Bart picks NFL week 14!

Posted: December 11, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I’m here…don’t worry….Shut up, I know I’m late. I was busy doing something with Bart and the gang, but I am here now. Today, we will talk Football, even if I haven’t been watching. Since I haven’t been watching the games I thought we would do something new. I recently brought Bart into the house. This week only, Bart will be making the selections. He is a genius!
Redskins @ Eagles
Winner: The flying birds. (Eagles)

Texans @ Colts
Winner: Horseshoes. (Colts)

Bengals @ Browns
Winner: Brown helmets!

Broncos @ Titans
Winner: Horsey!!!!

Cardinals @ Dolphins
Winner: Jumping fish!!! (Dolphins)

Bears @ Lions
Winner: C (Bears)

Steelers @ Bills
Winner: Colorful circle! (Steelers

Chargers @ Panthers
Winner: Blue Cat (Panthers)

Vikings @ Jags
Winner: Goldey locks? (Vikings)

Jets @ 49ers
Winner: Nap Time!!! (Noone!!!)

Falcons @ Rams
Winner: The F (Falcons)

Saints @ Bucs
Winner: Flags (Bucs)

Seahawks @ Packers
Winner: I will not vote for the enemy (Seahawks)

Cowboys @ Giants
Winner: Grey star (Cowboys)

Ravens @ Patriots
Winner:Cheaters!!!! (Pats)


Hopefully this doesn’t kill my record, but he was too excited to not let him pick the winners! My record is 103-69-2, let’s see how Bart does….

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