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It’s SundayEffects!

   Welcome to the new segment, I am glad to see you and hope that you enjoy. Tonight, I will be talking about a slightly new project and what to expect in the next week.

    I thought of this project while at WalMart roaming the Halloween aisle. I saw a see through hockey mask and thought “what if I put an axe through my head?” Now clearly this isn’t me being literal or original in any way. This idea comes from one of my most favorite movies “Friday the 13th: Part 3.” At the end of this movie, you see the main protagonist take an axe and drive it into Jason’s head, ultimately killing Jason, well until the end of the movie when he makes an iconic return. 

     I loved that scene, it is my favorite in the whole series, so as I held the mask, I knew that I needed to recreate the mask/injury. It is a pretty simple idea, but also really cheap. I bought the mask for .98¢, the three paints were about $2.50 (brushes are .98¢), and you will need scissors which can be found for only a dollar, also. This is for the mask. I am also making the skin under the mask and making it gory, which could mean a lot of money, but you can shop (as I did) and find the cheapest route. Overall, you are looking to spend less than $20, which is great since this design rocks! 

    I am a big Friday the 13th fan, so you know I will be rocking this very soon, but for now, enjoy this beginning mask and tell me what think!



    I have been complaining about my job, all week. For this, I do apologize. I shouldn’t complain about my job like that, without my job I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I love to do. It might suck but money is the root of everything we do. If I didn’t have a job, I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, light bill, gas, or cable bill. Without paying my rent, I wouldn’t be able to shower or enjoy a warm bed at night, or without paying my light bill, I wouldn’t be able to write, read, do effects make-up or even enjoy a hot shower. If I didn’t have money for my gas bill, I would freeze in the winter. I could live without cable, but  as I said last night, I wouldn’t be able to post a blog. My cable and internet are connected. So if I lost one, I would lose both. Since my tablet needs internet to post blogs, I wouldn’t be able to write to you guys. So I guess having a good paying job is pretty important.
    These were some of the basic things that a job is needed the most for. I am not including all my activity expenses that I spend my money on. This includes; new footballs, new paints, new notebooks, new books, effects make-up, materials for effects, fake blood, things for my wife, and many other things. I spend a lot of money, something that isn’t possible without the amazing job that I have. That is why I am saying I’m sorry.
    I don’t need to be pouting about what I have to do. Instead, I should be thanking the person for giving me another week on this pay period. I make great money and have for a while. So, sorry for everything I have said latley. It took me looking at my life to realize I’m in a great position. Life might not be fair at times, but everything will be fine, that is all that matters!
    Though I’m saying sorry, I would like to say “thank God.” Thank him for this day, my day off. It’s my day off which means I get to relax and get ready for another week. Tonight we will be going to a haunted house/graveyard to enjoy another spook. I might also work on a new project. Tell me, are you ready for another SFX? I know I am;)



No fucking signal…Get this fixed.
It was a long night at work, it was beyond busy and I was excited to get off. I was enjoying some music on the way home thinking about my video game that I wanted to play. When I got home and plopped in the video game, I put my headphones in my phone and turned on YouTube. Soon after the game started, I looked down to see that my Wi-Fi wasn’t turned on. I tend to turn off my Wi-Fi at work, because Wal-Mart has a signal that is very weak and my phone usually connects to it, causing all my notifications to not pop up. I turned on my Wi-Fi and went back to watching the YouTube video. Moments later a message popped up. This message was telling me that my phones data was running out (easy way of saying my phone has used a lot of data) I was unsure on why my phone was showing me this, but I guess its because my broadband isn’t working? Like are you serious?

