Impromtdude picks Week 7.

Posted: October 19, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Let us begin the next week on a few key notes. The Broncos have dropped their last two games, but that wont be the story for long, with the Texans coming to town, they should be able to pull off a win. Other than that, all my “losses” were due to something stupid happening. Big Ben getting hurt, Wentz not getting it done (179 yards with 0 TD), the Bears letting another close game go (led in the fourth quarter, yet gave up 17 points.) A really controversial call in the Seattle game cost me that win, and who knew the Cowboys would walk over Rodgers and the Packers, in Wisconsin (though I was right about Dak’s first INT!) My record is now 42-32. I am planning to win all the games this week! 

Bears @ Packers
Winner: Packers

Giants @ Rams
Winner: Rams

Saints @ Chiefs
Winner: Chiefs

Vikings @ Eagles
Winner: Eagles (Yes, Vikings lose their first game)

Colts  @ Titans
Winner: Titans

Bills @ Dolphins
Winner: Bills

Redskins @ Lions
Winner: Redskins

Browns @ Bengals
Winner: Bengals

Raiders @ Jags
Winner: Raiders

Ravens @ Jets
Winner: Jets

Chargers @ Falcons
Winner: Falcons

Bucs @ 4th-and-9ers
Winner: Bucs

Patriots @ Steelers
Winner: Patriots (Big Ben is gone, don’t expect to win any big games.)

Seahawks @ Cardinals
Winner: Seahawks

Texans @ Broncos
Winner: Broncos.


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