One to Three…No Problem!!

Posted: September 25, 2016 in Uncategorized
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A quick hello.


Could I talk about nothing for three paragraphs? I think that is pretty easy, but we will see. If you enjoy this then don’t expect more…because this is me killing time, I wouldn’t want to waste your time more than I already have. I bet half of you already have clicked off, so now I am talking to the realist! I am talking to the real fans that I have, which is awesome. You might be the real fans, but I still will waste your time. Lets go:

Technically this is the second paragraph but we wont count it. We will say this is the first paragraph. This first paragraph is going to be talking about how I am stupid. I am stupid because I still do things that keep hurting me. I have been kicking (practicing punting) and actually hurt myself, again. Last year I was kicking and landed on a pretty big rock, spraining my ankle. I wasn’t smart about the injury, and I went on to get tendonitis. This put me out for the rest of the fall. Now that its getting cold again, I chose to start training again but then I hurt myself again. I was kicking the other night and tried to go harder than before and ended up bruising my heel. This wouldn’t be a problem but it’s actually my kicking foot. Now, I have to wait for it to get better before I start training again. This is annoying, I just want to stop getting hurt when I start getting better….

The other thing is; I got my desk back! I spent a few hours getting my desk clean, today. I had a lot of things out of place and I wanted to get it situated. My wife had to go help her family, so I took the time and got productive! I realized something; I have a lot of pens. I have enough pens to fill a small Christmas gift box! That’s a lot of pens. The worse part is that I don’t want to stop buying pens. I love the various types of pens and colors. I guess this is better than buying drugs, but it still worries me. What if I become a hoarder of pens? I actually got mad about one of my pens missing, is that healthy? No! I don’t think so! At least my desk is more organized, though.  

More top tens coming. I like to post Top 10s when I have to work night shifts. They are fun to do and easy to finish. What is hard about throwing ten things together? Well that is why I do it when I have to work. This is being made super easy with a new purchase! I found a book at Barnes & Noble that I had to pick up. This book is to bring you closer to yourself. In the book you have to complete Top 10s about various topics. Though this book is an easy way to bring forth blogs, I wont be using it for blogs. I have a whole page of Top 10s that I can do, but I find this could help me venture out and find new things to like or realize what I use to love. It is going to be amazing, something that I will share with you in further days. I just think it’s an amazing purchase.

Well that wasn’t hard.
I thought writing three paragraphs was hard, but I was wrong. I was totally wrong, it was easy. Night guys!

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