    I am disconnected from the Wi-Fi that I pay for. At&t U-verse has become one big joke. Their internet is slow, but that is okay for me. I just need this Wi-Fi to post my blog from my tablet, but right now I cant even do that. Now, I have to call these freaking people and listen to them tell me to do the same thing I just did, only for them to schedule a technician out, which wont happen until Monday, most likely! I don’t know how I am going to post, most likely I will have to make my phone a hotspot until I post my blog (Whoot, more DATA!) This has me so annoyed, I am sick of having to wait for people to fix their equipment, especially when I pay an arm and leg for the service. You would think that a phone service would have better internet and equipment, but nah, they don’t. This whole situation has me wanting to drop this service and go back to Comcast, even though they are rip-offs and super rude. I don’t know, All I know is that I am pissed and disconnected from the world, even while I pay the mass amounts of money to have such service…

   Not only am I restricted from posting my blogs, now I have to be very careful on what I do with my phone. My dad, Ariel and I have been sharing 20+ Gigs of data, which goes pretty fast between us. One major reason is that I love to listen to songs on YouTube while going to work or coming home. Now, I can’t self-consciously watch a video without feeling some regret for doing so. I love to type with music, but I can’t do that. I want to watch a few FX videos, but I fear the consumption, and I want to catch up on a few of my favorites, but I know that will bleed us dry. I am so pissed, I am, I am, I amm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote this and can’t even save it to my cloud because of no internet connection. I’m so annoyed…


Impromtdude @

Really quickly, I forgot that yesterday was allow me to put up a shameful picks for week 8. First we must talk about last week and why I almost quit watching football. I took a gamble and paid off with the Eagles pick! The Vikings are not going undefeated. This was my second huge prediction, but then the rest of the day was blah, leading to the worse game in history…The bills lost to the dolphins, yet they can beat the Patriots? WTF Rex…Just screw you! Chargers keep the Falcons’ losing streak going, and Big Ben’s injury gives Steelers the loss. Now let us talk about the Seahawks game. Two-flipping-chances, two kickers, twenty yards and we end on a tie? Seriously…Two kickers missed twenty yard field goals….Just stop it…oh my god, it’s real! I know that kicking isn’t easy, but these guys are getting paid a crap load of money, but they can’t make a field goal the same distance as a PAT? Get out of here! My new record is 51-37-1……


Redskins @ Bengals

Winner- Bengals

Cardinals @ Panthers

Winner- Cardinals

Note:….This was hard to pick for, neither team is showing what they started last season, also Carson might be back. Other than that, I don’t think Panthers D is good this season.

Lions @ Texans

Winner- Lions

Note: I stood for the Osweiler signing. I didn’t understand the amount that they gave him, since he never played in their system but I was slightly happy and hopeful for him, I was wrong. He is struggling hardcore and he is the reason that they are losing. He has one of the best WR in the league, yet can’t get him the ball. I hope he gets better, but I see Geno Smith when he plays.

Seahawks @ Saints

Winner- Saints.

Chiefs @ Colts

Winner- Chiefs

Jets @ Browns

Winner- Browns

Note: Yes, the Browns get their first win, this week. Fitz is back and he is horrible, he will be the reason they lose.

Patriots @ Bills

Winner- Patriots

Raiders @ Bucs-

Winner- Raiders

Chargers @ Broncos

Winner- Chargers

Packers @ Falcons

Winner- Falcons

Eagles @ Cowboys

Winner- Everyone! But seriously, Cowboys.

Note: This is going to be an amazing game. There are four different things on Sunday night, but I want to keep tabs on this
game. It’s rookie vs. rookie. Which rookie will play better? Wentz or Dak? I have to stay with Dak. He is showing something rare, he looks like someone that has been in the league for years. Wentz has been playing amazing, also, but I say his defense will let him down. It’s going to be a race to the finish and whoever tires down quicker, losses. 

Vikings @ Bears

Winner- Vikings

Impromtdude @

   This guy just walked by Subway. I am sitting here, thinking about my day and what I should do, when this guy walks by the store. He was about 5’10 and really skinny. He had a small beard and wrinkles filled the corner of his eyes. This guy looked old enough to be someones dad, but not quite someones grandpa. Either way, He looked straight ahead as he walked, not giving any attention from his foward step.
    I heard a loud noise in the distance, almost as if a car engine was being turned over, after being started. I pulled my head to the direction and looked for the problem. I saw that an airplane was falling to the ground. The plane must have lost power or something, because it was falling pretty quickly. It was heading towards the Subway. My eyes grew huge as I looked at the falling plane, not knowing what to do. I put my head down as the plane kept getting closer, praying for a hero to save me. The gentleman that I saw moments earlier appears. I told him to run and get away as quickly as possible. He stood there almost dumb to the situation. I shook my head and pushed him to leave. This was when he put his hand out and jumped. He leaped into the air and met up with the plane.
    His strong hands stopped the plane, as he threw it back into the air. At first, I was relieved to know I was alive, but then I thought “what about the plane.” The plane didn’t have any power to fly, so he probably killed all those passengers. My heart dropped as I ran up to him. I shove him and ask what he was thinking. He only said one thing “I am not a hero, I am for the blood.” He then turned around and vanished.



