Finding a superhero.

Posted: October 28, 2016 in Uncategorized
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   This guy just walked by Subway. I am sitting here, thinking about my day and what I should do, when this guy walks by the store. He was about 5’10 and really skinny. He had a small beard and wrinkles filled the corner of his eyes. This guy looked old enough to be someones dad, but not quite someones grandpa. Either way, He looked straight ahead as he walked, not giving any attention from his foward step.
    I heard a loud noise in the distance, almost as if a car engine was being turned over, after being started. I pulled my head to the direction and looked for the problem. I saw that an airplane was falling to the ground. The plane must have lost power or something, because it was falling pretty quickly. It was heading towards the Subway. My eyes grew huge as I looked at the falling plane, not knowing what to do. I put my head down as the plane kept getting closer, praying for a hero to save me. The gentleman that I saw moments earlier appears. I told him to run and get away as quickly as possible. He stood there almost dumb to the situation. I shook my head and pushed him to leave. This was when he put his hand out and jumped. He leaped into the air and met up with the plane.
    His strong hands stopped the plane, as he threw it back into the air. At first, I was relieved to know I was alive, but then I thought “what about the plane.” The plane didn’t have any power to fly, so he probably killed all those passengers. My heart dropped as I ran up to him. I shove him and ask what he was thinking. He only said one thing “I am not a hero, I am for the blood.” He then turned around and vanished.




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