Milk makes me sleepy

Posted: August 27, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Top 5 Milks
I am a big fan of drinking milk, yet not a fan of drinking regular milk. Makes sense, right? Do to this I have went out and found some really great milks, but Prairie farms is the only kind I will drink, all the other brands are crap compared to the farm! But luckily Prairie Farms just released two new millks, which gives them five flavors, which is my favorite? I will tell you!

    5. Chocolate- I have never been big into Chocolate milk. It just doesn’t taste good to me. Though, if I am in a rut, I have been caught drinking them.
4. Peanut butter and chocolate- Sounds amazing, right? I thought so too, well until I took a drink. It taste of straight hazelnut, which is something I hate more than my latest blog idea!
3. Strawberry!- I don’t like artificial strawberry flavoring, but it works in milk! I love to relax with a nice cold Strawberry milk!
2. Vanilla- Believe it or not, there is actually vanilla milk. This shouldn’t be confused by white milk, as it is actually flavored, and should never be laid in front of me (Unless you want it gone!) This came close to beating out there first overall, but just missed by points!
1. Salted Caramel!- They outdid themselves here, as they released my weakness into milk form! They knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist, so they released the best milk, ever! I love it, and most mornings, I will stop and get one! Just think of a caramel sundae, that is what it taste like, without the brain freeze!

Fun Fact: I don’t know why, but everytime I drink milk I get tired! I could be wide awake, but once I drink a glass of milk, I get super tired and want to go to sleep! Love you guys!


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