Top 10 Football Teams

Posted: October 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Top 10 football teams
With football on the way, I was thinking it would be a good time to talk about favorites; this being my favorite teams. This will start with 10 of my favorite teams leading up to my most favorite, while I try to tell you why I love them.

10. Minnesota Vikings—Adrian Peterson.

9 . Jacksonville Jags– I will admit, I didn’t give a crap about the jaguars until they got the new helmets. My attention was never on the team until the change, but now I will watch a game for other reasons. I like Bortles, I think he will make a good franchise Qb, especially with targets like Hurns and Robinson. They are an underdog that I love to root for.

8. Cincinnati Bengals– My hatred for this team was none-the-less due to Ochocinco. I thought he was a loud mouth baby that wasn’t that great. He turned the game into a big show and cost the team games from doing so. But now, with Dalton, Green and Eifert I have come to enjoy a game or two from them.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers– I love them so much, because I have a few of their players in fantasy and they are doing well, other than that they can eat dirt.

     6. Carolina Panthers– one word; Olsen. Cam is just to whiney for me, but Olsen makes the game fun. He is a dominant Tight End that loves the game, and he shows it every time he is out on the field.

     5. Seattle Seahawks– They are a great team to sell a few years into, that’s why most people ride the band wagon. Russell is a great QB and will be for the rest of his career. He is the true reason I can stomach this team.
    4. Denver Broncos– The donkeys have dominated the league for the last few years, and they keep doing so. We thought since they lost the Chief, himself they would go back to being a rebuild team. Siemen has proven that he could be a giant leader to this team, but we all know why they are winning, all credit goes to that defense! Von Miller is a monster.

    3. New York Giants– I thank them, mainly. I thank them for beating New England in the SuperBowl, giving them their first loss of the season and keeping Tom Brady from complete happiness. #FuckthePats

    2. Oakland Raiders– Their color scheme is awesome. I like silver with anything, so that really helps. But also, I really like how well they are doing this year under Carr. He is in the race for the M.V.P if he continues. They are my second favorite team, and my favorite team from the AFC.

   1. Chicago Bears– I know they might not be the best, but I started my love for the Bears in ’06. This was when they had Urlacher, Tank, Grossman, Vasher, and Hester. I was new to football and didn’t know who to pick, so I decided to go with a home team, which happened to be the Bears. It happen to be the same year we went to the SuperBowl, though we lost, I still have a burning love for the team. I just wish they would get their head out of their ass and get us a few wins..


Some teams might be out of place, but this is a rough picture of who I root for. I am big into underdogs, so that is why I pick the low end teams. Someday they will surprise the world, and we will all be in shock….well other than me, because I will be the one that was rooting the whole time. Have a good day!

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