In all honesty, I am waiting for people to say “You didn’t actually do it,” because of my video. The chip was hot, but it wasn’t the hottest chip, ever. I was actually disappointed in the heat of the chip. I never had a gaggy feeling, never shed a tear nor did I have a torturous feeling in my mouth. It just wasn’t that hot. I will say that my lips were on complete fire, but after 10 minutes that went away also. The milk and other items don’t help with the burn, so if you are going to do this challenge, it is best to just grab bread.

The taste of the chip was amazing! It tasted like a chipotle chip, which is good since I love chipotle! Also, the seasoning was coated on! Overall this was an amazing idea, since it did make me sweat a little, but I would compare the heat to Ghost Pepper sauce. About a hour after the challenge, I must say that my stomach hurts. I have lost my appetite and any burps hurt like hell.

Disclaimer: I broke the chip up so it was easier to chew (I have crappy teeth), but I did eat every piece of the chip. Also, look at the after photo of my lips!


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