Today marks 1 year. 

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Today marks a year after we hit our first deer. The night was cold. I just picked up Ariel from work as she just got off a closing shift. I was excited to see her but I wanted to get home. We usually stopped at the gas station, but for some reason, we didn’t stop this night. It was probably because of the dropping temperature, but we have to think; what would have happened if we stopped? 

 We made it about five miles out of Chatham. Our conversation must have distracted me for a split second. When I came back to reality, all I could see were deers. There were four deers, each standing in front of each other, as they crossed the street. I was unable to swerve or stop, so I took the hit. I smashed into the first one, the second one hit my drive side (not hard) and the last two both hit the back of the car, ripping off the bumper. We both were startled, but Ariel began to cry hysterically. 

It was her first car. Her first car was just wrecked, but we didn’t want to stop. I told her that I wanted to get out of the area. She agreed. I was just ready to get home, so I kept driving. The whole ride home Ariel couldn’t stop crying. I tried to comfort her, but I also felt guilty for wrecking the car for some reason. I know I couldn’t have changed what happened. There wasn’t a way out of the situation; I did what I could have. 

When we got home, I ran to the front of the car. The damage was bad. The car was most definitely totaled. The right headlight was gone, along with the hood being pushed up. The hood was one inch away feom the radiator cap. That deer really screwed that car up, but luckily we were okay. 

The car ran okay for us for the remainder part of the year, but it finally died. We think it was connected to the deer, but we aren’t so sure. Either way, that happened a year ago. That night was a damn disaster and I hope we never have to go through that, again. 

Deers suck, stay safe!


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