    I should be working, but that can wait. Yes, you are getting a post from inside my workplace, as I sit in the back and hope for a dead night. I am exhausted, I have pains on my pains, and I am ready to go home! But we shall work through it and press on.
    Effects Sundays will be coming soon. This will be the segment that shows you guys what I work on when I’m not writing. You guys might know about it, but let me discuss a lil further. I am beginning a new journey, well more like starting a new hobby.
   I find that sometimes I get burnt out of writing because it’s the only thing I do. But I find a weird love in making gory things, which is an effects artists job. They are suppose to make it possible to make a cut without actually harming anyone. We have all seen them. Just watch any movie, I am sure they have one SFX art in the movie, especially when it’s a horror/slasher film.
    The reason I love to do this is because I love to watch such movies, I have always been inspired to write and produce a horror movie! If I take on the role of the effects artist also, then I wouldn’t have to pay another person to do so. But with the future aside, right now I want to do two things; get better at writing, further my experience in SFX make-up.
     I have shown you guys the previous work, but what if there’s more? Would you want to see it? If you said yes, then this Sunday Special is just for you!

     SundayEffects will be solely for special effects. Now, I do plan on making multiple effects a week(once my work schedule is balanced) and posting them to Facebook, but SundayEffects will take one of those effects and will tell you; how to do the Effect, how to obtain the materials, the price of the Materials, or other great things. Not all said things will be in every post, though sometimes it will be just me showing my work. But either way, this is going to be an amazing segment, and I think you will love it


I am taking request on what to make, so please do tell me what effect you want to see!

Welp, back to hell. Goodbye!


    The plan was to keep this car going, until we were comfortable to buy a new one. This dream was sucked up, today when our car took a deep shit on our foreheads. We blew the head, not because we are careless, but because we didn’t have anything else to hold off the fate. It was going to blow one day, we were just buying time.
     We were in the line at Hardee’s when the car began to act up. All we wanted was a good breakfast, but you could say we got more than we could chew. The cat began to putter out of control, eventually dying. I got it to start again, but the damn was already done, there was enough life in the car to get home, but that’s all.
     I got out of the car to see what happened, lifting the hood and going straight to the dip stick. When I pulled the dip stick, I knew we were screwed. The first main sign of a cracked/blown head is milky oil. Guess what we found? Milky oil! That’s right!
     My head was spinning and my heart hurt, as we didn’t have a running car anymore and now we were out of our transportation to work. I still had to be at work at 3, which meant there was no time to get anything sorted out. This is when I called in and called my good ole dad. He told me that we would resurrect my old car, a project we wanted to do anyways.
      Long story short, we have a little work to do, but the car is running. We haven’t had to put much money into either. All we had to do is replace a thermostat and a new battery. Luckily we are in a good position to get everything sorted out and we are safe. It sucks that nothing went as planned, but atleast we are okay.
    We do have a blown head, but we also have another car. We will finish up the car tomorrow and get all the legal paper work done, other than that, we are still on plan to get a new car and house in 2017! Then we can start a family. For all those who ask!



“Wow!” That is all I can say about the new episode of The Walking Dead. Tonight was the season 7 premiere and I wasn’t expecting what happened, though I had a pretty good idea. I will not be spoiling anything, so lets give a short reaction to what we all saw tonight.

The episode starts out very slowly. I was literally screaming at the T.V. to hurry the hell up, because they didn’t show crap at the beginning, as I thought this was going to happen in the first moments of the show. Though the show wasn’t impactful in the beginning it surely picks up pretty quick. It was probably ten minutes into the show that we saw the glorious death of one or many of Ricks group, and it was amazing. I thought that AMC would have dulled it down a bit, but you can’t tell at all. The death was gory, gruesome, and heartbreaking. There was a lot of guts and a huge shot of blood.

