Top 10: Emojis expressions

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Take a seat, my lovely people. Today, we will be talking about the most popular thing for texting since texting surfaced. We are talking about the small emotions that you can send to your friends for different situations. Some are to tell people that you arenas, where others are to show your affection. Whether you use them for other reasons one thing never changes; you use Emojis. You wouldn’t be hip if you didn’t. 

For me Emojis are fast ways to tell people how I feel. I use 😂 to express that I find something really funny/ultra dumb. It would be akward to write “lmao” on someone’s status, but this makes the situation less AWKWARD and saves time on typing. 

Today, I want to share with you what 10 emjois make texting best for me. I use probably 90% of the emjois on my phone, but I have thought this out, and now I will tell you. Because, I know you really want to know this 😉.

10. 😮 “Let me tell you; I cant believe you’re actually this dumb” or “oooo that’s cool..” 

9. 😏 “Well, you know I’m the bomb” (used when someone says something nice about me)

8. 😑 😐”You’re too dumb for the internet.” 

7. 😒 “How the hell are you this dumb…Shut up, already.” 

6. 💪👊 “I am the best!” “We rock! Good job!” Usually used after I accomplished something. 

5. 🔪🔫 “I’m not scared to kill you.” 

4. 😉 “You should include me in your plans” or “You know what I want.” (Never used in a sexual way)

3. 😄 😃😅 “Ah, that was funny, but I have seen better.”

2.😶😮😖😕😔 “You lost your internet privileges….” 

1. 😂😘😍😎 “This is the funniest/cutest thing ever!!!!!!!” Or “You’re my funny bestie!!!”


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