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Exactly how I feel…

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This was a status from 2014.This is what I’m fighting with. I know how to escape this prison. I have won this battle before. It is just sad to see that this happens every year. What would you do? 

​I have never had this bad of writers block. Usually Ill have it for a few days maybe a week then it leaves, but this time it has lasted for almost a dang year. I feel like just putting up my pen and calling it in. I still have passion to write, just everything I write sounds dumb and stale (as a video stated earlier) I wish I had another option but I can barely form a sentence when writing without wanting to “Save” the file and move on with my life. Why is this happening to me. 
So here comes the farewell to writing. 

(This was just a status. I don’t plan on quiting anytime soon.) 


I’m so busy. 

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Im coming back…But this is my present set-back…

Omg like what is going on?  This is so sad! I cant believe I am crying during this show. Gordon is such a beautiful person, and he really brings out the good in people.. I have been watching and learning through his show “Kitchen Nightmares.” I want to be like him one day. Such as this episode that I am watching right now. What is it about, you might ask?

“Kitchen nightmares” is a show where Gordon Ramsey will go around looking for failing restaurants. When he finds the failing restaurants, he will spend a week trying to get them up and going. The episode I am watching right now is about an Irish pub and grill called “Finn Mc Cool’s.” The pub is failing because of their food, but also the owners son, Brian. He has a horrible attitude because he isnt treated well. He has said that he wants to leave, but hasn’t. His father also doesn’t want to keep him around. This makes the two really but heads.

By the middle of the show; Brian has decided that he wants to leave. Gordon has been on his ass, also his father is being hard on him. With the stress being too much, Brian quits in the middle of service. Without their lead chef, the restaurant falls onto Buddy’s shoulders. Buddy quickly shows that he can’t run the grill, at all. He fails to impress Gordon. With that being said, Gordon reaches out to Brian. He tells him how impressed he is by the amount he deals with.. Brian shows that he wants to come back and is seen in the next scene, running the grill. By the end of the show, Buddy and the rest of the crew finally catch wind. They become a great restaurant for the few locals. Even with their success in the show, troubles were to follow. Buddy had a heart attack and has decided to take a break from the business. Buddy sold the pub to a local and it closed officially in 2012. Brian has opened Shuckers with a childhood friend and is still there today; they now cater.

I am not here to give you a history lesson though. I am here to tell you that I want to be like Gordon. Gordon is one of the best chefs in America, but that isnt what makes him shine to me. His leadership and ability to say what he wants, when he wants. The way that he carries himself is perfect. He has a cockiness that makes everyone around him want to be better. With becoming a general manager I want to become as brilliant as the man on T.V. He has ran so many successful restaurants and has saved a dozen more. Every time I watch these shows, I slowly see myself becoming more like him. I hope to become a great manager. This is going to take hard work and a lot more of these episodes. Let me stop rambling and get back to watching this amazing show. Have a great night, my babes.


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We are sleeping.

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We are sleeping in the living room. We have decided that it is time to get rid of our bed. Our bed is so worn out that we can feel the springs in our back. For me, it’s nothing but Ariel is the other way. She cant fall asleep on most nights, so I know it’s time to get a new bed. 

Since we don’t want to sleep in the bedroom, we decided to get an air mattress. The air mattress was pretty cheap. It cost us $30 and it came with a built-in pillow. We went the cheap route and got a manual air pump. This was such a horrible idea…It took me about 30 minutes to fill up a queen size bed. I have decided to get a battery powered air pump, so I don’t have to break my back airing up the matress.

We are going to get a matress soon, but this will work for now. We have been wanting a new bed for a long time so this plays perfectly into plan. We also love that we now have our own air mattress for camping.

I would love to continue, but Ariel wants me to get to bed. She is cold and wants to cuddle. I love you guys! Keep up the good work on those resolutions and stay safe. Remember to eat what you want! 💪💪💪

New year, old me

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The new year is officially started. I happen to stumble across my new year’s resolution from 2012. This was a short post, but it’s cool to see how much I have changed. 

How have you changed? Let me know and enjoy!!!! 

So since its January I would like to tell you guy’s some of my plans for the New Year. This year I will take the time that is needed to become the man of God that I really need to be, this will take some work (as it would with anyone) and some dedication. I believe that the last two years have been the roughest two years I have ever experienced. With this New Year I am making it a brand new start.

I have recently received “Gods Guy” from a friend for Christmas, this book was recommended to me by a friend at first, and as I looked into the small little silver bag, I found the book. I am so excited to see what God reveals to me through the book, and how he is going to affect the people around me!

Take a seat, my lovely people. Today, we will be talking about the most popular thing for texting since texting surfaced. We are talking about the small emotions that you can send to your friends for different situations. Some are to tell people that you arenas, where others are to show your affection. Whether you use them for other reasons one thing never changes; you use Emojis. You wouldn’t be hip if you didn’t. 

