We don’t talk about politics, but congrats.

Posted: November 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I have stood by and watched two people attack each other for about a year. They are trying to win everyone’s vote, no matter the cost. I am not political, so I usually stay out of any political conversations. I find that talking about politics only brings the hate out in people. It’s the fact that everyone has their own opinion (wrong or right) about each candidate. Some just want their designated party in the office, where others don’t like certain things about one, but want to do what’s best for the country. Whatever the situation, everyone is set on their candidate and nothing will change their mind. That is why I don’t talk about politics, because nothing I will say can change someone’s mind, so why try? All you will do is make more people mad at what you say, so I keep quite. 

   Now that the election is over, I will share a few thoughts and will end with greeting the new leader in. 

    I don’t like either candidate. I didn’t even like Sanders. Trump is to inexperienced for the job. He doesn’t have any political background which scares me. I wouldn’t want a cart pusher to rewire my home, so why would I? That is how fires start. He doesn’t know the first thing about running a country. I don’t know the job, but I am sure it’s harder than just saying you are going to change things. In my opinion, we could be going into a war due to his inexperienced approach to everything. He is a hateful person, a horrible trait for president. Even with all his flaws, he does stand for a tighter border, something I sorta agree with. No, I don’t want to build a wall, nor do I want to force people out of the country. Instead, I would want to tighten our borders, making it hard (like Canada) to get in. This would allow us to conduct more background checks, though this could be too expensive, leading to a downfall of the system. 

   Next, Hillary. Another Clinton. I think I could hate her less if she didn’t lie. She lied saying that she didn’t send any emails, then she got caught and changed her story. When she got caught, she went from “I didn’t send any emails” to a woman that was sorry for sending the e-mails. Why couldn’t she just own up to the e-mails and take the punishment? I would have respect her more, if she would just been clean in the beginning. We don’t know what those emails said, nor do we know if that could lead us into a huge war, we will never know. though she was dumb for the emails, Hillary seems to be more intelligent than Trump, but I also see that she is someone that just wants to win, so she will say anything for a vote. This leads me to think that she will give that same attitude after elected. I don’t like a lot of her stands, but one pisses me off more than anything, this being her stand on abortion. I understand that she wants to give women more rights and that’s awesome, but late term abortions are not okay in my eyes. I think a baby shouldn’t be killed the moment it grows any form of life, meaning any form of brain activity or a heart beat. If it’s okay to kill a baby with a heartbeat or brain activity, then why is it considered double homicide to kill a pregnant woman? Either way, Hillary seems to know what she is doing, even if she is a possible liar. 

Real quick. Bernie had great ideas, but free school wouldn’t have worked. We would have to find some way to pay for it, Which would probably be a result in higher taxes. But we will never know, now.

   Tonight will be an intense battle. Both candidates are ready to be president, bit only one can win. If Hillary wins, we will have the first woman president. If Trump wins, we will have the first president to have had a TV show (I didn’t know what to say.) Either way, we will have a new leader by the end of the night. Let us pray that they know what to do to keep America great or Make America Great Again. 

Donald Trump
We pray you know what to do to keep us great. We might not have voted for you, but we will respect your leadership. We welcome you. 

Disclaimer: I didn’t vote. 


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