Nerf attack.

Posted: November 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Nerf guns
    Have you been living an adult life too long? Do you feel like you never have fun? I know I have, that is why we bought something today that will help with that. Nerf Guns are very cheap at Wal-Mart and so far they are really making Ariel and I feel like children again. This is good. Ariel and I never get to sit back and relax, this usually leads to a depressing and stress filled life.

Ariel was able to get a big pistol and a small pistol for less than twenty dollars, where I got the same small pistol but a sniper rifle for less than twenty, also. Now, we did get extra darts, but that only cost an additional eight dollars. There are more expensive/cheap guns in the aisle, but we decided to get the ones that looked the coolest without breaking the bank, that is.

When we got home, we pulled the guns out of the bag and set up a fortress. We told her brother to come down stairs and we unloaded the guns into his chest. You should have seen his face when he was being pelted with the darts, it was a fun time. After we attacked her brother, I turned on my teammate and shot her. The dart went too high and hit her in the nose. She grabbed her nose and laughed. I thought she was going to let me off with a warning, but she didn’t . She turned on me, likewise and shot me in the face with her dart. Those foam darts actually hurt but not too bad.

After I fell to the ground,  she got on top of me and put the gun in my face. She forced me to give up and I did. She then got off and shot me one last time. As she walked away, I pulled my pistol up and took one final shot, hitting her in the back of the head. She then came back and unloaded all her darts into my body. I ran out of darts and fully gave up, putting my gun down on the ground and shooting my hands into the air. She gave me a slight slap and walked away the victor.

This should be proof that you don’t need to do a lot to be happy. A simple $30 purchase turned out to be the life of this house. It is a very safe activity since it cant break anything, and we are able to do it together. I think I am going to wake her up tonight with another attack, but we will see. Either way, This was the beginning of something amazing, something fun.  


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