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Posted: November 16, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I have been missing from this blog. I haven’t posted regularly for a few weeks. But this last week, I didn’t post nearly at all. There are a few reasons to this, which I will be talking about. I shouldn’t disappear anymore, but we may never know. Also, I give out…cookies

   Hello guys,

Thank you for your time, I promise to keep things short and sweet. Lately, my life has been really crazy. So crazy that I have been pulled away from this great hobby. Let me tell you about my recent accident, my sickness, and our newest purchase. Let us start with the accident; 

I was trying to get home to get some sleep, since I worked later that night. There I was, sitting in the line at the red light, waiting for the light to turn green. Out of nowhere, a car slammed into my rear end and flew into 3 other cars. I got out of my car and saw that my car was destroyed. The wheel was fully pulled around, as the axel was been, the brake line was snapped and gas poured from the gas tank. I screamed and threw my keys as I went to get the guys information. The guy got out of his car (that was jammed under a van.) The guy told me that he didn’t hit my car, so I pointed at the tire and laughed, saying “Nah, I just love driving with a broken tire…” Everyone laughed. Long story short, it took 89 years to get all the information wrote down, but we finally got it done. I called off that night (from work), but we didn’t stay for long. We didn’t have car, but we needed one. My back was killing me, but I knew we needed to get things done. This meant that I needed to get up and get things going. This is where the purchase came into play.

 We bought a new car! We went to the car dealership and got a car, though we expected a crappy old car, we were able to get a 2013 Hyundai Elantra with only 63,000 miles. This little purchased only cost us 11,000 dollars. This was a great buy for us, and we are excited to announce it! 

Now, while all this was going on, I also got sick. I don’t know if I have a cold or allergies, but I have fully lost my voice. My throat is sore, my head hurts, my body aches and I have pressure in every part of my body. I have still been working, but it has been hell. I have been drinking more water, hot tea, also I have been eating gobs and gobs of Halls. None of this has been helping, but I am going to keep doing what I have been doing. Ariel and a handful of people have been making fun of me, all because of my voice. Screw them, I say. I find it funny, though. 

How does this tie all together? Because everything has me either busy or just in a blah mood. I never knew how much work comes with a wreck..but it’s a lot. Lately, most days have keep me busy until 8pm. Then I am also sick, which takes away any and all motivation. I don’t want to be awake let alone do I want to write. But hopefully I can get this back up and going and we grow togrther, again. Until then, look at our new car!!!  


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