For me Emojis are fast ways to tell people how I feel. I use 😂 to express that I find something really funny/ultra dumb. It would be akward to write “lmao” on someone’s status, but this makes the situation less AWKWARD and saves time on typing. 

Today, I want to share with you what 10 emjois make texting best for me. I use probably 90% of the emjois on my phone, but I have thought this out, and now I will tell you. Because, I know you really want to know this 😉.

10. 😮 “Let me tell you; I cant believe you’re actually this dumb” or “oooo that’s cool..” 

9. 😏 “Well, you know I’m the bomb” (used when someone says something nice about me)

8. 😑 😐”You’re too dumb for the internet.” 

7. 😒 “How the hell are you this dumb…Shut up, already.” 

6. 💪👊 “I am the best!” “We rock! Good job!” Usually used after I accomplished something. 

5. 🔪🔫 “I’m not scared to kill you.” 

4. 😉 “You should include me in your plans” or “You know what I want.” (Never used in a sexual way)

3. 😄 😃😅 “Ah, that was funny, but I have seen better.”

2.😶😮😖😕😔 “You lost your internet privileges….” 

1. 😂😘😍😎 “This is the funniest/cutest thing ever!!!!!!!” Or “You’re my funny bestie!!!”

I wanted to do a remembrance post, tonight. Something told me to share something that has already been talked about, yet might have been passed up. I went back and tried to find the best post, which led me to this one. This was the day that I almost quit my job, but I ultimately decided to stay strong. This is a great thing, because since I was strong, now I get to step into the next big role; becoming a GM. I want to share this to tell you that you might hate where you are but to not give up. If you feel like you can’t do it anymore then that’s your choice, but don’t let someone else define your happiness!!! 


I feel bad to announce that I am behind in my schedule today and since I haven’t had the time to write-up in my schedule, I will need to step back tonight and post something short. This blog will be about my day and why I didn’t have a good day!
My day started a little after 5 a.m. as any other day in the life of Blake. I had to open my store, which use to be so fun for me. Recently I have begun to hate each aspect of my job, opening being the second thing on that list with running the store being the first. Closing which use to be my least favorite, has become my most bearable thing to do at my job, though I still hate the job.
But something happened today that usually doesn’t, I enjoyed opening the store. I got to the store on time for the first time in a while, and got all of my work done twenty minutes later. But when my General Manager soon ruined that.
He got to work two hours after me, and instantly got on my nerves. See he has this personality that nothing is ever wrong in the world. This is not a problem though, the problem is that he has to be up in your face about it. If any of you know the true me, you know I hate people getting up in my face which he seems to do every time we work together. Today was no different.
He started off the day in my face about truck being early, which should of been a good thing but to him it wasn’t at all. He complained about it for a few minutes then griped as I put the truck away. Then came the fun part. His favorite employee came in. He tells this employee how amazing he is for doing nothing, where I do everything and don’t even get a pat-on-the-back. Today (as previously said) was no different.
He gloated about this man for two hours, until I sent the man back to do some dishes. He then got back into my face about something stupid, trying to get me to talk to him. I talked a little, but wanted to focus on my job. At this point you probably wonder why my day was actually bad. It doesn’t seem like anything that should have effected me that much, that’s because that something hadn’t happened until I was off.
My boss wanted to give me my bi-yearly review on my performance. He sat me down and in moments set my anger off. He ranked me a 2 out of a 4, which is not good. I have to disagree! I feel I work my ass off to get my job done, and still get no respect. At the beginning of this year, I worked 120 hours every two weeks for two months. Working so much nearly killed me. Then came the part of the review that nearly made me punch him. He told me that I sucked at customer service, which is funny because in the 2 1/2 years I have worked there, I have had some of the best reviews and never have had a complaint. So if that is suckish, then I would be pleased to be good one day. Today was a bad day for me. But it wont get me down, I will be tough and get over it. I will take each giant down at a time, proving to only my wife and myself that I am truly amazing!

Now that I found it.
Now that I found the item, we can move on. The night was young. This is the story about my attempt to make my phone work again. It was a late night in the capitol city. The last bus just picked up their last passenger. The night was almost over. The breeze was slightly blowing the leaves across my yard. I walked outside to feel the breeze on my face, but when I stepped outside the wind stopped blowing. Yet, when I walked back inside, the wind began to blow again. This has nothing to do with the story, I just felt it was weird.

I was sitting at my desk after a long day. The day consisted of work. I had to work a long shift. It was a total of 6 hours. This is a long shift for a man with a tough life. I couldn’t imagine ever working longer than 6 hours. I have to give props to anyone that works more than 6 hours, it takes a lot to do that so good job, guys. Anyway, the day was a long, hard day that consisted of me sitting in front of a computer screen. I was doing my schedules for the infants. They have been bad lately, so I wasn’t forced to give them any hours. This being said, I have to tell you that I didn’t have to work hard at all. But what happened later was what killed me.

