Blown dreams

Posted: October 25, 2016 in Uncategorized
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    The plan was to keep this car going, until we were comfortable to buy a new one. This dream was sucked up, today when our car took a deep shit on our foreheads. We blew the head, not because we are careless, but because we didn’t have anything else to hold off the fate. It was going to blow one day, we were just buying time.
     We were in the line at Hardee’s when the car began to act up. All we wanted was a good breakfast, but you could say we got more than we could chew. The cat began to putter out of control, eventually dying. I got it to start again, but the damn was already done, there was enough life in the car to get home, but that’s all.
     I got out of the car to see what happened, lifting the hood and going straight to the dip stick. When I pulled the dip stick, I knew we were screwed. The first main sign of a cracked/blown head is milky oil. Guess what we found? Milky oil! That’s right!
     My head was spinning and my heart hurt, as we didn’t have a running car anymore and now we were out of our transportation to work. I still had to be at work at 3, which meant there was no time to get anything sorted out. This is when I called in and called my good ole dad. He told me that we would resurrect my old car, a project we wanted to do anyways.
      Long story short, we have a little work to do, but the car is running. We haven’t had to put much money into either. All we had to do is replace a thermostat and a new battery. Luckily we are in a good position to get everything sorted out and we are safe. It sucks that nothing went as planned, but atleast we are okay.
    We do have a blown head, but we also have another car. We will finish up the car tomorrow and get all the legal paper work done, other than that, we are still on plan to get a new car and house in 2017! Then we can start a family. For all those who ask!




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