My forehead is too damn big…..

Posted: April 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

If I were to wake up tomorrow with the powers to snap my fingers and change something about my face, you know I would take the chance and change this feature. The feature of my face that I would like to change would be my big, oversize, wrinkle-full, ugly, airplane landing zone of a forehead that I was giving. I swear I could park three oversize trucks on my forehead, and still have enough room to rent out a house (with a view) I swear my house size forehead has kept me in the friend zone more than once, and I am tired of it. I think I would be more than excited to get rid of this mess, so excited that I would end up slapping my hands together, so that the mystical powers could work even faster.
I remember this one time, I was sitting in one of my day classes. This is when I saw a plane making its way towards the school. I heard a lot of yelling from my classmates, as they knew that they were about to be killed from the crash. The teachers were trying to think of a way for everyone to be safe, but that wasn’t going to happen. We had a few seconds. There were flames coming from the wings, as this plane was moving at a high velocity of speed, but the teachers still wanted to try to stop the deaths of many. This is when they began to evacuate everyone out of the building, well everyone but me. They all left me inside of the empty classroom as they got out of the room and made their way down the hall and closer to the exits. I felt something happen in the last seconds of my life. My body started to get tingly, my heart was racing, my eyes began to water and my pants got extremely warm.
My body was complete frozen to the dark green carpet that always reminded me of puke. I knew that everything was about to end, I was just happy to know that I was going home to God. But as the plane hit the school, something happened. I remember a big crashing noise, but then everything stopped. The heat from the plane transferred onto my forehead. The gravitational pull, from my huge mass, was enough to pull the plane into my orbit. The flames were put out as the orbit sped up to even everything out. I saved the school and all of my friends. I became a hero that day, something that even a loser like myself could be happy of.
From the story above, you see that I have had a rough life. This is why I really want that power. I want to be able to change this feature. I know that I am good looking, but my forehead will always hold me down, and that isn’t a joke, I literally mean that I can’t stand the weight of my huge mass of a damn dome. Someone kill me!!!!


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