After work, I had to go and get something to eat. I decided to go to Taco Bell. I wanted to kill my insides, so I ordered a few extra items. If I was going to kill my insides, I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t become zombies afterwards. After scarfing the few tacos down and sitting for a few minutes, I started to feel the pain. I ran to the bathroom and died there. Yes, I am telling you that I am the living dead. My sole purpose was to find one thing. I was searching for the one item that I couldn’t find. The item has a lot of purpose and I needed to find it, so I had to find it, even if it took me all night.

After a hour of searching, I found the item. I found the item and now I am not using it. I found the item on the ground. I couldn’t tell you guys about finding the item until I found the item, but I finally found it.  The reason I am not using it is because I found the same item before finding the other item, so now I have two of the same item, so I don’t need the other. But the morale of the story is that I just wasted your time telling you about an item that I don’t even need. You’re welcome!


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I got a promotion at work. With the promotion, I was giving a handful of classes that need to get done. This isn’t a problem; I love the job. The real issue is the amount of time that it is taking to get all these classes done. I started the classes at 6 pm and I am still doing them now. 

This wouldn’t be a problem if the classes were relevant, but this isn’t the case. The classes are basics that I have been doing for years. The current class that I am doing is about wage and hour. The class is talking about the policies of working and the wages one gets. This class is full of common sense points andI can’t skip anything…

I have spent 45 minutes listening to this woman tell me that I cant make someone work off the clock. This is common sense and shouldn’t be made into a class. But what is crazy are the stories that they put into the class. There are employers out there that actually thinks this is okay. One of the stories was about a manager that deleted 15+ hours of overtime because he didn’t want to pay her. My only question is “where does that even sound right?” 

I could never take someones hours away from them. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that I had cheated someone. That is why it was crazy to hear an employer say it’s okay to cheat people. This guy was caught and was forced to pay the woman back, but what would have happened if he wasn’t caught? He would have kept doing it, which is sickening. 

It is never okay to take from someone. This manager just wanted to keep more profit, so he took advantage of his workers. I hope he loses his job and is sued for doing so. He might have paid the woman back, but it doesn’t mean that he was right for ever doing it. He should be ashamed of his digital self. 

The class is now over half done, but there is still more to do. I am tired and will probably go to bed after this class. I just wanted to tell you guys about this class and how dumb people can be. 

I want to hear from you, though. Do you think it’s right to change time records? Has it ever happened to you? 

Also, what is the worst class you have ever had to take? Mine is wage and hour! 
Enjoy your night…

I don’t know what to think

    Hey there. I hope you guys are having a great night. I wish I was watching the game tonight, but that isn’t happening. Instead, I am spending the night watching YouTube videos. You might be wondering why, since I am a huge fan of the NFL. Let me tell you why. It will only take a few seconds.

This has been an ongoing problem for a few days. We have been having the same problem, but it has gotten worse. See a few days ago Ariel and I were watching a T.V. show. Then as the show was getting good, the picture pixeled out. The screen froze for a few seconds before breaking back into the show. I thought that the receiver was just glitching out due to the weather. We went on with our lives, but then tonight we were watching the game. The game would freeze every ten seconds, which ruined the Cowboys loss for me. I knew I had to get this fixed, because I want to watch the upcoming games.

I am the type of guy that will go to YouTube for everything. YouTube is the best thing since meth. They have a video for everything, so I knew it could help me. I went on and found a video that was very helpful. The video told me to disconnect the hdmi cord from the back. The connection was supposedly corrupted and needed to be reset. I disconnected the cord and waited. But when I plugged it back in the problem was still there. At this point, I was done with trying to figure it out, so I called the technician.

If I can say anything about DIRECTV it is that their wait time is amazing. I only waited two minutes on hold before I got redirected. This is impressive next to what I use to wait with Comcast. When the woman came on the phone, she was a sweety. She was really sweet and wanted to help me. After a few minutes of trying to diagnose the problem, this woman had hit her limits. She was unable to help any further. This is when she sent me to the next person in line. That person was a little more irritating. She only cared about me paying for the service, instead of trying to get me help. She told me all the prices of the service, yet never asked me to do anything. She was quick to schedule an appointment that would cost me over $100. I told this woman that I wasn’t going to pay this because its not my fault that their equipment was bad. She then told me that it was that or I could sign up for a monthly protection program. Being done with this fight, I agreed to the protection program. The woman told me the time of the meeting, which happens to be on the day that I have to work. Now, I have to find a way to miss that day so I can be here with the technician. I am thinking about shutting my service off..

Am I overreacting?

Should I just let this go? I don’t feel like I should have to pay for a receiver because their equipment is crap. They should realize that the equipment is out-of-date and should replace it without question or another bill. I know that everything cost, but when I have done nothing to break their equipment, why should I have to pay? Someone please bring light to my selfishness.


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