles could be the reason it works so well, either way, it works!!! Then there is the bottle its self! I am drinking right now. My day wasn’t that bad, but I did find out some heart wrenching news that killed me inside. I already had the alcohol, so I just started drinking. I mixed it in a 64-ounce cup and started drinking. I am almost done with it and feel a lot better. I think the pain will be back tomorrow morning, but for now, I am good!!!!!! I feel great!!!
Alcohol is great

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