Today marks two amazing, magical years with my wife. We said “I do” on this day in a local park. The day was pretty amazing, as we said our vows and ran for cover when the rain came down. The rain started moments after our ceremony, which to us meant good luck. But that is in the past, now we are living the high life. I try to stay up on my charm, so days like these let me prove I’m still a hopeless romantic! Trust me after today, I showed that! Lol!


I originally was scheduled to close (due to a scheduling flaw) but I switched that out with a co-worker (Big shoutout to Luke!) This gave me the day off, the perfect scenario to get everything together. I have been planning this day for a few months, so when I woke up, I was ready to get everything together. I had my money, my hat on backwards, and love in my heart for my princess, as I headed to Wal-Mart.

When I was there, I went shopping to get her flowers and a card. Though this was for her, I found myself also shopping for me. I found a big pack of pens, thirty for $2.50. It was a great deal so I got them. I have enough pens, but why not add more, right? Anyways, I went to the cards and picked out a cute card. That wasn’t the problem, the true problem came with finding the flowers. I was wanting a few dozen roses, but they only had 28 all together. That was fine, a dozen per year we have been married, but still Wal-Mart get a better selection…I was wanting a dozen of white and one of Red so I could mix them, but I had to settle for all red…How annoying.

After picking up the flowers and card, I headed home where I was about to write a sweet love letter. Ariel absolutely loves my notes, she says I don’t write her enough of them, so today I wrote her a pretty heartfelt and cute one. I then placed the note inside the card and sealed it. After the note, I went into the bedroom and took a nap. I was only wanting to take a half hour but ended up taking a full hour. Though I slept extra I was still way ahead of time. I decided to do some house chores including; Dishes, cleaning the bedroom, gathering trash and laundry. I surprisingly did these items pretty fast, leading me up to the departure. It was time to go surprise my wife at work. But first I had to stop at a comic book store. Ariel is huge fan of The Walking Dead and Darryl, this is why I went to a comic book store and bought her an action figure of Darryl and his brother, Merle.


I surprised her at work and asked her out on a date, she said yes. It was planned, we were going out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, at 7pm. We did stop and get some small items, but other than that, we went home and laid around until the date.
We had a great night, the food was great and we had the coolest Waiter. This night was magical, too sad that it has to end. I don’t want it to end, but it has to. We have to get up pretty early, but I want to say one more thing.


Dear Ariel,
Thank you for being amazing. I didn’t think I would ever get married. I figured I was going to be the pastor of the weddings, never feeling the joy of my own. This was all until you came around. You opened my eyes to what real love is, for this I have to say thank you. If you were never to come around, I would still be a miserable, heartbroken teenager crying over everything. We have been through so much, but you never gave up on me, so thank you. I can’t wait to grow more with you. Two years is only the start, we have a big road coming, I’m glad to have you on this ride.
Love you,


Impromtdude @


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