Do they matter?

Posted: August 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

    I was told that tags were useful, but I have always been very sceptical! With small blogs, we are unable to be found by Tags, which means that I could post a blog without tags and still get the same amount of views. But is that true? Is the few extra seconds of tagging really needed? Today, we will find out!
    When I was little, I didn’t know what I wanted to be. As I grew up, that question became harder to answer, as I wanted to be everything! I didn’t want to be just one thing, but I wanted to be every occupation. I dreamed of high speed chases as a cop, fighting fires as a firefighter, signing to millions as a rock star, and being on the big screen as a movie editor. This all was accomplished by becoming a writer.
     As a writer, we are able to escape the harsh world and becoming something more. We are not held to any restrictions, other than the ones we make for ourselves. I knew, when I became a writer, that all my dreams just came true. I was going to be able to act the part, as anything I could possibly want. I had limitless Bounds. The only bounds I had were the ones caused by doubt.
     Doubt affects many artiit. We want to blow up instantly, but when we don’t fear seeps in and we lose hope. It could be a rejection or self doubt, either way we fear and doubt that we can do it and we end up giving up, while throwing our dreams away with it.
      I want to tell you to stop fearing! Stop doubting yourself! We are all giving a special gift, so please use yours! Stop caring about how someone else is doing, compared to you, and get better at your trait! Writers and artist don’t have room to fear. Worrying isn’t something we do!




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