Who the hell dies?

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The Walking Dead Review (Spoiler possibility)
The Walking Dead left us in pain after the season 6 finale, ultimately  leaving us to wonder who the hell died. Who would be the one to die to Lucille? We know that the comics took Glenn, but ‘The Walking Dead’ hasn’t followed too close to the comics, thus far. So who does Negan kill? This is my idea based off the new “Right Hand Man” promo (released by AMC.) I suggest if you don’t want SPOILERS that you don’t read any further.

The promo was released a week ago and it caught the eyes of all “Walking Dead” fans. In the promo we see a torn Rick on his knees with blood on his cheek. He seemed to be forcing back tears as we hear Negan in the Background saying “why, was the joke that bad?” Rick then mutters “I am going to kill you.” Negan gets close up, while holding a bloody Lucille, and asks for Rick to repeat himself, as he was speaking too quietly. Rick repeats “Not today, not tomorrow, but I am going to kill you.” The smile on Negan’s face shows that he was not worried. He then asks Simon, his right hand man, what he had. Simon tells him that he had a hatchet. Negan goes on a speech about how Simon was his right hand man and that it is important to have one of those, because without one you have a whole bunch of work. Negan goes on to ask rick about his right hand man. Negan sees that Rick is broken, almost indicating that he killed his right hand man. Negan sees that Rick is still not giving in, so he stands up, puts the hatchet away, and pulls Rick into the RV. As they get into the RV, the camera pans down to show two things; A big pile of bloody mush and the blanket that Darryl was covered with when he got out of the truck.

My first response was “Damn.” They really went out to get their fans all worked up. I know because my wife was balling for multiple reasons. There are a few dim hints through this teaser, but a lot of them are just to get the viewers overworked, others might actually be foreshadowing the future. Either way, lets get into this.

The scene opened with Rick in shock, but also very angry. He goes on to tell Negan that he was going to kill him. Now, Negan killed one of Ricks people to show what was in store for him if he didn’t cooperate. Rick speaking up to him showed that the plan didn’t work. Negan then ask what he was carrying, mainly to show that Rick was no match to him. This was confirmed when Simon said “A hatchet.” Now if you guys did read the comics, you will also know why a hatchet is important. If you don’t, Rick lost his hand to “The Governor” in the comics, something that Kirkman said would never happen in the TV show. Honestly, I think this part of the scene was to get the comic book readers nervous/excited, as to think that Rick is going to get his hand cut off. I don’t think that will happen, since ti takes a lot more work and time to shoot scenes, plus Rick is such a big gun user, and it would be super hard to reload with stub.

Next, we can hear that people are crying in the background. This shows nothing, as all the girls have some emotional connection to each male. Rosita+Sasha=Abraham, Maggie=Glenn, Michone=Carl and Everyone=Darryl, so the cries are put in to show that it was an emotional scene, nothing else.

Third, the phrase “Right hand man” was thrown around a lot during this teaser. This is foreshadowing for the future, also to tease about Ricks hand. My wife assumed that this meant that Darryl was dead, since he has always been the second in command, but don’t get to ahead of yourself. Negan refers to Simon as his Right handed man and says that without him there would be a lot of work. To have Dwight come up as a big character, as in the comics, Simon ultimately has to die. This is foreshadowing that Negan will have to find a new right hand man, and that will be Dwight. Also, it is tricking the comic books readers, again.

Finally, the blanket! My wife cried her eyes out when Darryl’s blanket was in the scene, but that is way too easy. Greg and Robert know what they are doing, they wouldn’t give away the answer that easy. This was to get everyone more excited for the return. I am saying that Darryl is still okay, so you can stop worrying. On the other hand, who was sitting next to Darryl? Glenn. I am saying that when Glenn gets picked, he will try to reach out for help, grabbing a hold of the blanket, then is pulled in front of the whole group and beaten to death. Negan will then pick up the cloth and wipe the blood off his face. 

I also have a funny feeling that Glenn wont be the only one to meet Lucille. I feel like someone is going to get out of line and will meet the same fate, and I think I know who will, Abraham! Yes, I feel like Big Abe will be the second to fight. Abraham is becoming such a strong character, also he is finding true happiness. This is his death sentence, since no one can be happy in the Zombie Apocalypse. Also, we saw how Abraham and Negan squared off, Abe didn’t show fear, instead he stood up to Negan.

I don’t know what will happen next week, but I know it is going to be epic. Negan is going to make a big bang in his actual premiere, one that we should fear. No one is safe this season, so get ready for one emotional rollercoaster. Norman Reedus told us that we will need someone to hold during the premiere, so who do you have? Also, am I wrong about anything? Swing into the comment section and start a bloody conversation, I promise not to lose my head.


Watch “Right Hand Man” Here.

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