Why am I posting so late, you might ask? That is a very good question and I have an answer for you. It is a pretty simple and short answer, that answer is; I am helping my wife get ready. She is going to be going to a class for her work. She has been stressing about it and she needs someone to stand by her. She got the material today and needed someone to help her study. Being a big fan of making notes and being able to rip through material, I told her I would be able to help.


We just got through chapter 5 of 10 and decided that it was time to go to bed, well her that is. I on the other hand am staying up to watch the football game. I enjoyed helping my wife tonight, it was fun to joke around while also learning some new stuff. This is stuff that we both use daily, but also there is material that isn’t in our daily workplace, so its cool to see what has changed and what has been set in stone. Either way, we had a blast as we laughed and carried on! The night is old and is coming to an end, but there is still one thing to do, watch this football game.
I go into work at 11 tomorrow, which means that I can take a nap before work, if I needed, and I would be fine. That is why I am up and watching this game. The Rams are my pick in this Monday night showdown, as they visit the SF 49ers. My wife is a big fan of the 49ers, but I can’t stand them. If they are on, I will route for them to lose, no matter the team they are facing. I just have never liked them, even though my wife says I should. I am hoping that the now LA Rams can step up in the second half and  actually put some points up, as they were shutout by the 9ers.
Other than that, I just wanted to say hi and that I love you guys. Please have a great night, sleep tight and dream bright! We will be back here tomorrow to write another chapter in the #HopingtogoViral challenge! If you don’t know about this, please go to my previous post (Hopingtogoviral challenge) and catch up on what you have been missing! Anyways, have a good night and sorry about the time! 

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