Sucky movie Saturday

Posted: October 2, 2016 in Uncategorized
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    Tonight is sucky movie Saturday. You might be asking “what is that?” Well I will be telling you in this post. But I will tell you, it is something you will want to do.
      It’s October, which is the month of Halloween. I absolutely love Halloween movies and the holiday itself. I have been practicing my special effects for Ariel and my costumes. But that is only a part of the celebrations. In order to get in the mood, Ariel and I will spend each night watching scary movies. This has been a tradition since we started dating, but there’s one night that we do something different.
      Usually, we just watch regular movies that we like, but on Saturdays we take an adventure on the dark side. This is where we will find the worse movie, ever. We call this ‘Sucky Movie Saturday.’
       This has been a good/bad idea since the start. You can’t say that all low-budget films are horrible, that is why we take the pain for a few hours and watch the films. So far, we have found a few really amazing films, though we have went through hours of unbearable movies.
       One of the best low-class movies was ‘State of Emergency,’ a movie about the zombie apocalypse. I thought it was going to blow, but honestly it was better than most theatrical released films. The movie wasn’t A grade, but if you ever get bored, you should watch it!
       Tonight is the beginning of this tradition and I wanted to ask you to join. You should go out and support low budget films, even if it’s only for one night. I know that I don’t regret doing it, so take a chance and live a little!
     Enjoy your night! I will see you guys again, tomorrow!


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