Let’s make a haunted house.

Posted: October 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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  I spent the night at a local haunted house. This would be my third time going to one, ever. The haunted house was called “The Boo Crew.” I found it to be a very well put together event. Since this was a first time, I didn’t know what to expect, but it was definitely worth the money paid.
  First, you get to go through a outdoor path full of zombies, ghost, a chainsaw wielding maniac and a few clowns. The groups were too dang close, so we weren’t able to get any jump scares, as the other group received them all. This spoiled the fear and sucked up all the suspense. Other than that, we were actually having a great time, but nothing compared to the main event.
  The main event is a barn full of special effects. The theme seemed to be maniacs, because when you entered the kitchen a woman jumped out. She would nearly push you to the door, screaming for us to not talk to her “slave” (a woman with her hands stabbed into a table.) The acting was pretty good and the jump scares were on par.
  After the event, we were lucky enough to go back stage and see how they run the show. It is fascinating to see all the technology that is set up for a haunted house. In the first room, there was a big display of camera’s from all over the haunted house. Then they lead you through the back area and up some stairs. Once you climb up the stairs you are directed into the control room. This room had a wall full of wires that activated certain areas of the barn, the guy told us that one switch would kill all the props and bring the lights on (in case of an emergency.) This is precautions for the possible fire outbreak or in case a person got hurt.
  We were able to talk to this man about his crew and what an average night would be like. He was unsure of the break system, but did notify us that they have designated persons that walk through with water, for the thirsty crew. He spoke about how, on a busy night, there could be up to 60 volunteer crew members. Also, any money they do make, they will go on to help the community by helping kids get glasses and many other charitable acts. In the back there is a break room full of goodies. I was excited more about the special effects taking place, as a woman was painting a clowns face.
  While we were in the break room, my wife told me that I should volunteer. I really want to, now. I’m thinking about spending this year practicing, then I will offer my help. Either way, my cousin also brought up a great idea. He said that we should open up our own haunted house. I have wanted to create a haunted house for a while now, so we will see where that goes. We are thinking about starting small, possibly with a haunted hayride then working up. We have the talent, now we just need to make it something lively.
    What should go into a haunted house? What is your biggest fear?





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