Week 12 is full of BS, turn now….

Posted: November 27, 2016 in Uncategorized
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What can we say about last week, other than they were easy picks. This doesn’t include a few close games, but for the most part the better team won. Panthers were 4 points away from losing another, Vikings are starting to make a return, Browns are still a practice team, chiefs choked on a close game, Colts beat a conference team, and the Raiders might have lost if the Refs didn’t give the game away. Without Thanksgiving games being tallied, my new record is 83-58-2.
Now lets get in the new week:
Rams @ Saints

Titans @ Bears

Cardinals @ Falcons
WINNER: Falcons

Giants @ Browns
WINNER: BROWWNNNNNSSSSSS (Just watch and see!!!

Chargers @ Texans
WINNER: No one, we are doomed…..Chargers

    Jags @ Bills

Bengals @ Ravens
WINNER: Ravens by 4000.

     4th- and-9ers @ Dolphins
Winner: 9ers. Ultimate SADFACEEEE!!!##!!!!!

     SeaCocks @ BUCS
Winner: Seahawks

     Patriots @ Jets
Winner: Patriots

     Panthers @ Raiders
Winner: Raiders

    Chiefs @ Broncos
Winner: Broncos

Packers @ Eagles
Why the hell is this aMNF game? SMH, Winner: Eagles…


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