I bought an “Anti-Gravity” Pen for $1!

Posted: September 26, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I have some amazing news, guys! I was at the Dollar Tree today, while shopping for some Halloween decorations. My wife is trying to get her store in the mood and she doesn’t want to be too expensive. Where is the best place to go? The Dollar Tree, which is where we go when trying to save a buck. Well, we were in the line to checkout, and I saw something. There is this pen that allows you to write upside down, and I happened to buy it, today. This pen is called the “Anti-Gravity Pen.” This pen is used in outer space, lets take a look at it!


I saw this pen in the Slim Jim box (Funny place to find it) and thought “Oh, a crappy, cheap pen!” The pen looked like a big piece of plastic that just was calling for you to buy it. I went ahead and picked it up. When I first looked at it, I saw that there was a few black dots on the top. I thought this was the grey finish just chipped off, as I said before I thought this pen was cheap. But it was only a dollar so I put it with all the other items, along with my sweet tea :3. I assumed that I could at least do a review of it, even if it was a piece of sh*t. I also love pens, so what if this was the best pen ever? I would be ppissed to know I let it go for $1.


When I finally got a chance, I finally looked at the pen. The first thing I noticed was the awesome box. On one side, it shows you the cheap pen, but next to that it shows you what the pen does. This includes facts such as it having smooth ink flow, being the same technology used in outer space and it is able to write at any angles even upside down. It is able to write upside down due to the sealed pressurized ink cartridge. Another awesome feature is that the pen came in a fuzzy, black holder. It looked fancy with the holder.


I picked the pen out of the holder. The pen isn’t plastic, it is actually a metal. I was amazed by the heaviness of this pen. After my amazement, I took a look at the “Chipped” paint, just to see that it wasn’t paint, but it was actually ink. This is a big problem with these pens (as seen on reviews) which scares me to think it will start to leak soon. Some say this pen leaks after two-days, so we will have to keep a watch out for it. Until then will use it. The writing is bold. I compared it to my favorite Bears pen, and it compared nicely. The flow seems to stay the same way and doesn’t cut out. I was happy with this until the Bears pen did the same. I couldn’t tell a difference, they seem to be the same. This could be because they’re both Ball-point pens, but I don’t know. Also, the pen writes upside down, but so doesn’t every other pen that I have. I don’t seem the hype with this certain feature, but the pen is cool overall.


I am pretty happy with this purchase. Though, I am pretty nervous about the Ink leaking, since I don’t want it to be ruined, but it is something I am expecting. I am just glad I only paid $1 for it. Likewise, if it doesn’t leak, I will be a very happy pen owner, but who wouldn’t be? How could you not want a “space” pen? I recommend this pen, since it is only a dollar, but also I don’t want to say “buy it” until I see if it leaks. I will keep you guys updated!!!!!

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