Another Bad Food Review: Spoon of Gravy!

Posted: September 24, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I am so pissed.

McDonald’s went ahead and did it again. They changed something that I am angry about, as you might be as well. It’s typical for any big chain to change something, eventually. It is about keeping up with the crowd and adapting to what people like. The problem is McDonald’s doesn’t know what their people want. People want more choices, they want new choices, so what does MDs do? They shrink their menu to a few basic choices. What happened to the BBQ Ranch burger, Buffalo ranch Mcchicken or the Angus wraps? They disappeared when they started to become great. But none of these previous items compare to what McDonald’s did recently. In my region (Central Illinois) the Co-op McDonald’s decided to go with a new gravy.

The gravy that we had before was a powder that we added water to, then we wool chop up cooked sausage and throw it in. This was the best gravy since it tasted like it was homemade. But now, we are going to this new frozen gravy. I nearly punched the woman (On the phone) when she told me. I pleaded with her to send us a case of the powder gravy, but she said they discontinued it and that it was unavailable. This forced us with this crap. When we first got the gravy, I opened up the case and saw that it was darker and it said it was mild gravy meaning that it was hotter. I didn’t have a good feeling about it, but time could only tell.

We finally ran out of the powder gravy so we had to make the frozen gravy. I didn’t want to be a huge douche about it, since I never tasted it, so I decided to get a biscuits and gravy. (This was paid by McDonald, thank God for working there…) This is when I thought “oooooo…I could do another food review.” Here we are, ready to dip into the gravy.

First, let me start off by saying that the gravy doesn’t look any different when cooked. When it was frozen it seemed to have a dark brown tint to it, but that goes away when cooked. The Biscuits also changed, they are now bigger and softer! Next, the smell is quite the same, yet this gravy does have a distinctive spice smell to it. The gravy is thicker than the other gravy, which is great to me as I like it thick (Giggity.) This all doesn’t matter if it doesn’t meet my standards of taste.

I took a bite of the Biscuit and Gravy and didn’t taste anything different at first, but slowly the new spices came to me. The more I ate, the more that my throat started to have a light burn to it. The heat wasn’t anything to me, as I eat hotter, but for an old couple, they might not find it as great as me. The sausage wasn’t that great, the sausage was dark and looked nasty, it also didn’t taste like sausage. If anything it tasted like a cardboard! I found that the gravy was only made up from the actually gravy, the sausage didn’t give it an extra flavor or anything, it seemed it was only there for show. Also the gravy didn’t taste homemade, which really blows since that was the biggest thing I loved about the old gravy.

Overall, the Biscuits and gravy was good. I could tell that the gravy wasn’t homemade, which is a big let down. I feel that most customers love that our gravy taste homemade, prompting them to get it. The spice is unneeded. I could understand the spice if they were a smaller venue, as they don’t serve to millions, but this is McDonalds where old people come to enjoy a quick breakfast. The spice could limit the amount of buyers, since not all elderly couples can have spicy food. Other than that, I could only sum this whole change up in one phrase “It’s McDonalds.” They are always seeming to change, which some are good, but this time they messed up. I might have liked it, but I know most won’t. That’s the tough part about food, some will and some won’t. Either way, I would recommend this to the younger crowd, but would advise elderly and children to stay away. My score is 5/10. Do better next time, McDonald’s!


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