I have to eat my Mother-in-Law? No!

Posted: September 20, 2016 in Uncategorized
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With my anniversary tomorrow, I wanted to share a quick post about something I just read. I was spending a little time in my “Weird & Wacky Facts,” and I just read something that has my head spinning. It happens to flow with the anniversary season, so here it is:

“If you think mothers-in-law are unpopular today, imagine how a mother-in-law felt who lived among the Lhopa tribe in Tibet years ago.
It use to be the custom there to eat the bride’s mother at the wedding feast! But then, Cannibalism was always a painful custom.”
(Weird and Wacky Facts by Sterling)

This is just freaking weird. Why would you even want to do such a thing? What benefits do you get from eating the mother? Could you imagine getting married and being told that your mother must die, but not only die, you would then have to take a bite out of her?

There’s also another thing I don’t get, how did they decide to do this? Who would sit around and think, well maybe we could eat my mother-in-law for the feast? The guy must have hated her, a lot. I might not find my mother-in-law the nicest person, all the time, but I would never want to roast her and eat her. That just doesn’t sound good…. 

If I were a woman, I would refuse to get married, in order to save my mother from being cooked. But I guess this was a pretty big thing to them, so who knows, maybe the daughters loved it. I just know that I wouldn’t be comfortable eating a piece of my mother-in-law next to her daughter, especially on our wedding day. I would rather kill our dog, grill him up, and feed him to my friends.

I honestly thought this was the funniest (Yet weirdest) thing ever. I have a million questions, which I will do further research, but from what I know I am so glad to live in the present day. I bet my wife is also, since they are super close. Either way, have a good night and don’t forget to wish me a Happy Anniversary. I am just joking…but seriously.. it’s tomorrow….I want gifts! 


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