Being like my daddy.

Posted: January 26, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Omg like what is going on?  This is so sad! I cant believe I am crying during this show. Gordon is such a beautiful person, and he really brings out the good in people.. I have been watching and learning through his show “Kitchen Nightmares.” I want to be like him one day. Such as this episode that I am watching right now. What is it about, you might ask?

“Kitchen nightmares” is a show where Gordon Ramsey will go around looking for failing restaurants. When he finds the failing restaurants, he will spend a week trying to get them up and going. The episode I am watching right now is about an Irish pub and grill called “Finn Mc Cool’s.” The pub is failing because of their food, but also the owners son, Brian. He has a horrible attitude because he isnt treated well. He has said that he wants to leave, but hasn’t. His father also doesn’t want to keep him around. This makes the two really but heads.

By the middle of the show; Brian has decided that he wants to leave. Gordon has been on his ass, also his father is being hard on him. With the stress being too much, Brian quits in the middle of service. Without their lead chef, the restaurant falls onto Buddy’s shoulders. Buddy quickly shows that he can’t run the grill, at all. He fails to impress Gordon. With that being said, Gordon reaches out to Brian. He tells him how impressed he is by the amount he deals with.. Brian shows that he wants to come back and is seen in the next scene, running the grill. By the end of the show, Buddy and the rest of the crew finally catch wind. They become a great restaurant for the few locals. Even with their success in the show, troubles were to follow. Buddy had a heart attack and has decided to take a break from the business. Buddy sold the pub to a local and it closed officially in 2012. Brian has opened Shuckers with a childhood friend and is still there today; they now cater.

I am not here to give you a history lesson though. I am here to tell you that I want to be like Gordon. Gordon is one of the best chefs in America, but that isnt what makes him shine to me. His leadership and ability to say what he wants, when he wants. The way that he carries himself is perfect. He has a cockiness that makes everyone around him want to be better. With becoming a general manager I want to become as brilliant as the man on T.V. He has ran so many successful restaurants and has saved a dozen more. Every time I watch these shows, I slowly see myself becoming more like him. I hope to become a great manager. This is going to take hard work and a lot more of these episodes. Let me stop rambling and get back to watching this amazing show. Have a great night, my babes.


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