It’s sick, but it sells. 

Posted: February 18, 2017 in Uncategorized
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I could write the best article, bringing tears to everyone’s eyes, but it wouldn’t sell as well as an article about sex. Now, after posting the heart wrenching, make you feel better post, I could turn around and post a blog about a girl in a bikini. That post would be one of my biggest hits, without a doubt. It has been working for Hardee’s..Just saying! 

   My most viewed post is my write-up on 878 (a local rap group.) I spent hours on that post between editing and rewriting. The hours that I spent on that post are well spent, but would absolutely mean nothing if I were to post a post about sex the next few days.The post about new sex positions or the hottest “babe” in a bikini would blow 878 out of the market. All of this is because of one thing; sex sells! 

    Sex isn’t the only thing that sells though. If you add anything controversial you are looking for views. This generation’s full of children that love drama, bringing them to blogs that cover PewDiePie being a racist, or Miley’s most recent breakdown. If you don’t believe me, then let’s take a look. We don’t know how many people Dr. Phil have helped. We don’t talk about how he has helped marriages, households, and many others. But, Danielle comes on the show, makes a fool of herself and then becomes viral in a day. The story of a gangster went viral, but all the other stories (he is a part of) didn’t. PewDiePie or Felix has made the same jokes for years, yet now he is being targeted now? 

   Media outlets don’t have the same juicy stories they use to sell, so now they run after anything that could sell. They throw a huge headline on it and let everyone else take it from there. They don’t have to cover the real story, because people just want the dramatized version. 

    We know that drama and Sex sell. It has for years. I am okay with that, because that’s how this world is. What really grinds my gears is that the media is attacking artist because they are scared that they will be rundown by them, expecially when they get bigger. But, how do I know this? Let’s see something. I’ll post a hot girl as the cover and I bet it will do way better than the blog “let us be your mirror.” I’ll see you tomorrow. 


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