I will say this, my favorite character was taken from me, but it wasn’t hard for me to take. Negan has a way to make everything easy to take. He is funny enough to make everyone hate to love him. He was talking to Rick and all I could do is laugh at how funny he was, even when he was being very Fu*#ing serious.

It was great to watch this episode, and it seemed to start a new fire for the show. Robert Kirkman introduced Negan in the comics when he saw that the comic was settling down. I feel that is why we are seeing him now. The show is great, but we needed a new flame. This is Negan. Negan brings something to the show that wasn’t there, but I don’t know what it is. I just see that Negan is going to make this show 100% better. Jeffery Dean Morgan plays him very well, he is that sweet ole dad but at the same time he is that jackass neighbor that you want to hit. He plays the good and bad cop, Jeffery is great. This will be important for this series and will bring new life back into the show. But we will see what happens. I didn’t want to give away any secrets, so sorry that this was very vague, there isnt much to talk about otherwise, everything shown gives away another secret, so just watch the damn episode.


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Getting home from work.

I’m never tired when I get home from closing. There is something about working late that keeps my blood pumping. This is a big problem, especially when I want to get up early and work on my blog and other things. That is why I use these moments to get ahead. I get off at 11:40 p.m. and get home at midnight. Once I get home, I like to slip out of my work clothes, sit at my desk and watch what is new on YouTube. Some nights, I might take a shower, but most times I will go to bed shortly after getting home. Then there are nights like this one.

Tonight was a bad night for me at work. I was put into a rough position that I shouldn’t be in and it caused me to have a sour attitude. Later in the night, I was able to get out of the position, but there was a lot to still do. I used a lot of my energy to get ahead, but I still fell short due to my energy level. I needed some kind of pick me up, so I got a coffee. This was very dumb of me, because now the coffee has kicked in, now that I am at home.

The coffee is keeping me up, I’m not tired at all. Luckily, I don’t have to get up early, but I also fear for tomorrow, this is because I wanted to get a lot done. Some of the things that I wanted to do are; Write a few blogs, work on a special NFL picks for the blog, catch up on some reading and finally, I wanted to work on some special effects. I fear that with this late night energy, I will find no energy tomorrow.

I did get sleep that night. Now, it wasn’t the amount of sleep that I wanted, but it was okay. I just have to get use to this new schedule, as it is hard to go from opening daily to closing nightly. I still get up at 5 A.M. and I operate most of the day with no problem. But like today, I found that at 4 P.M. I was dead tired. I got up and cleaned parts of the house just to stay awake, but as soon as I sat at my desk, I slowly began to fall asleep. I’m trying to fight the sleep, so that I can get back on a schedule, it’s just harder than I expected. What can I do? I’m dead tired…..


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It is happening
   I have made a lot of pages in the past, most of them being pages for my blog. This time I will be making a Facebook page for something a lot cooler! I think, other than my Impromtdude page, this will be my most favorite page. This page will be dedicated to my new found hobby.

I’m going to make a new page for my special effects hobby, called Impromtdude Effects. I am still deciding if I want this name to stick, but it will work for now. For now, I will take the time to make material for the new page, while also trying to grow it as fast as possible. It is going to be fun to make the material and find ways to get the page out there. This is something I need to care more about with Impromtdude, but they both will be connected.

This page is for an art called “Special effects” and it will feature my work. This work has covered Burns, cuts, slit wrist, ripped fingers and bruises. This wont be the only thing it touches on, though. This page will also touch on how to get better if you are wanting to be an effects artist, yourself, by teaching a few techniques that I use and so on and how to make certain materials so you don’t have to spend a fortune on something you don’t know you truly want to do. Now, I do know I am new, but I know enough to teach others.

      My biggest goal is to do effects for haunted houses as I progress towards bigger jobs. I have done a few effects so far and they will be featured on this new page, so will you go check it out? Join this journey with me as I attempt to do something I honestly love. I will still be a full time blogger, but I will also be doing effects. It is pretty easy to keep both going, so that is what I will be doing. Click below to help me out!


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