Week 5 will not be the same…

Posted: October 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I made a huge mistake, a mistake that could alter my life forever. I knew the right answer, but in the moment, I screwed up. I could have been great, I could have done amazing things, but now I am a failure. My future is over!
Nah, I made a dumb mistake. I meant to choose the Steelers, but for some reason I wrote the chiefs. I don’t know why but it’s okay, I still ended this week 27-18 overall, this being a big improvement over a 16-14 record. I didn’t get to watch a lot of football, as I was out with my wife, so I don’t have much to say other than Cardinals are looking horrible and the Vikings are looking sexy. This week will be slightly different since I’m off, so I will be able to watch all the games available. Oh yeah, the Bills have dethroned two good teams in the last 2 weeks and the Rams (Yes LA RAMS) are 3-1, where the Panthers are 1-3. Who knew that would happen? Anyways, week 5 is here. Who will win>?
Cardinals @ 49ers
Winner: Cardinals

Texans @ Vikings
Winner: Texans

Bears @ Colts
Winner: Colts

Jets @ Steelers
Winner: Steelers

Titans @ Dolphins
Winner: Titans

Eagles @ Lions
Winner: Eagles

Patriots @ Browns
Winner: Tom Brady-Patriots

Redskins @ Ravens
Winner: Ravens

Falcons @ Broncos
Winner: Broncos

Bengals @ Cowboys
Winner: Bengals

Chargers @ Raiders

Close game(18-21)
Winner: Raiders

Bills @ Rams
Winner: Rams

Giants @ Packers
Winner: Packers

Bucs @ Panthers
Winner: Panthers



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