Getting ready to die

Posted: October 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Getting ready for death.

It is the month of all spooky things. This month is full of spooky people, witches, zombies, ghouls, werewolves, and many other creatures, but nothing is more scary than what I bought today. The purchase might be the dumbest one of my entire life, but I am taking you guys with me!

I had the worse day in a while. I found it to be a depressing day, which I tried to fight back but the depression won. I let everything get to me. This led me to find a negative in everything. I started by trying to get attention on Facebook, but instantly regretted it and took it down. Mainly what happened was, I didn’t get what I wanted and I didn’t understand. I thought I deserved to have more hours than what was on my paycheck. I am still sort of pissed, but nothing effective will come from being negative.

After a long day at work I was able to get my paycheck cashed. After my paycheck was secure in my wallet, I went to the gas station and got gas. I was hungry so I got a hot dog. While I was in the line, I remembered that the Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness “one chip challenge” was to come out on October 1st. I skimmed across the store to see if they had it, but I couldn’t see it. Right as I was about ask the cashier, he opened the register. Ariel was collecting the money when I saw a big red box. The box caught my eye. I walked over to it and saw that it was exactly what I was needing. I picked it up quickly and gave it to the cashier. He seemed to be confused by my excitement. I explained that I was going to make a blog about it. I learned that I need to get my business cards! He wanted me to show him, but didn’t know how to spell my blog name, this is a problem, so now I know that I need to work on those, but either way, I got the damn chip!

I just met my goal on Facebook of likes for the challenge, so that means I will be recording myself eating the hottest chip, ever, I must say I AM SCARED. I’m not that scared, but it is pretty intense. We are talking about the hottest pepper in the world, made into a chip. There is a reason they only sell one at a time. This isn’t a chip to take lightly, but something to genuinely fear. That is why I will respect the chip, as I know it will be my last meal. How does that make you feel? You will be watching me take my own life, let that sink it.

Nah, I am only joking. This challenge is going to hurt, but that is what life is about. But I know if I am going to put myself through hell, you better watch! I will be recording myself eating the chip, and I better see you guys! I don’t know if I am going to make it a Youtube video or just go live on Facebook, but I do have to get a blog out of it. I will have time to think of that, but until then; Enjoy your night!!!!!

I will be eating the chip at 6 p.m. (Central time) but it will be available (most likely) on my blog at 7:30 p.m. This gives me time to get my crap together and let the burn cease. Thanks for all the likes, you guys are awesome


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