Three Laws of Art

Posted: September 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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   Day 1 of the #Hopingtogoviral challenge will cover the picture above! I found this on one of my writing pages, and I instantly fell in love! Who couldn’t love 3 easy ways to do anything, especially staying motivated while writing. I have found that failure is hard to overcome, especially when you are trying to live your dream. But with these three simply steps, you will be able to get up and continue the race! I hope you really enjoy and find light in this post!

    1. Create– You can’t expect to go anywhere if you don’t create anything. You will have to create something to get noticed. This could be an image, book or podcast. What you create is up to you, create something that expresses your inner being.
    2. Create again- now, I can guarantee that you will fail at some point. That is the harsh reality of being an artist. Not all of your art will be great but there will be a project that you will bomb. The biggest thing to remember, during these times, is to keep making content. People might put you down (for the previous failure) but you can use this to get better. During the time of rejection you can take their critism and find a way to improve. Let’s say you send someone manuscript and they say it sucks. Ask them why it sucks, after they tell you, use their criticism and work on what they said. You might find out that they were right! If you get rejected, never give up! You can’t allow one bad project to affect your future! Get off the ground, put on your big boy pants and start to create again!

      3. Just create- No matter the situation, never give up. Rejection will happen, it’s something that you will have to adjust to! After rejection or criticism continue to make content. You can’t allow it to get to you. Could you imagine if Stephen King stopped after his first rejection? He would have never made it. But he got back up, after every rejection, and he kept creating! So keep creating! You could be the next King, but you will never know if you stop, so continue to create!

       This is a great thing to keep a hold of! I know I have been rejected, many times, and it sucks. I wanted to quit, I wanted to say “F this” and pack up my bags, but that wouldn’t of helped. I would be miserable. Even with that, I have learned a lot with each rejection, lessons that I still use today! You can do the same, just don’t give up! I love you! 




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