Getting back to normal. 

Posted: February 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have been working hard and tiring shifts. Last week I worked 70 hours. This week I am working close to 60. I have been battling to get everything done which has left this to sit. I was looking at the page, last night and saw that I have posted so inconsistent for a few weeks. I could see days and days of gaps, where I didn’t post at all. I want to say sorry. You guys are so awesome and I treat you like poop. 

I am getting my stuff ready to come back strong in February. I will be starting a few little projects and will work on getting my Facebook page going. It is just a rough time, which you guys probably understand. January sucks…That’s fo’sho. Luckily it came and went. Now, we can focus and getting back to normal

 Also, I will be adding a new manager to my Facebook page, soon. He is great at bringing in the crowds, so give him a little love. Love you guys, more to come. 


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