Flashback! Why didn’t I wait ?

Posted: August 25, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Why did I get engaged so fast?
This is a Flash back, as it is getting pretty close to my anniversary! I hope you guys see this and apply this to your life! If you have a questionable relationship, this will be perfect for you!


When you say I do, you are saying “I Do” to everything. But you will realize shortly after you say them two little words you’re in for the ride of your life. That you might have bit off way more than you intended to chew. Many people will scatter, or run away from their mini problems, where few will know what they would lose if they decided to cease the relationship. Where it is important to wait for marriage, it is also possible for some to jump right in, guns blazed, and ready to “I do” The crap out of that altar. This is my story:

I started dating my fiancé the night that we met. With that being said, I can see that you are smirking, saying that was too fast to date someone, you didn’t know her. Well if you believe that, then my last post is just for you. But if you said “Aw”, “How Sweet”, or you just sat there waiting for the next line to be written then you are in the right seat.

My old-friend introduced us at a local bowling alley; even though she wanted us to meet, my friend told me the night before that I might just want to stay home. See she had a crush on me, even though I told her it was never going to happen, she insisted that I never date anyone. Back to the story, it felt like fireworks were lit off when I laid my eyes on her. She was just the girl I was looking for from the outside, now the question commenced: Was her personality worth pursuing?

1. Personality- The personality is the most important part of any relationship, especially if you are trying to pursue marriage. It’s important that you don’t lie to yourself. If she/he isn’t your type, DON’T SETTLE!

I didn’t talk to her for the first hour. My best guy-friend was hitting on her; it was like a starving man seeing food for the first time. His actions caused me to shut down, thinking that she would go for that man.

Time went on and finally she came up to me. She began to joke around with me. The conversation started with the phrase “don’t I get any love,” after she knocked down a nice strike. I gave her a high five, that’s all it took, I was hooked.

We went on a walk later on, after we finished the game. She says she won, I disagree unless she asks then I will politely tell her who really won. ME! It was a nice night, a little nippy, but overall it was a beautiful night for a walk. I told her everything about me, she returned the favor; bonding us closer with each sentence.

2. Special Bond– It takes a special bond to quicken a relationship. We found that bond, I believe that anyone can get that bond. But to get that type of bond, you must drop all them walls that past relationships have forced you to put up.
We ended up kissing in the rain that night, promising each other that we wouldn’t treat the other as they were treated in the past. The past was the past. With each word that I spoke I fell deeper in love with this blonde haired beauty, which brings the last reason I didn’t want to wait on t

3. I was in agape love It’s stronger than just loving someone. If you just love someone, you can’t see a different road you can take in life. With her I couldn’t and still can’t see another possible road. Not one that ends with me being happy and whole!



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