Week 8. The week of two amazing rookies.

Posted: October 29, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Really quickly, I forgot that yesterday was Thursday..so allow me to put up a shameful picks for week 8. First we must talk about last week and why I almost quit watching football. I took a gamble and paid off with the Eagles pick! The Vikings are not going undefeated. This was my second huge prediction, but then the rest of the day was blah, leading to the worse game in history…The bills lost to the dolphins, yet they can beat the Patriots? WTF Rex…Just screw you! Chargers keep the Falcons’ losing streak going, and Big Ben’s injury gives Steelers the loss. Now let us talk about the Seahawks game. Two-flipping-chances, two kickers, twenty yards and we end on a tie? Seriously…Two kickers missed twenty yard field goals….Just stop it…oh my god, it’s real! I know that kicking isn’t easy, but these guys are getting paid a crap load of money, but they can’t make a field goal the same distance as a PAT? Get out of here! My new record is 51-37-1……


Redskins @ Bengals

Winner- Bengals

Cardinals @ Panthers

Winner- Cardinals

Note:….This was hard to pick for, neither team is showing what they started last season, also Carson might be back. Other than that, I don’t think Panthers D is good this season.

Lions @ Texans

Winner- Lions

Note: I stood for the Osweiler signing. I didn’t understand the amount that they gave him, since he never played in their system but I was slightly happy and hopeful for him, I was wrong. He is struggling hardcore and he is the reason that they are losing. He has one of the best WR in the league, yet can’t get him the ball. I hope he gets better, but I see Geno Smith when he plays.

Seahawks @ Saints

Winner- Saints.

Chiefs @ Colts

Winner- Chiefs

Jets @ Browns

Winner- Browns

Note: Yes, the Browns get their first win, this week. Fitz is back and he is horrible, he will be the reason they lose.

Patriots @ Bills

Winner- Patriots

Raiders @ Bucs-

Winner- Raiders

Chargers @ Broncos

Winner- Chargers

Packers @ Falcons

Winner- Falcons

Eagles @ Cowboys

Winner- Everyone! But seriously, Cowboys.

Note: This is going to be an amazing game. There are four different things on Sunday night, but I want to keep tabs on this
game. It’s rookie vs. rookie. Which rookie will play better? Wentz or Dak? I have to stay with Dak. He is showing something rare, he looks like someone that has been in the league for years. Wentz has been playing amazing, also, but I say his defense will let him down. It’s going to be a race to the finish and whoever tires down quicker, losses. 

Vikings @ Bears

Winner- Vikings

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