12 days of Christmas returns…the best early present! 

Posted: December 22, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Today, I was giving one of the best presents, ever. This was a present from my retired grandma and she didn’t have to spend much money at all! She made the perfect example of putting her heart into the gift instead of a lot of money! The gift is a butterscotch pie!

   I have always loved her pies, especially the butterscotch pudding pie. She made it one year for a dessert and I will tell you that I almost ate all the pie, myself. I remember from that day, I told my grandma that I only wanted that pie for Christmas, nothing more. She was happy about this since she didn’t have a lot of money to spend, and every year she would make me the best pie in the world. 

This changed a few years back when I stopped going to family gatherings because of internal family issues. I know if I would have gone there would have been more fights, so I took myself out of the situation. After all, holidays are made for loving not drama!

 But this year was different. We wanted to see my grandma and she wanted to see Ariel and I. This is when I made the joke, to my dad, that I would if she makes me the famous pie. He sent a quick text back saying that she would. I was joking, but now I can hit two huge birds with one small amount of a day. I was excited, but we couldn’t decide which day to go! This is when we decided on tonight, but since I worked those plans were cancelled. But it’s my dad’s bday, so we told him to come over for dinner. This was the plan; we would have him over and eat then watch movies. That way we got to at least see him on his birthday. 

   When he got to the house, he brought in two pans. I was unsure what they were, but I had a hunch of what it was. He handed me the pies and told me to enjoy. I was so overjoyed that I began to eat them minutes before dinner. I must say; she makes some amazing pies! 
Now, after eating the pie, I can’t wait to see her! She showed that she cared enough to make the pies. So now I will hold my end of the bargain and go to her house on Christmas Eve! I really can’t wait to see her and thank her for the pies. Also, give her this amazing gift Ariel and I got her! But the main thing is; She makes amazing Fing pies!!!! 


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