12 days of Christmas returns! Ginger fell

Posted: December 18, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Tonight, something really Scary happened. If you have been following my Facebook, you will know that I started a small page for a great guy named ‘Bart.’ Bart then went out and got a good team. I gave him the permission to get the team and he was allowed to give them pet names. He named them Ginger (because he is a Gingerbread man) and Francis. 

All was good until Ginger wanted to go outside after a huge ice storm. They were bored, I get that but they should’ve stayed in. Though they didn’t stay in, they learned their lesson. 

Ginger was running outside and fell down the stairs. As he fell down the stairs his head slammed into the brick step and gashed his head open. according to Bart, he was getting ready when he heard a huge thud. Him and Francis ran outside to see what happened. When they saw blood Francis ran back in and got some toilet paper. He then ran back and patched up Ginger, while Bart stayed by his side as his blood froze to the step. Ginger is now resting and doing well. Here are the photos! 

Also, don’t forget to Like Bart, The Reindeer on the Desk! :



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