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Posted: November 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Week nine could be summed up in three words “Packers are doomed.” They had the chance to come back in that game, yet couldn’t get it done. Aaron actually played pretty well, its their defense that needs the help, though they still could take that division, that team looks sad. Also did anyone see the squirrel? He has more yards than Green Bays Rbs’. Other than that, Vikings are on their decline, Steelers had Big Ben yet couldn’t win, Raiders beat the great defense of Denver to sit in second place in the AFC, Dak still looks amazing, Panthers finally win a game, and Sherman is the dirtiest player in the NFL. I had an amazing week ending in a 67-46-2 record. Now, its time for week 10.

Browns @ Ravens
Winner: Browns

Winner: The Browns actually win a game? This is their best chance, so its now or never. Last time they faced the Ravens, they were within six of winning./ This is my upset of the week!!!!!!

Chiefs @ Panthers
Winner: Chiefs

Broncos @ Saints
Winner: Broncos

Rams @ Jets
Winner: Jets

Packers @ Titans
Winner: Packers

Falcons @ Eagles
Winner: Eagles

Vikings @ Redskins
Winner: Redskins

Texans @ Jags
Winner: Jags

Bears @ Bucs
Winner: Bears

Dolphins @ Chargers
Winner: Chargers

4th-and-9ers @ Cards
Winner: Cards

Cowboys @ Steelers
Winner: Cowboys (Originally went with Steelers.)

Seahawks @ Patriots
Winner: Pats

Bengals @ Giants
Winner: Giants


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